Baby, you’re a firework!

Baby, you’re a firework!

Oh what a fun July 4th we had!  It was a little sad because Tyler had to work a 12-hour shift (boo!) so it was just me and my girl. But we made the most of it!

We hung out at home in the morning, watching her CRAWL all over the place. She’s officially crawling on her knees and getting everywhere FAST. So I spent the morning watching her crawl around and baby-proofing as we went. Then she napped and I got her ready to go.

She looked red, white and cute!

We went to town for our city’s FreedomFest.  It’s the best.  Seeing lots of friends, music, food, vendors…so much fun. She was entered in our little patriotic pageant.

She was pretty excited before it started.

I carried her on stage to show her off. She finally smiled at the end of the stage. Little ham!

She won her age division. We were so surprised! It’s a fundraiser, so we were just there to support our friends…but getting some fun trophies was a nice surprise!

Miss Freedom Fest Tiny Tot Queen!

All of the winners (and me, who was making sure she didn’t crawl off the stage!)

Her boyfriend James came by to congratulate her! So sweet!

Our family was there, which is always fun!  We were so thankful that Heather and Kelsey and my bestie Brandy came to cheer her on!

We may have had a little too much fun with Her Majesty.

Sweet girl!

After the pageant, we walked around the festival and ate lunch.  But then it was naptime, so we came home.

After naps, Grandpa showed up to play! She loved his funny noises!

And a little later, uncle Dwight joined the fun!

Once Tyler FINALLY got off work, Remi was already in bed, so Gigi stayed with her while we went back to the festival.  There was a fun bluegrass country band playing, so we put our chairs in the middle of a bunch of friends, visited, ate dinner, listened to the music and waited for the fireworks.

A delish low carb dinner from a food truck.  A philly without a bun and bacon wrapped pickles! YUM!

At dark, we went and found dessert and moved our chairs back for the fireworks show. Our town puts on a great fireworks show. They turn the lights off on the square and play a fun patriotic sound track that the fireworks are set to. Lots of fun!

It was a late night getting home, but so worth it for a little hometown date and seeing the fireworks.

I hope you all had a fun 4th as well!

Weekend Recap: 4th of July!

Weekend Recap: 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July.  Even without a ton of plans, it’s a fun weekend. Time off work, fireworks, family…what more could you want?

We had a lowkey Friday evening with dinner at home. We had been going going going all last week, so we took Friday night at home.  We spent some time watching the hummingbirds.  They are busy this time of year- drinking two whole feeders in just 2-3 days this weekend!

We also had a bunch of baby furniture to work on since we picked up the dresser and crib on Thursday.  Saturday and Sunday we got the bookshelf and dresser assembled! Hoping to do the crib this week!

Saturday when I was home, Mikey made a MESS.  He loves to paw his food out of his bowl…and I came into the kitchen and saw this mess. Crazy dog!

I did some extra cleaning around the house- working on cleaning the carpets. It felt good to be productive!

I did have some downtime with naps and Shark Week, as well.

Sunday, me and the boys went over to mom’s for breakfast. It was Caitlyn’s birthday, and we spent the day together.

The dogs were TOO FUNNY on the way over. Pippin sat on Mikey!

Sunday evening we took the Sweet 16 girl out for her birthday and then came home for cake. Then we snuck to the little town up the road for fireworks!

On the 4th, I emceed our local 4th of July pageant on the square and then met the family at the lake. Before I left for my nap, we made s’mores. YUM.

Tyler worked a long day (14 hours!) but he still came with us to the square for fireworks. I love it.  They hand out glowsticks which makes it even more fun!

We came home right after the fireworks since he was so tired (and he had to get up early for work today), but we had a GREAT weekend!

How was your holiday weekend?

Weekend Recap: SDC and July 4

Weekend Recap: SDC and July 4

This weekend was a great long weekend.  What a blessing it was to take some time to recharge, have fun, rest, and enjoy my family and friends.

My weekend started early because I was off work Friday. (do you hear the hallelujah chorus?!).  I had made plans with my MIL Nancy to go to Branson together….which was sort of on again/off again because of Gram in the ICU.  However, when Thursday rolled around, I felt comfortable leaving since we would only be a few hours away.

So after Zumba Thursday night, we headed to Branson.  After a quick Chick-fil-a dinner stop in NWA, we trucked on to Branson.  It’s really a second home for me.  I spent a few great years during my teens living there and I just love it.

We HAD to make a pit stop by Cakes and Cream on the way to the hotel.  We split an ice-cream-topped funnel cake (diet started today, don’t worry!).


Take this in: funnel cake topped with cinnamon sugar, Bunny Tracks ice cream, and hot fudge. OMG.

On Friday, we went to Silver Dollar City (SDC).  I worked at SDC for two summers, and it’s just home to me. I love it love it love it.

When we entered the park, the smell of fresh baked bread was too strong and we ended up in the bakery.  We split a red velvet cinnamon roll (which, tbh, could have used more cinnamon).  We only made it through about half of this.

We also found these AWESOME sunglasses.  They have a bow!  I had to have them.

We rode a few rides (there were NO lines anywhere because of the threat of rain.  And thankfully, it only sprinkled for a few minutes).

We were “those adults” who ran in to meet Blue, yes of Blues Clues.  There was no line, they were playing fun music, and we couldn’t resist.

We shopped, saw some shows, and ate. OH DID WE EAT.  We split everything, but we ate our way round and round the park. SDC just has amazing food. OF course we had my favorite, the family feud succotash, and this was my new favorite: fried veggies topped with chipotle.

I also had a frozen lemonade, duh. Gotta have it.

We had a fun day together, and then headed back home Friday night.

Saturday, I helped with the Miss FreedomFest pageant in Greenwood.  I was the emcee.  It was fun, and I tried not to make a total fool of myself. (if you’re new to the blog because you met me Saturday- hey!)

I’m glad I wasn’t a judge.  The girls were adorable.

The rest of the 4th was full. Visiting Gram, hanging with the family (Sandy and the cousins came up to visit), lunch at Chili’s with everyone, a nap, swimming, and fireworks on the Square.  A great day, indeed.

Sunday was for resting and cleaning.  Much needed on both fronts.


I hope you had a great holiday weekend! Did you watch fireworks?  They’re my favorite part of the 4th of July!

FreedomFest 2014

FreedomFest 2014

Our little town throws a great 4th of July festival called FreedomFest.  It gets better every year, and to be honest, I’m happier there every year because Greenwood feels more and more like home.  It’s so fun to spend the holiday with so many friends…and this year all my family was there too!
We started our morning off with the 5K.  We did a pretty good time for walking it…we actually ran like 1/3 of it and finished in 45 minutes.  We were hoping to win the costume contest…but we didn’t. 🙁
After the race, we played around FreedomFest.  The kids played in the inflatables, we took a hayride, a trolley ride, and listened to the music.
We went home and rested a bit, and then we went back to the square for the evening festivities.
 Luke is such a ham!
The community donates tons of stuff for the event- they gave out free glowsticks, 3D glasses (to watch the fireworks through), flags, hot dogs, and more!
And then they put on a great fireworks show!  There were a couple rogue fires, but they still had a great show.
It was awesome to have all my people there.
Hope you had a great 4th!  We sure did!