Five Years Ago

Five Years Ago

I became a Mrs.


Happy Anniversary, Tyler.


I know today is nothing like we had imagined or hoped (he’ll be working, and we won’t be able to see each other), but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a special day.


So here’s to five years! And many many many many more.


Weekend Recap: Anniversary and Girls’ Day

Weekend Recap: Anniversary and Girls’ Day

We had a full weekend!

Friday evening, we celebrated our anniversary with a fun dinner out.  We went to Rolando’s downtown, and we stuffed ourselves with Latin food.

It was so nice outside after dinner that we wanted to ride the ferris wheel (there is a vintage little park down there with a carousel and ferris wheel) but it was closed. So, we walked around the park.  It’s a historic park with lots of info on our town’s history (of wild west prisons and hangings…so romantic! ha!)…but we had a good time just walking and talking.

I always wear my wedding shoes on our anniversary date.  (Well, our first anniversary it was too cold, so I took them with me but wore shoes that covered more of my feet.)

After our walk, we went to get froyo.  We do like to eat. 🙂

We came home and watched a movie together.  A low-key nice anniversary night.

Saturday, mom and I had a girls’ day.  We shopped and ate around Rogers, and then we saw Chicago at the Walton Arts Center.  The best part besides the show is that the WAC has a full bar and lets you bring drinks into the show.  Their signature drink was a “Strawberry Roxie” which was like drinking a chocolate covered strawberry.  I may have had one before the show and one at intermission. 🙂

Saturday night, we just hung out at home.  I love these two boys so much!

Have a happy St. Patrick’s day today!

Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Linking up for Five on Friday with five things I did this week.

1. Last night we watched our wedding video for our anniversary (we are going out tonight to celebrate). I had so many thoughts: my cousins were SO tiny 4 years ago!  We had SO many friends and family there. I was so overwhelmed watching it.  We had tons of crowd shots where you could see who all was there….and it’s just such a blessing to have started our life together surrounded by so much love.

2. I bought this dress.  I was looking for something similar online and found it…for $22!!  It was so cheap because I got the last one. Boom.

3. I have been furiously voting for Hanson here.  It’s a pop song March Madness face off…and right now they are up against Britney Spears and her army is voting like crazy.  Hanson stands no chance because Britney has such a big following…but I’m voting anyway.  Go vote here!

4. A couple nights this week it was really nice out, so we sat on our porch.  I love evenings out there. It’s dusk and dark, so I sit in my comfy chair with a blanket and we listen to the crickets and owls. It’s perfect.

5. We spent a couple nights without the TV on.  While we do have many shows we love, it’s been nice to have more conversation and quiet. I like it.

4 Years

March 13, 2010.

We chose that date based on it being the start of Spring Break week for the U of A.

We had been engaged for a few weeks when we chose that date, I think.  I had been accepted to attend U of A for grad school the next year, so we knew we would have to plan around that.  Originally (months before we got engaged…because I started thinking about our wedding then), I wanted a December 12 wedding during Christmas break.  But by the time we were engaged, two of our friends had gotten engaged and claimed that date.  So, we chose the next break in grad school life: Spring Break.

However, somewhere after planning so many things, the state of Arkansas declared by state legislation that all public schools would have the same Spring Break and they chose it to start March 20, not March 13.  I was devasted.

But we were too far into wedding planning to reschedule…so we pressed on with March 13 as the goal.

I wouldn’t change a thing about that day, except maybe working harder on my diet/weight loss before the big day. 🙂

Four years in, I would do it all over again.  There is no one I would rather share my every day with.  I love serving Tyler. I love when he surprises me.  I love cooking dinner together.  I love riding in the car together. I love when Garth Brooks comes on the radio and we sing as loud as our voices can handle. I love when he keeps my cold feet warm.  I love everything about life with him.

Sure, life isn’t perfect, and this last year has been our hardest yet with lots of life stresses. But, at the end of it all, I was so happy to be praying each night for our marriage, for my husband, for Tyler.  I am so thankful for what we have.  It isn’t perfect, but it’s grace filled.

Happy anniversary, Tyler. I love you bunches, oodles, gobs, and lots.  I’m glad I’m your bride.