Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

The move is upon us.

Our house is not 100% ready (though hopefully it will be close enough to live in….we are waiting to see how much work they can get done the rest of this week). But our landlord where we are is making us be out by the 1st. So we have started packing and taking car loads of boxes with us every time we come from Fayetteville to Fort Smith.

Today is the 4th load. We have spent every night wrapping things in newspaper and packing them in boxes.

Thankfully, my mom and my mother-in-law are going to help me finish packing Friday. Hopefully we will get the house clear of everything except the big stuff, which we will move Saturday. (praying for no rain!).

Then Sunday and Monday, we will be able to unpack (as much as we can…I know we won’t have kitchen countertopss, and might not have bathroom countertops…but we will do what we can).

So…we have a busy weekend ahead. But I know it will all be worth it when in a couple weeks, the house is finished and we are all moved in!

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