Weekend Recap: Running, Leaves, and Line Dancing

Weekend Recap: Running, Leaves, and Line Dancing

My heart is just overflowing from this wonderful weekend.  I just felt really blessed after this weekend.
My cousins were in town staying with Mom, so Friday I met them for lunch at Chick-fil-a.  I finished working while they played around town…and after work, I took Caitlyn and we did my grocery shopping and got manicures. 🙂 I LOVE spending time with this girl.
That hand with no polish?  That’s Tyler’s hand photobombing us.  Carry on…
That evening, mom made spaghetti (is there anything as good as my mom’s spaghetti?  I’m not sure…) and then Luke made me watch 1000 different videos of “What does the fox say?”  He LOVES that song and we watched every cover, high school band, and cartoon Youtube video of it.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
Saturday morning, we were up early for my work 5k.  I was going to be running it with Tyler…but he had some chest congestion, so he walked with the rest of the family while I ran. I had a time of 38:38 (had to walk a little bit…my legs haven’t ran in a while!)…but really enjoyed running in the brisk air.
Team U-Pack did great!
And I’m SO proud of my coworker Cydney…she got 1st place in our age group!  Woot!
A friend who works for the United Way caught this pic of me finishing the race!

After the race, I was sad because my friend Sarajane was getting married down in south-central Arkansas…and we couldn’t get there in time.  But the day was beautiful, so we decided to take a drive down the Talimena Scenic Drive.  We got to Mena…and it started raining! 🙁  We killed some time shopping around Mena, and then started up the mountain during a break.
The rain made it a little foggy, but we got some great views!
Look at these beautiful leaves.  God’s creation is so magnificent.
Favorite leaves.  We got out at the Kerr Nature Center up on the mountain and saw these gorgeous leaves.
The drive was so pretty!
Sunday, I taught my life group class because my teacher was out of town.  Then we met my family for lunch (my grandma and her boyfriend came to visit from Hot Springs).  Tyler and I went home to tidy up and clean (and PS. I’m SO thankful for a husband who is a real partner and helps me in every way!).  Then they came over to visit our house….and Tyler had us all in the yard shooting his new cross bow! Seeing my grandma and my dad shooting a bow was great! ha!
For dinner, we decided to hit up Gilley’s at the casino.  There was live music and line dancing (and the food was pretty good too!).  Of course, I had to join the line dancing!  It started off with just a couple ladies…but a few songs later, the dance floor was PACKED. So fun!
We also signed up for player’s cards at the casino (which will hardly be used….I’ve lived here for 3 years and NEVER been before! ha!)…but we got $10 each in free play for signing up.  We used their $10, and we kept “cashing out” every time we would win…and we walked away with $14 from their free money! Boom!  (However, because we were cashing out with each win…we had like 20 tickets to cash in! ha!)
We got home at like 10 pm….and then Tyler’s college roommate Bryce called to give us details about his wedding (Tyler will be a groomsman, so we got the lowdown first!).  We crashed and I slept like a baby.
Something about being surrounded by family, nature, and doing fun things made me just really grateful for all my blessings this weekend. I hope you had a great weekend!


Weekend: Family, Fayetteville, and Flying Out

This was a good weekend.

It started Friday with having dinner with the family at the Catfish Barn.  I KNEW they would LOVE it….so (even though it wasn’t on the diet) we took them there for dinner Friday night (but not until after I got in a good tri training at the gym! woop!).  Dad and Gram LOVED it.  It’s going to be so nice doing things together now that they live here.

Saturday, I went to mom’s early and we headed out.  I had a 5k in Lavaca (a little town about 20 minutes away)- the 9/11 Memorial 5k.  Firefighters were there running in their gear.  It’s so inspirational.

It was quite humid.  I tired pacing myself with this older guy…but he was running 10 minute miles, and I’m more of a 12 minute girl…so I let him pass me after mile 1.

I did end up walking a little in the last mile or so. It was so humid, I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I finished in 37 minutes, and I earned my first running medal!  I came in 2nd place in my age category!!

This was some of the firefighters in their gear. They are heroes for sure!

Then, we stopped by the gym for me to get ready…and we headed to Fayetteville.  I got fitted for some running shoes, we did some shopping, ate some lunch…and saw Jersey Boys!

While we were in Fay, I tried on my bridesmaid dress for Alden’s wedding! Blurry…but you can see it. My dress for her wedding will be black.

Saturday evening, I went to watch Tyler at the RC track.  It’s the first race in a 4-week series, so I’m hoping he can keep it up over these 4 weeks and do well (the winner wins a new RC car!).

