Catching Up on The Week

Catching Up on The Week

We had a sweet week, with extra special stuff for Valentine’s Day!

Remi had her party at school, and she looked EXTRA cute in her sweet outfit (her 2nd year to wear it…my fave!).  She loved her party and was very excited to give cards to her teachers, too!


Our Nene sent her a dress up set for Valentine’s Day and she was SO pumped about it.  She put everything on- and she was a mermaid bride (a “marry” she will say!)


I’m on our work Fun Committee, and I had the job of picking up the heart donuts for our team. It made me very happy to know that I was going to make everyone so happy. It’s the small joys, friends!


We’ve all been stuffy this week. And I decided one night to try and sleep off the crud, so I went to bed early.  I told Tyler and Remi goodnight at like 7:30 and went to bed. A few minutes later, my doorknob turned and Remi came in. Sweet girl brought me one of her lovies to make me feel better! Her caring heart is so beautiful!


Life is good!

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