Branson Getaway Day 2

Branson Getaway Day 2

Thanks to Remi girl, we were all up and at em pretty early.

Side note: Why do kids wake up early after a late bedtime? LIKE YOU CAN SLEEP IN.  Anways…

We made breakfast and then walked to the marina for a paddleboat ride.  The paddleboats and kayaks are free, so we took advantage.

Remi wore her lifejacket and she wanted to move around the boat more than momma wanted, so we had a shorter ride. She enjoyed being on the water, though.

We watched the fish and turtles and then headed to the beach.

More fun sand play.  She didn’t love walking in it, but was otherwise good. She actually didn’t want to get in the water and move away from the sand!

The moms finally made their way back (they went all the way down the cove to the waterfall and came back), so we moved to the pool next.

They have some GREAT kid’s pools. They are like 1.5 feet deep, so Remi could play without her life jacket. She loved the water sprinklers and playing with the other kids. We were there during the week, so it wasn’t too crazy busy.

We came in for lunch and nap (moms and Tyler went and kayaked during our nap) and then went back to the Buzzard Bar for dessert. We had an AMAZING spiced peach cobbler and their cookie/brownie/ice cream concoction.

While we waited for dessert, Remi took to the stage and danced for us.

We went from dessert to the shop area and got some shirts and got Remi a puppy toy. 🙂

Then we walked up to the lookout tower. Hello cheese face.

After shopping, we went to the lazy river area, which had another fun kid’s pool. Remi played for a bit (with two VERY sweet little girls) and then we floated around the lazy river for a bit.

We came in and got ready for dinner.  We went to Uncle Buck’s and Fun Mountain.

The sunset views were nice from up there.

Three generations. 🙂

Her cheese face is too much.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then did some playing!

Poor Remi.  She only wanted us to win her a ball.  But after two unsuccessful $3 tries, we gave up and played some games.  She had fun, and she got a ball in the end with our tickets.

When we got back, Remi had to “rrrride” in the luggage cart. Yes ma’am.  Again, grandmas are fun.

Another great day together!

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