Yeah, I’m blogging about blogging. I love reading blogs. I used to xanga in high school (it was semi-lame, does it count?), but I don’t have a real “big girl” blog. So here I am.

I am writing a paper on blogging for my gender communication final for grad school, and its so interesting. I was reading how women in repressed Middle Eastern countries blog to find their identities. When they don’t have a voice in real life, they turn to a blog to find themselves. These women live for their blogs.

I don’t know that I want to live for my blog, but I would like a place to vent, think, and express myself. Maybe I’ll save a few memories along the way, and maybe make some friends. Who knows.

But anyway, here I am. Razorback Britt. NWA import, hog fan, diva, diy crafter, bride-to-be, grad student. That pretty much sums it up. Let’s see where this thing can take us…

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