Breaking Free

Ok, let’s talk.

I am really trying to branch out here in Greenwood. I feel like everywhere I go, I’m “Tyler’s wife” since he is from here. I decided to try a woman’s Bible study at church to meet some people and force me to “be myself” apart from him. (side note: I am by NO means shy. I just feel like since I always do things with Tyler that maybe some people don’t know me apart from him). We had our first meeting Monday night. There are two studies going on at the same time: Beth Moore’s “Daniel” and “Breaking Free” Just for the subject matter, I chose Breaking Free.

I walked in Monday and there was a classroom full of ladies, like 10 of them! I got excited…but it was the room for the Daniel study. So I walked down the hall to the other classroom, and I was the only person besides the teacher! (There ended up being a total of 4 of us in there) At first I was kind of bummed. Had I picked the wrong study? Was it too late to switch? I wanted to meet more people, make some friends, etc. However, after hearing the first session, I know this is where God wants me. This study is all about breaking free from the oppression of Satan and learning to live in God’s victory. I think I could use this (couldn’t we all?).

So while I was a bit disappointed at first, I am now excited to see where God will take me on this 10 week journey through this study. How silly of me to doubt God. He led me to this study for a reason. I just have to wait to see the bigger picture.

Have you ever done the Breaking Free study?

If you are from Greenwood, its not too late to join! 🙂 Monday nights from 6-8. Just 10 weeks, we will be finished the first week in November.

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