Sunday, I was up early to fly out to Cleveland for work.  we had dinner last night at a place called The Chocolate Bar. OMG. I had this yummy berries and chocolate dipping sauce. So good.

Anyway …I’m out this week.  But no worries, I’ll still be writing. 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend!

This Week: Wedding, Date Night, 4th of July

This week was a doozy!  So many fun things going on! 
Monday evening, we drove to Tulsa for Tyler’s cousin’s wedding.  It was at a beautiful horse ranch.  We LOVE the bride’s grandpa- Uncle Bruce.  Such a sweet man!  
The wedding took place right at sunset, so we snuck outside during the reception to enjoy it!
Beautiful bride and groom!  Congrats Jessie and Candace!
Then Wednesday evening, we had a little date night!  I’m out for the weekend, so we wanted to spend some time together.  We went to the gym for some laps in the pool and Aqua Zumba, and then we had dinner at Patron.  Tyler ordered the habanero lime margarita to split…and it was SO good. 
Then we saw the Lone Ranger.  Y’all….go see it.  It’s action packed, funny, and wonderful.  Not really for kids (its PG 13 for a reason- lots of western-style violence) but it was GREAT.  Like on par with Pirates of the Caribbean great.
For July 4th yesterday, we were up early for the Freedom Fest 5k.  Our town has a great 4th of July festival that starts with a 5k.  I was trying to win most-patriotic (and in small-town drama…I didn’t…and there was almost a riot! ha!)
I LOVE the hometown 5ks.  You run with people you know, you run down mainstreet and familiar faces are there cheering and holding signs…and then you finish at the town square.  Tyler got a picture of me coming toward the finish line.  So fun!
We came home after the race and grilled lunch, took a nap, and hung out at home.  That evening, we went back to the the square for music and fireworks.
I just LOVE patriotism.  The band was playing “God Bless the USA” and people all across the square were standing from their lawn chairs and singing along.  Babies were waving flags, and men were saluting.  It was beautiful.
The fireworks show was great too.
I’m so thankful to have Greenwood feel like home.  Being in the race yesterday and running with/by people I love, and sitting on the square surrounded by friends and their babies/families…I just felt so blessed.  I wasn’t sure anywhere would ever feel like “home” the way my hometown did.  But honestly, this place just feels right.  I’m so glad I gave it time and worked hard at making it feel like home.  I love it.!
I hope you had a great 4th of July!  Happy weekend!

Weekend Recap: Lion King and Glow Run

Weekend Recap: Lion King and Glow Run

I had a fun-filled weekend!  It was nice because everything was close to home, so for the first weekend in a while, we slept in our bed for both nights over a weekend! ha!
Friday evening, we had tickets to see the Lion King musical in Tulsa…but mom had to stay home (dad cut his arm and needed stitches) and Nancy went horseback riding….so I got to take two friends with me!  Lauren, Brandy, and I headed to Tulsa after work.  We had dinner at Caz’s chowhouse, and then I took them across the street to Glacier Confections for some chocolates.  We walked around Guthrie Green while we ate our dessert, enjoying the Juneteenth festival.  Then we saw the Lion King!  It was breaktakingly wonderful.
Saturday morning, I got up early to go look at a house with mom and dad, who are relocating up here.  We LOVED the house, but they are waiting to hear the asking price, as it’s currently unlisted.
After that, I met Amber and we headed to Russellville for a sorority sister’s wedding.  We had a great time.  The ceremony was beautiful.
Saturday evening, I met up with my coworker Autumnn and some of her friends for the Splatter Me Colorful glow run.  We were all decked out in our tutus and ready for the race!
During the 5K, they hit us with paint and such.  We were decked out in glow stick bracelets and necklaces…and at the finish line, under the blacklight…we looked AWESOME.
SOOO messy!
They had a DJ playing music at the finish line…such a fun party!
I was messy and glowing!
Sunday, I worked in the nursery during my Sunday School hour….and then our pastor’s wife asked me to fill in for her daughter during the second hour.  I REALLY wanted to hear a sermon, so we went to the early service at 8.  Tyler came with me.
So we did service at 8, then I was in the nursery while Tyler went to Sunday School…and then he joined me for the second hour.  It was fun to play with the kiddos together.  There aren’t a lot of men serving in that area, so the little boys LOVED Tyler.
After church, we had lunch at Beef O’ Brady’s (and got terrible service…probably won’t be going back)…and then came home and napped.
Later that evening, we went to church and played volleyball with some friends.  I’m terrible at group sports, but I got a few over the net!
It was a great weekend! How was your weekend?