Busy Season

For whatever reason, these last couple of weeks have felt busy.  I don’t really see a break until the end of next week.

I’m not complaining.  All the stuff going on is fun.  But man, I could use some time to clean my house, take a nap, or whatever.

I guess it is all in my choices.  I have plenty of time, but I choose to spend it in maybe not the most productive ways.  Like last night. 

Things that I SHOULD have done: clean kitchen, carry out trash, laundry, dust.

Things I did: take a bubble bath, paint my nails, (attempt to) watch Eat, Pray, Love (it was boring and I turned it off before she left Italy.  Too bad because I LOVED the book).

My motto has been, “There is always tomorrow!”  Which I know doesn’t help me get anything done, but that’s how I’m living during this busy season.

What is keeping me so busy?  Well, trying to get in extra workouts on my non-Zumba days really cuts into my free time.  I am getting my hair done after work (when Wednesday afternoons before Zumba is my usual get-it-done time at home).  Friday we are going out with friends and will be gone until midnight.  Saturday, I have a baby shower, a Zumba get together, and my parents are coming to town.  Sunday- singing at all three services (hello five hours of church!).  Monday, a pampered chef party after work.  Whew!  Hopefully next week my life will slow down.  This I know: when the Olympics start next week, I’m clearing my schedule.  I LOVE some Olympic action.  At least I can do stuff around the house as I watch!

What do you do in a busy season?  I just can’t stress myself even more by busting through everything in the little  time I have.  I must have some margin.  Do you push through the busy or take a break (like me!)?


  1. I’m ready for the Olympics too! PS found the study. I had to get online and do it because it wasn’t showing up on the app. I also started the confident woman devotional.

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