Can Guys Do Zumba?

Over and over again, women will ask me “Can guys do Zumba?” and I always reply with “YES!!!” Let me tell you more about men in Zumba.

While it isn’t a common occurrence in our neck of the woods, guys can do Zumba! I actually have 4-5 guys who regularly come to my classes, but they are very much outnumbered by the women. However, rest assured men, the women are NOT watching you.  They are just as lost and trying to keep up.  They are too busy watching the instructor to pay any attention to you. 
A man actually created Zumba, so it is very male-friendly. This is the Zumba creator, Beto Perez.   
He dances better than any woman I’ve ever seen!
Actually, from what I’ve seen, when men come to Zumba, and they stop being self-conscious, they dance great. Men usually have a little better fine muscle control than women, so they are often better at many of the moves.
Men will benefit from Zumba the same way as women, so it is a great workout for guys. Come on to Zumba, boys!  We are ready for you! 
It’s blurry…but these are 4 guys in the front row at the morning class at my gym!


  1. Thats awesome! I have never seen a guy in Zumba before!

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