Really Fun Weekend Together

Really Fun Weekend Together

It seems like lately we’ve sort of been on the go every weekend (and to be honest, March was BUSY and May will be too!), so a fun weekend at home was just what we needed.

We got an impromptu invite to our friends the Hensons house for dinner.  The girls all played, the adults chatted and then we had a special celebration.  Remi has been sort of hit or miss with sleep, so we were discussing what reward she wanted if she slept all night long without waking or leaving her room- and she was VERY specific.

“A happy cake. For daddy.  With sparkles (sprinkles) and fire.  Singing to daddy Happy Birthday!”

Well, when we got the dinner invite, I told Ashley, “Long story, but we need a cake tonight.  I can pick one up.”  And she said, nope- she would make one! And it was SO good.

We sang to daddy and ate…


This yummy strawberry cake.  We brought candles and sprinkles to make it just what she asked for.


Saturday was a little chilly and it was supposed to rain that afternoon. So we took advantage of the morning without rain and hit the park.  Bless it, She wanted her dolly to swing, too.  I remember bringing my dolls along as a girl. I love that she does it.

We ran into one of my friends from work (and her husband, who Tyler went to school with!) and their girls…and they played for a while. Remi did have a 2-year-old meltdown when Avery got on the swing she wanted, but it was all good.


Momma worked out while Remi and daddy bought a new lawnmower. Then we had lunch…where this CRAZY kid HAD to get on stage and dance.

She’s so fun and brave.


We hit Sam’s for some shopping then came home for nap and playing.  Daddy had to work overtime that evening, and since it was raining, we snuggled up in Momma’s Big Bed to watch Sweet Pea Beauty.


Daddy texted us to go outside and look in the late evening to see the rainbow!  Remi LOVES rainbows!


We tried taking a picture with the rainbow, but it washed out.


Sunday morning, she was playing so sweetly and independently and I was doing some housework after getting ready for church.  UNTIL SHE DID THIS and colored herself blue!  She went all the way up to her knees, her elbows and feet, hands and face.  SO MUCH BLUE.

After church and lunch, she and I left for the afternoon.  We hit the park (much nicer weather on Sunday!).


Then we went to see my dad.  She is so sweet with Grandpa. She was showing him her pocket and her shiny shoes.


And then we stopped for the first snow cones of the year!  She didn’t love them last year, but she happily ate her blue one.  I see many more snowcone dates in our future!


I am so thankful for some downtime without travel or too many plans. It was a fun weekend together.

Thanksgiving with Papa

Thanksgiving with Papa

We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s nursing home (if you’re new here, dad is pretty advanced with Alzhiemer’s.  And for what it’s worth, he’s 30 years older than my mom….people get confused when they see them together).

His nursing home does a GREAT job with these family nights. The food is actually good and they do sweet decorations and even give Remi a sweet toy!

Remi was looking SO BIG wearing last year’s Thanksgiving outfit.

She loves to see Papa and just runs around the nursing home. She goes on parade, waving at all the people. It’s so fun.

Dad started out pretty sleepy but ended up eating well and laughing at Remi while she sat with him and danced and giggled.

Papa got LOTS of hugs from this sweet girl.

And for comparison sake, here is our little turkey last year and this year. SO big!

A Super Fun Week

A Super Fun Week

We had a SUPER fun week jam packed with exciting things. Here are the highlights:

Tyler’s birthday! We had a family dinner complete with Happy Cake! Remi didn’t love the candle, but LOVED the cake and ice cream.

Mom and I had a date night- massage, pedicure, dinner and shopping. It was fun to spend time together. And we found Mickey Oreos at Target…so of course, we had to buy some!

Tyler’s family reunion was on Saturday. Always a fun time. Remi got to play her first game of marbles with Kelsey and Norma. She also played outside in the rain and got SOAKED.

We enjoyed visiting with everyone, but especially with Tyler’s cousins (and Brad). I’m so thankful they made me their family, too.

Remi also got to color and play dinosaurs with cousin Jen’s little brother. So fun!

When we got home, she kicked back to watch Frozen. She’s currently obsessed with “pwincess snowman”.

Sunday we had a little family photo shoot before church. Me and my girl!!

We are loving Daddy being around all weekend long.

After naptime, we went to see Poppa. Remi liked playing around and even did a little singing for Poppa.

He had a REALLY great day, which was nice. He did a lot of talking and even told me “Love you too, baby.”

We went and grabbed dinner and did a little more shopping after seeing dad.  This girl was CRAZY shopping for shoes. “I yike dos shoes. I yike dos boots, momma” So guess who got some new shoes?  I’m raising her right to like shopping! ha!

She was accident-free all weekend! Woohoo!  A super fun time together!

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations early with dinner at my dad’s nursing home.

It’s not ideal, and I wish we were all together and there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s, but I’m thankful they put on a nice family night and that dad was having a good day.

I had to get some Remi pics before we left. I love this little turkey outfit!

She was very interested in Grandpa’s cool chair. Dad loved her playing with him. He just smiled.

We had a good dinner. The food was actually really great and dad ate a whole piece of pie for me! He even kissed me on the cheek a couple times when we were leaving. Sweet memories.

Mom and I have talked and there is some sadness because the holidays aren’t what they used to be. We’re missing Gram and Grandpa and dad. We live in different places. It used to be that like 20 of us piled into our home, but this year it’s just like 5 of us. But that’s ok. Love is love and it’s great to share family, no matter who is there.