New Goal: 5K PR

New Goal: 5K PR

Years ago I tried to be a runner. I tried really hard.  I did 13 races in 2013. And I did fully run a few races, but I didn’t love running.

I still don’t.

However, I do love fitness, and being in better overall shape now should equate to easier running.

So, I have a new goal of breaking my 5K running time of 34:50.  It’s not that impressive. I’m not fast by any means. But I think with a little training, I could hit that 11.5 minute mile time.

So there’s some steps to take. First step is to actually run more.  I’m signing up for a 5k in a month, so I want to do 2 runs each week.  That might mean going after dinner with the family, or that might actually mean running at work on the treadmills at lunch.

The first step is the next 4 weeks of training. I might recap week by week my fitness to update.  I also need to prioritize foam rolling and stretching, as my IT band can cause me issues. So I’ll be sure to do that. I will have to see how much speed progress I can make with the stroller. I would love to PR with Remi in tow, but I may have to ditch the stroller to reach it.

I may not hit the PR at the 5k in a month, but with fall around the corner, there will be a TON of local races to attempt it at. It’s not a big deal to add a couple runs a week to my schedule. Let’s do this.

Weekend Recap: Glow Run and Baptisms

Weekend Recap: Glow Run and Baptisms

We had a GREAT weekend!  I honestly wasn’t ready for it to end last night.  I knew I needed to go to sleep, but I stayed up a little too late reading trying to stretch the weekend for all it’s worth. 🙂
Friday evening, I FINALLY saw The Fault in Our Stars. I managed to read the book without crying, but oh man, I ugly cried at the movie.  We got dinner and hit up Wal-Mart after the movie.
Saturday, I attempted sleeping in, but I was up around 7ish.  Darn it, early weekday wakeup time.  I guess 7 is sleeping in from my usual 4:30/5 a.m., but I ended up going back to bed after I let the dog out…and I rested until around 9.
We puttered around the house and around lunch time, we headed to the lake.  We saw a beautiful deer on the way there!  It just stood there and stared at us.

We spent two hours at the lake, floating, sunning, and reading. I’m trying to read a book about Broadway choreographer Bob Fosse…but it’s 600 pages….and it’s from the library, so I have a finite amount of time to read it.  I’m reading every spare moment.

We ran some errands after the lake, going to look at a truck and meeting Tyler’s uncle for an early dinner. Then, we all went to Van Buren for the Splatter Me Colorful Glow Run 5k.  It was a BLAST.
We were all wearing our matching neon yellow.  We got some glow face paint before the race!

During the race, they shoot you with glow paint as you walk/run (we walked.).  We were a hot mess afterwards.

But it looks so neat in the black lights!

I’m so glad we can do active stuff like this together!

Sunday, we were up early to head to Hot Springs.  My aunt, uncle, cousin Gavin, and grandma Elee all were baptized on Sunday.  It was SUCH an answered prayer and so special to be there.
The pastor said it’s the first time he’s baptized three generations at the same time!
We had lunch with the family and headed home.  We were a bit tight in the car because mom brought my cousin Luke back with her.  They came over last night to feed the catfish, which Luke really enjoyed. It’s so fun to spend time with the family!

So, today is Monday and we’re back at it.  But I’m doing REALLY exciting stuff tonight…can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow! 🙂 *teaser!*

Weekend Recap: Color Me Rad and Birthday

This weekend was great! It started with our little baby killdeer hatching!  They are like 3 inches tall and running around our yard!
Friday after work we headed to Hot Springs for the weekend.  We had dinner at Jahna’s (a great little Italian place….uhoh for my weekly weigh in!)…and then we went to bed pretty early because we had an early Saturday wake up!
We headed to Little Rock for the Color Me Rad.  We walked it…but had a GREAT time!
Before….all clean…
 And after! ha!
This was our first 5k together!
We had a great time!
We napped Saturday and then went out for ice cream.  After, we went putt putting.  It was my dad’s first time!  Yes, he is 77 and had NEVER been putt putt golfing.  He did pretty well!
Sunday, we got up early and went to breakfast on the boat….but Mother Nature crashed that party and started raining.
It eventually cleared and we spent the afternoon at the pool.  Dad BBQed and we had a little belated birthday party for me….including cupcakes from Fat Bottomed Girls. #thisiswhyimfat
We had a fun time playing volleyball with my cousins, eating BBQ, and hanging out.  It was a great weekend!
How was your weekend?

