Cabin Fever

Cabin fever set in yesterday afternoon. After being cooped up in the house for 3 days, we needed out.

We decided to brave the roads and make a trip to town. The roads are completely ice covered. One giant sheet of ice. Think ice skating in a car. While we did ok 98% of the time, the other 2% were scary slips and slides. I am thankful for my 4 wheel drive and my husband who can drive in this mess.

We went to Kohl’s. It was surprisingly busy. Tyler got some new jeans and I got some new sportsbras (exciting, right?). This weight loss thing is really throwing a curveball into my “I love to shop” attitude. Its hard to buy new things when I know that in a couple weeks they will be baggy. So I am only shopping practically for the time being. I can’t wait to hit my goal weight and go shopping for lots of fun new skinny clothes! Mom has promised me (for years and years as I have dieted) that when I hit my goal weight we will go on a shopping spree. And she has promised it once again. I have never gotten that shopping spree, but I’m going to this time!

We also decided to eat out last night. I have been cooking up a storm at home (which was tangible in the mess of dishes we have done these last few days) but we weren’t ready to return home. I had some Red Lobster gift cards from Christmas in my wallet…so we went to Red Lobster. It was kinda funny. First of all, they only had like 4 waiters in the whole place, so they were only seating one area. Second, we looked a hot mess. I had on sweats, boots, no makeup and a hat. Tyler was wearing the same “snow jeans” he had been putting on each time he went outside these last few days so they were kinda icky around the bottom. But we had a lovely, nice meal in our sweats and icky clothes!

Then we came home and watched “The Expendables” We saw it this summer, but it was at the dinner movie theater, so we wanted to see it again and catch some details we may have missed while eating. It was good.

Today, we drove (very carefully) to Fort Smith to work. We both needed out of the house, and Tyler really needed to open his business. Unfortunately, though they are only an hour away, Fort Smith and Fayetteville really get different weather. We are ice and snow covered in Fay, but in Fort Smith, there is a dusting left on the ground. So life as usual is going on here…while we are stuck at home in Fay. So Tyler needed to open today so he doesn’t miss sales and customers, since everything is fine here.

I don’t think I’m going to make it to my Zumba training Saturday. The roads only get worse headed north, and I just don’t want to drive in this stuff. I’m not that brave. I will hopefully get it rescheduled soon! The bad news about that is that I will most likely be stuck at home all weekend because Tyler is going out of town. And once again, I’m not driving in this stuff. I think I’ll get really good at playing the Pawn Stars Facebook game. That’s a legit goal, right?

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