I honestly think I got sick so I would take a little time to stop and rest. AsAnd let me tell you, two days of resting and napping were fabulous. As strange as it sounds, being sick was a blessing. I am feeling much better (just a little lingering cough). Yesterday when I ventured out to Walmart to get some medicine and necessities, I got a little blessing in my day.
I went through Zaxby’s to get some lunch (not exactly on my diet, but when you are sick, you eat what sounds good…and Zaxby’s sounded good). Well, I got up to the window to pay and get my food…and the lady told me their register was broken, so my food was on the house (aka FREE!). I was so excited! We aren’t broke or anything…but we are watching money now that we have land payments on top of rent and everything. And just saving that $10 was such a blessing to me!!
One other blessing is the progress on our house. I will have pictures soon (hopefully we can make it out there to see the progress). But there is a concrete floor now…and they are working on framing it this week. It is coming right along now! We don’t have a finish date or anything since Dad is just working as he can with the weather and his crew…but they are making awesome progress! So wonderful!
How have you been blessed lately? Gotta remember where all those little blessings come from…praise be to the Lord! 🙂


  1. Glad you are feeling better, and woohoo for a free lunch! 🙂

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