The Day I Finally Felt Like A Runner

I started running years ago with a friend in grad school.  We tried the Couch to 5K plan, but it was too tough for me.  I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now…I ate like crap…I was pre-diabetic.  Running was a great thing to work towards, but I was not a runner.
I started running again on and off this last year, but I really committed back in October or so.  I had worked up to running 1.5 miles at a time.  I REALLY wanted to do this 5K, but I didn’t have high hopes of running the entire thing.  I knew I would just give it my best, and if I had to stop and walk for a few minutes, it would be ok.  Then a friend offered to run with me.  I got so excited. She was a runner and I knew she could push me to do it all.  But then her son got sick and she had to stay home.  So I was on my own.
This was our town’s Yule Run.  It had, oh I don’t know, maybe 150 people running?  It was chip timed and a good course.  It ran down main street, past the high school, through a neighborhood, and ended at the square.  The second mile is all uphill….but the last .5 mile or so was downhill.  I was ready.
It started at 9 a.m….so we got there a little early to get ready. I got SO many “good lucks” from friends.  I felt awesome.  I got texts, tweets, Facebook posts…so many people cheering me on. The support I felt made me tear up a couple times pre-race.  Call me crazy, but just knowing people are supporting you feels so good.

There was a contest for people who dressed up in Christmas garb, so there were some “crazies” like these Who’s. 

The race started and I felt good.  There were some people lined up down main street cheering folks on.  I saw a couple familiar faces and gave them some thumbs up.  Then around .75 miles, my knee was bugging me a bit.  Not hurting, but just bugging me.  It does tihat sometimes in Zumba when I get tired. I thought about taking a walk break. Well, I was behind this man.  He was a bit older, and not ideally fit.  But he was running.  So I decided to just stick with him for a bit.  I followed him until about 1.5 mles.  

Then he slowed down, so I passed him.  I ran past some people who were taking their walk breaks about mile 1.5.  It was tempting. I was tired, and I could see the hill ahead.  But instead of walking, I just slowed my run a bit for a minute..then I kept going.
We would go up a hill, and I would get excited because I thought the hill was over.  But instead, we would go flat for a little bit, then go higher.  I hadn’t run many long hills like this.  I was feeling it. But then I started thinking about all the people cheering me on.  My friend Brandy told me to repeat “I can do this. I can run it.” so that got me through a little bit.  I thought about some inspirational friends I have, and thought about them pushing through their struggles (you ladies know who you are!). I thought of them by name and forgot about the running for a little bit.
And then we climbed higher.  Just after mile 2, we finally flattened out.  
Around 2.25 miles, I was feeling so tired…but it was flat ground…and there was a sidewalk to run on!  Answered prayer!
With about .5 mile left, I could finally see the finish line!

Then I got the BEST surprise. I knew my mom and Nancy were behind me walking…so I didn’t think I would see anyone at the finish line.  Well, my pastor (who ran and already finished….and who knew I was trying my best today) and another awesome encourager from church, Marca, were at the finish line cheering me on.
My coworker AJ had already finished the race, and his wife snapped this shot.  I was so excited to finish…and you can see Marca on the side (in the grey/pink) cheering for me.  Pure bliss.

I was overwhelmed.  The adrenaline, the tiredness, and the accomplishment hit me.  I had to take a lap around the building before going in for water.  I was tearing up.  I thought about how hard I have worked, how I have lost 45 pounds, gotten healthy, and how great this feels.

I got some water and went back to watch mom and Nancy finish the race.

My gun time was 35:01, but my official chip time was 34:50!  It wasn’t award-winning or anything…but I don’t care.  I finished.  I ran the whole way.  I didn’t know I had it in me.  I will keep at it, too.  Now I have a time to beat. 🙂  After all of that, I feel like I’m finally a runner.

But the best part? Knowing how supported and loved I am.  After I posted my finish line pic…it got over 65 likes and many comments…my IG and Twitter blew up… And I’ll tell you, having all those people celebrate with me made me feel so loved.  My sweet pastor who cheered me on at the end?  He told a few people at church Sunday about my run like a proud father! ha! Some girls in my life group were so encouraging…it just swelled my heart.  I probably won’t ever win any races, but the fact that I have all these sweet folks cheering me on makes me want to keep trying.

So anyway…while my run wasn’t award-winning, this run really helped me see what I am capable of, and the amazing army of encouragers I have behind me.