Boomer Sooner (For Today)

So my beloved Razorbacks have a week off from football this weekend. For my town, that means that instead of football fanatics, it is filled with motocycle riders. This weekend is Bikes, Blues, and BBQ and there are thousands of bikers in town. They are EVERYWHERE. It just makes it difficult to get around town. Here is a picture of our bike-filled main street downtown I found online…

But even though my Hogs aren’t playing today, I do have a team to cheer for: the Oklahoma Sooners.

Ty is a lifelong Sooner fan, and since today is the big game (Texas vs. OU), I have donned my one OU shirt and my cute little OU earrings and am ready to cheer on the Sooners. (See my cute little earrings!)

I hope (for the sake of my husband’s happiness) they win. Boomer Sooner! Until next week when I can call the Hogs again….

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