Bringing God’s Word into your Toddler’s Daily Life

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Who is God? This is the great, ambiguous (and sometimes loaded) question. I’m trying to teach Remi about God and Jesus and His love, but it can be difficult to understand big concepts. It can be difficult for those who are still too young to fully understand the complexity of His role. Sometimes the best lessons are taught through practice. Here are some ideas to jumpstart your precious toddler’s relationship with God by incorporating His word into their daily routine!

Speak to God about His Lessons

One of the most foundational aspects of building a healthy relationship with God into your toddler’s life is getting them into the habit of speaking to Him. Followers of faith sometimes fall into the habit of only calling on God when they are in need rather than allowing Him to also share in the moments when they are happy and content. Your child’s faith will be much stronger as they grow up if they view God as a friend they can speak to throughout each day.

We often talk about asking God for things as they come up.  “Oh, your friend at school is sick? We can ask God to make them feel better.”  “We want to go outside and play later. Let’s ask God for sunny weather.”

Help them become comfortable with being in conversation with God by making it a normal part of their day. Several times a day, read passages and verses from the Bible. Intentionally keep them short to minimize your toddler’s inability to stay still for too long without interrupting. Short verses will also heighten the ease of memorization later down the road. Focus on specific words or ideas in the scripture and help your child verbally thank God for these words. We’ve simplified some verses for her.  Our first was a simple “God made me” (which I know isn’t a Bible verse, but a great concept to learn!) and then “Love the Lord.”  We are also working on learning a Bible Story- “In the beginning, God made heaven and earth.”

Turn the Tv…on?

No need to let the stories stop with reading. When enjoying downtime (or perhaps while you’re busy making a toddler friendly lunch), put on faith-based entertainment for them to watch. There are tons of Christian movies to choose from that will expose them to God’s word in an engaging way. Being able to turn to wholesome content when your attention is needed somewhere else will additionally allow you to find peace in knowing your toddler isn’t exposed to inappropriate content. Movies and short content are a fun and effective way to make God’s word engaging and digestible for your little one.

Take Advantage of Story Time!

There are some phenomenal faith-focused children’s books available for making God’s lessons more digestible and fun for the little ones! If you and your toddler engage in regular storytime, substitute some of the weekly books in your library for faith-centered ones! Pick a specific story to focus on for the week to help the concepts be more digestible. Repetition of the same story may be tedious for you but will prove helpful for your mini-me! Go one step further by acting out the stories during play time! The dramatic voices and exaggerated gestures will make His word captivating. The physical repetition will help your toddler learn while earning you some fun, quality family bonding.

Put Prayer into their Routine

Memorizing prayers is something that your child will adopt with time. For the time being, focus your energy on exposing them to the simple practice of prayer and conditioning it into their routine. Each morning and night, invite them to kneel by their bed with you and pray. Teach them that praying, although similar to when you two talk with God during the day, is designed to build a relationship with Him. Research some simple child-friendly prayers to practice together. Line by line, have your child repeat the prayer.

As you build your toddler’s understanding and eventual memorization of scripture, begin guiding them in reflecting on God’s word through prayer. This will help condition the understanding that acknowledgement and appreciation of these lessons is one way to build a strong relationship with God.


  1. Love this post, Brittney! My kids are now out of the toddler years, but I remember how exciting it was to be the first one to teach them about Jesus and His love! You have some great ideas for the toddler years, and will be sure to share with my followers as well!

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