My Brand of Crazy

My Brand of Crazy

Sometimes I do things and I think “I’m seriously losing it. I’m the weirdest person on the planet and no one else is as strange as me.”


I’m going to give you a tiny glimpse into my brand of crazy.  Maybe you can relate…or maybe I can make you feel better about yourself.

Let’s start with talking to myself.  This is an old habit that goes way back to childhood.  As an only child, any time I was playing alone, I was talking to myself. Then there was that one semester sophomore year when I had a private room.  Nowadays, if I’m home alone, I talk.  I talk “through” the dog.  Me and Mikey have some riveting conversations.  I also talk myself through many tasks.  Like let’s say I’m cooking dinner at home alone. I’ll be a TV cooking show host and talk my way through the recipe.

Do you do that?  Nope? Just me? Ok…

More crazy: I love to sit in the floor in front of the oven and watch food cook.  Things topped with cheese or cakes are the best to watch.  I think it’s fun to sit and watch a cake rise as it bakes, or watch the cheese go from shreds, to melty, to bubbling brown.  I know this is odd, but I do it.  Often.

Anyone else?

I plan imaginary vacations that I can’t go on.  Case in point?  A couple weekends ago, my beloved Hanson were playing at Epcot.  Like two days before their show, I was on websites looking at airfare, hotel, and park tickets.  I knew there was NO way I was going to the concerts, but I was planning like I would.  However, this hypothetical planning (and the subsequent whining to my best friend) has led to us planning a trip to Disney next fall together.  So there’s that.

Can you relate?

What do you do that’s crazy? I feel like nothing will surprise me.  Try me.

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