Break-It Bizzle

Tyler’s nickname for me is Bizzle.  I call him Tizzle.  It’s ghetto and precious.

However, lately, he’s been calling me Break-It Bizzle…because my clumsiness is at an all-time high.

Saturday, I was using my paren’t carpet cleaner and was in a hurry (my usual problem) and dropped the water resevoir tank.  Not only did I spill soapy water ALL over the mudroom, but then the tank started leaking.  Oy.  I freak out.  First off, I REALLY want to clean our carpets….so I insist it’s ok to use while it’s leaking.  Second, I’m afraid that I’ve broken the darn thing and just want it to work so I don’t feel bad about breaking it.  Enter Tyler.  He fixed the darn thing and it works great.

Then last night at the gym (which btw, I’m LOVING working out with Tyler.  We have a GREAT time pushing each other.  We did some partner ab stuff last night and I just love that we work out together) I tried standing up on the spin bike and CRASHED my quad/upper knee into the handle.  Ouch.  Not just ouch.  Curse word bad ouch.  The sucker bruised within minutes. And to top it off, it isn’t just bruised, it’s also scraped from the rubber on the handle scraping my skin.  It is UGLY today.  And it hurts BAD. 

I guess I need to learn my lesson and take my time and not break anything or myself.

Are you clumsy?  I feel like it’s the story of my life.  Grace may be abundant for me, but gracefulness isn’t.

PS.  Happy Birthday to Zac Hanson!  🙂


  1. girl oh GIRL do i feel ya. in fact, we had a conversation last night that went like this:

    hubs: don’t knock my laptop off the bed
    me: what? okay. i won’t.
    hubs: i just know how clumsy you are.

    WOMP WOMP. truth. my family also has a running joke that if you hear the sound of something breaking in the house, 99% of the time, you should shout my name to ask what happened.

    yeeeeep. story of my life too. 😉


  2. This made me laugh! In my house it’s my husband that is so so clumsy and my child inherited that lovely trait as well! lol

  3. This whole post made me laugh! Yeah, I guess I could be considered clumsy, considering my start to the day yesterday! The whole dropping my cell phone on my foot and spilling coffee all over the place was not my finest moment. And you should see the bruise on my foot… oy vey! *wink* Hope yours quits hurting soon! It looked painful! ;-(

  4. Girl, I KICKED my DESK. For no reason. *sigh* We should have neighboring bubbles. Heal fast!


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