Carnival Conquest Review- Freeport Bahamas

Our second stop was in Freeport, Bahamas. Freeport is a bit of a poorer island (compared to Nassau), so the beauty of the island is in the beaches…not the big resorts). 
We had planned a snorkeling excursion to Paradise Cove to snorkel in Deadman’s Cove.  They picked us up at the port and drove us to the resort area. Our price included the transportation and snorkeling gear.  We also rented a couple beach chairs, but we ended up spending our entire time in the water…so we didn’t use those.
The resort area was BEAUTIFUL!

We got in the (semi-cold) water and start snorkeling.  It was low-tide, so there were some difficult areas to swim through…but once we got out past the low areas, we saw AMAZING things! (PS. This was the day I fell and sat on coral. Low tide and I aren’t friends.)
We saw a spotted eagle ray! 
And this is a squid.  It’s eyes are those bumps on the top….and it looked almost furry!  We saw it swim away quickly after we got a good look at it.
There were lots of fish!
And a HUGE stingray buried in the sand!
We snorkeled for a couple hours and then took the transportation back to the boat.
We got onboard, ate lunch, and they were showing Grease on the big screen!  
After lunch, we came to the room and showered and napped.  Snorkeling is hard work!  We were tired! ha!
We had a GREAT day snorkeling in Freeport!  So fun!


  1. You sure know how to make a pregnant girl jealous! 🙂 Not that I would be caught dead in a bathing suit right now, but man-that water is beautiful!

  2. I’ve never been snorkling, looks like fun though (minus the coral)! And Grease on a big screen, awesome!

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