Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Our parks department hosted a super fun pancakes with Santa breakfast, and we signed Remi up. I’m SO GLAD we did. She had the BEST time!

It was cold and drizzly, and I think that kept some people at home. It was only half-filled (and you had to RSVP, so people just didn’t show). But because of that, she got PLENTY of time with the man in red!

She loved Santa again. Ran right to him to hug him and sit with him.


They had the cutest set up. You got your pancakes and bacon and they had everything on the table to either make a snowman or reindeer with your pancakes. She chose Frosty. 🙂


Let’s be honest. My crazy kid tried the candy and marshmallows and “I no yike it” and mostly ate the fruit and bacon.

After she ate, we got to go to the front and make reindeer food! She thought that was fun. And the parks department made it all SO CUTE.


She did LOTS of dancing to the Christmas music.  At different points in the morning, lots of other kids came and went, and at one point, there were 4 toddlers having a DANCE PARTY. Precious.


She was a little too young for the craft, but it was so thoughtful! They took slices of a tree and they had it set up with the nails in it. You could create a Christmas tree with string, pip cleaners and pom poms.


We couldn’t believe such a fun, festive morning was all free! A huge thanks to the parks department for such a magical morning!

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