Carnival Conquest Review- Key West

Our first stop on the cruise was to Key West. We arrived and it was BEAUTIFUL weather. Sunny and mid 70s.  I even got a little sweaty walking around.  It was so nice.  We didn’t have an excursion booked- we just wanted to explore.  We were going to rent bikes, but we weren’t sure we wanted to tire ourselves out driving around….so we got trolley passes and hopped on.  The trolley took you around the entire island!
We got off at the Southernmost Point to look around!
This is the Southernmost Point of the US…only 90 miles to Cuba!
After leaving there, we decided it was time for some key lime pie.  Yes, at like 10 a.m. 🙂
We stopped at the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.  It was just a little pie shop…but it was GOOD!
I had a regular piece….
And Tyler had a piece on a stick covered in chocolate. He didn’t share, so I couldn’t vouch for his piece.
We did a little shopping around town, but we felt like Key West was more for staying…not a quick visit.  It was all tourist shops and restaurants.  We had bought all our souvenirs, so we were done there. We got back on the boat and had lunch (the YUMMY Guy’s Burgers).  Then we put on our swim suits and came back up top.  We walked around the boat and admired the view.
This was an island just off Key West.  So pretty!
Then we played some putt putt while the boat was stationary.  I couldn’t imagine playing with the boat rocking! (For the record, Tyler beat me twice.)
We stayed on the top deck sliding on the giant slide, dancing, and just enjoying the beautiful weather until the sun set.  Gorgeous.
We LOVED our laid-back day in Key West!  Tomorrow I’ll share with you our visit to Freeport, Bahamas!


  1. You are for sure making me want to book our cruise. Just trying to narrow it down…thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I think I need a vacation NOW! Looks like key west was fun! i’ve heard it’s cool there!!!! what a fun day y’all had!

  3. I love Key West! So glad you guys had a good time and some Key Lime Pie-Can’t go to the Key’s and not get that! The sunset is always beautuful down there too, stunning!

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