Can’t Plan for Crazy

When things go wrong, it is always at the most inopportune time, ya know. When I used to sing in Branson and things would go wrong in the show, our director lady, Carolyn, would say, “You can’t plan for crazy! How do we fix it?”
So that’s how last couple days have been.
Last night, Tyler drove a bike home. He got home, and it was smoking and pouring oil. So he could not drive it back today. So I taught this morning (made my lecture a little short) and drove him to Fort Smith.
I REALLY needed to start working on my thesis today (well, I’ve been working hard on it…but I needed to start writing today). So I brought all my stuff…my laptop, all 64 of my articles, and my notebooks to Tyler’s shop. I look so funny with all my articles spread out in the middle of this motorcycle shop!
Amazingly, I’ve been able to write 6.5 pages today in the middle of this crazy shop. It has been super busy today. And even earlier, something scary happened.
A man came in with his daughter, and I thought he was a customer. Nope. He saw a man just outside our shop who passed out in the heat. He stopped in to tell us and get him some water. So we got him water, but the man literally couldn’t move. The boys tried to bring him inside, but they couldn’t move him. So I called 911, and they came and took him to the hospital. It was scary. The man kept rolling his eyes back like he was going in and out of consciousness. I just hope he will be ok. It was probably just dehydration and heat stroke. But he is in good hands now.
It has been a crazy day, and we are at the shop for about another hour and a half. So hopefully, everything will calm down around here.

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