Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  The main event was a garage sale with some friends.

This started a few weeks ago when I sent a message to my Wednesday night girls saying I had a “few things” and would like to join someone’s garage sale.  Well, once I had a taker, a “few things” became a car and truck load.  #oops

We set up Friday evening and then had the sale Saturday morning.

It was fun with 4 families- all of us from church.  We all did well, and at the end of the day, we were only off like $12 from what we thought we had made (making notes of who sold what) and the cash….so a win.

Rebecca and I manned the check out table and Tara and Debbie were reorganizing the sale as things were being purchased. It was a great combo.

Tyler had the day off, so he was there making deals. This very nice gentleman had been back several times throughout the day, so we were being very friendly.

Tyler told him he could $5 off our side table if this man tried on the popcorn costume…and he did! So funny!

We actually brought Remi home this pirate ship that my friend Debbie was selling.  Best $5 we spent all day! She LOVES it.

Saturday evening, I went with mom and her friends to see My Fair Lady at the Little Theater. It was great!

Sunday was pajama day at the church nursery, so Remi stayed in her PJs all day!

We had lunch at Arby’s and she saw the Arby’s sauce and kept asking for “salsa!”  I thought it might have too much kick, so I gave her some honey mustard.  She was happy with her “salsa” and dipping the sandwich. We were cracking up!

After a great nap, we played around the house and had the best time.

She plays with her beans all the time, but Sunday she exclaimed, “I like beans!” and did a GREAT job of listening and keeping the beans in the bucket (we usually have some splatter to clean up).

She wanted to eat a bean (very confusing when she DOES eat lots of beans) and I told her these beans needed to be cooked.  So she took off with a cup full headed toward her play kitchen.  She said “Oven! Cook!” and thankfully, I caught her before beans went all over the play kitchen.

Bless it.  But she’s making connections like crazy, so I’ll count it a win that she’s rambunctious. We had such a great weekend!

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