Brunch Potluck

Brunch Potluck

We had our second friend potluck, and it was a HUGE success.

We did a brunch theme, and y’all, my friends made AMAZING things: muffins, hashbrown casserole, monkey bread, croissants, mimosas….we had a FEAST.

But more than that, we had SO MUCH FUN.  We had a record of 34 people at our house- and thank goodness, it was nice outside, so we could send the kids to play.

We blew up Remi’s bounce house, which was a hit for the littles.


The bigger kids (mostly boys) played outside with a football, while the dads visited outside.


There was also much swinging and jumping.


I said this last time, but it’s been SUCH A BLESSING to just open our home.

Our house isn’t fancy or impressive.  I don’t deep clean.  I don’t make gourmet food (this time, I made a quiche, some lemon monkey bread and frozen waffles and frozen chicken strips).  But just inviting people in, visiting, letting our kids play….it’s perfection.


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