Busy Weekend and Weekend

Last week was pretty busy.  I never got around to blogging it as-it-happened…but here is the run down.
I have been teaching 3 Zumba classes each on Tuesday and Thursday while the gym finds someone else to take over one of the classes.  It makes for a fun night full of Zumba, but I come home exhausted.  
The week at work was just really full as well.  Nothing of note to report, just busy stuff that keeps my mind swirling.
The weekend was GREAT!  We were on the go big time.
Friday evening, after work, I ran all kinds of errands.  Wal-mart, post office, to Gadget Grave to have my ipod fixed (I cracked the screen.  I’m a clumsy idiot. :/  but now its fixed), then I made dinner (crock pot tacos) and my mom arrived.  We all ate and watched some of the World Series final game.  We didn’t particularly care who won, just wanted to watch so we could be up on what happened.
Saturday, we got up, I made cinnamon roll pancakes (YUM!), and then mom and I headed to Fayetteville.  We shopped around a bit.  We got some GREAT deals and some neat stuff.  I LOVE shopping with my mom!  It is always so fun!  We always laugh because most places don’t want you to share a dressing room, but it takes so much longer to try on in separate rooms.  There is the waiting on the other person to get dressed and come out…and it just takes longer.  We like to go in the same room.  But most places don’t like it.  So we get two rooms sometimes and wait until the dressing room attendant goes away then sneak into the same room! ha!  New York and Company is the worst about this.  One time, they realized we were in the same room and asked us to separate, so we told them mom was disabled and needed help dressing! It was too funny! 
Then we had lunch at HuHot and headed to the Walton Arts Center to see West Side Story.  It was a modern version of it…and I wasn’t sure I was liking it…but I ended up loving it.  So good!  Fantastic dancing!
We ate some frozen yogurt, made a quick trip to our favorite bakery- Rick’s.  Yes, we went from FroYo to a bakery.  Like a progressive dinner, only this was progressive dessert! We had to stop and get some Rick’s goodies to take home (and I had a lemon square and mom had a donut on the spot!)  After that, we headed about an hour away to a women’s retreat where I was teaching Zumba.
I can’t really go into too much detail, but it was THE FUNNIEST and most weird experience ever! ha!  But it was fun.
Mom and I loaded up the sound system and headed back home.  Because we were an hour north of Fayetteville, it took us a good 2-2.5 hours to get home. We got home around midnight and went to bed right away because I had to be at church at 7:40 to sing.
I sang at all three services yesterday, so we went to the first service (at 8:00) then I sang at the opening of the 9:15 service, then we jetted out to get some breakfast at McDonald’s.  Because of the multiple services at our church, its totally the norm for people involved in the services to come and go.  We came back for the 10:45 service (the one we usually attend) and enjoyed church with the whole family (Tyler, Nancy, Mom).  After church, we had salad bar at Geno’s and then came home.  Tyler went to drive his RC car….so I helped mom load up and she hit the road.  Then I took a glorious 2.5 hour nap.
Tyler and I ate dinner (courtesy of some pinterest recipes.  Yes, I joined pinterest.  I gave in.  And so far its not too big of a time-suck.  Its actually kind of handy) and we watched some TV.  We love competition shows- so we watched the new Next Iron Chef and caught up on the finale of Top Shot.  With the exception of doing lots of laundry (like 4 loads…washed and dried and folded…but some is laying on the couch because I didn’t want to put it away!), we were pretty lazy all yesterday afternoon and evening.
I am happy to report that I started reading Redeeming Love for the very first time.  I’m only one chapter in, but I like it so far.  I know I’m crazy that I never read it, but it always seemed like such a big book to read for fun! ha!  Silly, I know.  I’m looking forward to reading it over the next few weeks at night.  I finally bought a book light for my Nook, but you can also attach it to regular books…so its easier to read in bed with it.
So that was my busy weekend.   I’m ready for this evening.  Tyler is starting winter hours today, so on Mondays he will close the shop at 4.  And I get off work at 4!  I have two more weeks of Monday Bible Study (but not tonight because of Halloween), so pretty soon we will have one long evening together on Mondays!  We also have tonight together!  I’m making a fun Halloween dinner and hoping we get trick or treaters!  If I can find a pumpkin, we will carve one tonight.  I had previously bought one, but it was soft yesterday when I went to get it for us to carve, so I had to throw it out.
I’m feeling a bit random today, so sorry for the disjointed recap.  Have a great day!

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