OU beat Texas last night! Woohoo! We watched part of the game at Tyler’s shop and the end of the game at Cheddar’s last night. We went for dinner and were going to wait for a table until we realized there was a big TV behind the bar…and two perfectly empty bar stools right infront of the TV. So we just ate at the bar!
Then last night, we came home and wanted to be active. I wanted to run, but Tyler hates running, so he was going to bike the route with me. So we geared up to run. It was a bit chilly, so I put on leggings, long sleeves and ear warmers. Good call….because it was around 40 degrees last night! Well, we went outside, and Tyler’s bike had a flat. I was bummed because I thought this meant we were about to head back inside. But, no. My wonderful husband starts running down the street. He was going to run with me (even though he hates it!). Well, we did my 8 minute running section, and did the 5 minute walk inbetween, but by the time we turned to head back home to run 8 more minutes, we were facing the wind and breathing in wind, and it was quite cold on my lips, mouth, and lungs…so we only ran 4 minutes at the end. But it was so fun to run together. And I was surprised/mad at how easily Tyler picked up the running that I’ve been working up to for months. ha!
We slept with the window open last night. We were still a little warm from our workout and didn’t want to turn the air on high. Well, I woke up freezing! Why? Oh it got down to like 35 last night! It is currently 49 degrees and will be 37 tonight! Here is today’s forecast…
Guess it is officially “light jacket” weather now!

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