Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, Deli, and Mother’s Day

This weekend was jam packed full of stuff, but it was fun!
Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed to the Expo Center for our Zumbathon!  It feels so great to plan an event and have it go well!  We had close to 100 people and raised $1300 for Relay for Life!
I led the warmup and several other songs.  We had 10 instructors total there!
We all did one song together to Pitbull’s “Pause!”

We had an exhibition hall full of people!  It was wonderful!
Here is a video of all the instructors doing “Pause”!

After the Zumbathon, we tried out a new deli for lunch.  All I had heard was that this place had good sandwiches, but it was a New York style deli….so mom and Gram were in heaven.  They are originally from Chicago, and they really enjoyed the foods like potato latkes, matzo ball soup, stuffed cabbage, corned beef, and lox and bagels.  It was good food!

Then we shopped a bit at the mall and came home to get ready.  We went to church for a women’s dinner.  We had dinner, door prizes, and Mrs. Arkansas International 2011 spoke.  Gram was excited because she won a door prize!

Sunday we headed to church!  It wa so nice out, we took some pictures before we left!

My little family!  My fur baby who makes me a “doggy mom”!

Mom and Gram

Three generations

And my cousin Caitlyn
After church, we had Chinese for lunch…came home to open gifts….then everyone left.  I napped. 🙂
When Tyler got home, we went for late night ice cream.  We didn’t get to spend much time together this weekend, so it was nice to hang out together for a bit!
How was your weekend?  Have you ever eaten at a real New York style deli?  Have you ever tried potato latkes? (potato pancakes?)  How about matzo ball soup? They are delicacies my family loves!


  1. Being Jewish, I was raised on latkes, matzo ball soup, lox, whitefish salad, bagels, etc. It is one of the things I miss most about living somewhere that does not have a stronger Jewish population. But Jewish delis are also a dying business so I relish every time I am able to go home and enjoy (I just brought back a ton of lox/whitefish salad, etc when I went home this past weekend).

    • Yeah my family misses the food as well! This place really prided themselves on providing authentic food (even in the middle of nowhere Arkansas), so my mom and Gram were super excited! I grew up eating the food every time we traveled to “Yankee territory” so I’m glad to know I can get it here now too!

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