Completing my 30 Before 30

Completing my 30 Before 30

Back in 2012, I turned 25 and wanted to have something to work on that was for me. I decided to make a 30 Before 30 List. It was 30 things (some that were edited/changed over the years) that seemed fun or important to me.

It made me become intentional. I was intentional when I mentioned fun things to do. It made me intentional in planning things with family and friends. It made me think about the places I chose to eat at, the things I spent my time and money on.

I would TOTALLY recommend making some sort of goal list. I may do a list of things to do with Remi from 1-2 or something. It just makes you think outside the box.

Friday night, we completed my list by going to eat at Emmy’s. The meal was great.

It was WAY nicer than I thought and wasn’t really the place for a baby, but the food was good.

Remi did love the spaetzle though! She ate them by the handful.

We split a sample plate- chicken cordon bleu, beef roladen and pork shnitzel. All great. And so was the red cabbage!

We got a black forest cheesecake for dessert. Bye low-carb diet. #worth it.

It felt great to accomplish something. I’ll be the first to tell you that I start a WHOLE lot of things and don’t finish them. But this was something I thought about and worked toward. And some items were personal goals, some were fun, some were silly…but they were all worthwhile (except maybe watching Casablanca. It was boring).

Some highlights from completing the list over the last 5 years:

  • Reading through the Bible. I still can’t believe I did that. It was a work of obedience and some days was honestly a chore. But I’m so glad to have read all the words that my sweet Savior meant for me (and for you!). I would like to do this again soon.
  • Attending Zumba convention (which was a compilation of the “save $1,000” and “attend Zumba convention” goals). It was fun, I learned a lot, I went out of my comfort zone, and I had a great time.


  • Running a 10K.  I was SUPER into running in 2013. The 10k was a cold Thanksgiving morning and it was HARD. My knee hurt, I was cold, and I felt like the last runner on the course. But I finished. A good lesson to push myself and be proud in the accomplishment and not compare myself to others.IMG_0369.JPG
  • Visiting lots of local restaurants. I’ll be honest that Tyler defaults to his old familiar favorites. They aren’t all chains, but many are. Or the local places we love, we frequent.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you try something new, you might find a new favorite! Case in point- Calico County! I had never been before this list, but I LOVE it. The same with Landry’s. It’s now an old favorite of ours.
  • And seeing a local theater performance made me try out for the local theater the next year. It gave me a super fun experience, new friends, and taught me new things. It was also WAY out of my comfort zone, but totally worth it.IMG_0402.JPG

Making Homemade Pasta

Making Homemade Pasta

One of the last things on my 30 Before 30 list was to make homemade pasta.

I’ve wanted to do it for years, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I knew it would take time (and I had planned on buying a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer).

Well, fast forward to the fact that Monday I turn 30 and I want to finish this list…so I needed to make pasta! I’m currently eating low carb/keto, so I had to find a recipe that fit.

I used this one .  It was very dry, so I had to add some water, but otherwise it turned out well.

We didn’t get the KitchenAid attachment ordered, so we had to do it all by hand.

I did the egg-well technique to mix it all together. (I did use a bowl because I didn’t want flour everywhere)

The dough had to sit for a while, which helped it come together. It was crumbly before, but worked well after sitting. 

Tyler helped me roll it out. Since the recipe called for sheeting the pasta several times, we would roll it out, fold it up and re-roll it several times.  I’m sure a pasta sheeter would have gotten it MUCH thinner (which would have been better) but we got it as thin as we could by hand.

And we just cut it with a pizza cutter into strips. Again, a pasta attachment would have been more precise.

But a couple minutes in boiling water, some basil alfredo, chicken and parm…and this was GOOD! I did it! I made homemade pasta!

All that’s left on the list is to eat at Emmy’s (a German restaurant) and we hope to go tomorrow night. Since I’ve never been, I don’t want my birthday dinner (either with Tyler or family) to be there….but we have to go before Monday- so Friday it is! (hopefully that plan works!)

30 Before 30 Update

So in June I will turn 30 (gulp. Ain’t no stopping it!) Years ago, I set a 30 Before 30 list. I guess I better get serious about finishing it!

Left on the list are:

  • Scanning pictures to save them. This will be an on going project, but I would like to do another 50 or so from my childhood before my 30th.
  • Make homemade pasta. That’s an easy one. Just need to set aside time to do it.
  • Own every color Fiestaware. This one is sort of difficult. They come out with a new color every year. I also have SO much Fiestaware. I’m kind of abandoning this goal once I add a piece of Claret (which was the 2016 color) because I really don’t need any more.  I have all the vintage colors and all the colors up to 2016.
  • Finish eating at the top 10 restaurants locally. I have 4 left: Doe’s (hoping to go for my birthday maybe?), Rib Room, Bella Italia and Emmy’s (maybe for our anniversary?).  Now that I have a baby, thinking about having 4 nice meals out in the next 4 months seems like a lot, but I can make time for that.

And that’s it! Crazy to think some of those goals were lofty (running at 10k! Reading the entire Bible!), some were silly (going blonde!), some were travel related (New Orleans!)….but they were all fun. Here’s to finishing it before June 5!

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

I finally did it: I signed up for (and am currently taking) a photography class.

I asked for it for Christmas…and so far, so good.  It’s just a 4 week class teaching me some pretty basic stuff (shutter speed, shooting in manual mode, portraits, etc).  I wanted to learn more about my fancy camera and become more comfortable shooting in manual, instead of auto or semi-auto.

I’m NOT going to be a pro, and I will probably never take the sort of pictures I wished I did…but I’m glad to be learning and discovering more.

And, it’s another thing crossed off the 30 Before 30 list. 🙂 So win-win.

The first week we covered motion, shutter speed, and low lighting.  Tonight we are talking flash: fill flash, stopping motion from flash.  And I know next week is portraits. Here are my homework assignments from the first week:

Slow shutter speed showing motion in low light – an Upward Basketball game at churchBrittneyL-Slowshuttermovementlowlight

And this was fast shutter speed showing motion – Tyler skipping a rock at the lake.



It’s fun to learn!