On the Same Page…

For our anniversary, Tyler got me a really sweet,  thoughtful gift.
He did get me a pedastal for my washer (we have one for the dryer…but not for the washer.  It will make my laundry life so much easier to have them both raised!), and he got me a beautiful necklace that is a heart with a cross (its so dainty it was hard to take a picture of…take my word for it…its beautiful!)…but his most thoughtful gift was something for both of us.
He got us each a daily scripture/devotional calendar (like the one below).
 He said we could each put them where we could read them daily (his is on his nightstand…mine is in the closet because our bedroom is dark when I get up).  He said each day we would get a bite of God’s word and always be “on the same page” (get it, you flip the page each day?!).  I thought this was a super sweet thing of him to do to help grow our marriage, keep us connected to God, and connected to one another.
So thankful to be married to a Godly wonderful man!

Weekend Recap: Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

*warning: lots of pictures of our weekend!*
This weekend we went on a little anniversary getaway to Eureka Springs!  It is only 2 hours from home, so it is a perfect little weekend getaway!  We had a great time!  We left Friday after work and got to Eureka around 7ish.  We stayed at a precious Bed and Breakfast called the 5 Ojo Inn.  The owners were so hospitable and sweet!  We had a little cottage-y room.  We checked in and got ready for dinner!
I wore my wedding shoes!  I spent way too much on these little shoes for our wedding, so I wear them on our anniversary! (or at least last year I planned to, but it was too cold and I took them, but couldn’t bear freezing my toes!)
We walked a few blocks down the street to Ermilios for AMAZING Italian dinner!  We had to wait about 40-45 minutes but enjoyed a drink on the patio and talked and laughed! 
A sweet lady wanted us to take her and her husband’s picture, so she offered to take ours too…but it turned out blurry.  But we were all spiffed up.
After a DELICIOUS dinner, we walked back to the room and enjoyed a great night’s sleep in the sweet cottage! 
The next morning, the Inn owners treated us to a wonderful three course breakfast!  Fruit and creme with muffins, ham and cheese frittata and parmesean potatoes, and rum cake.  SO good.  Then we drove around Eureka.  We saw the Crescent Hotel, drove to an off-road park to check it out and saw the Thorncrown Chapel.  It is an architectural beauty of a glass chapel in the woods.  So beautiful!  My picture from my phone doesn’t do it justice! 
On our way back to town, we stopped at an antique store!  I found a Persimmon Fiesta bowl and this wonderful glass.  I used to LOVE watching Happy Days.  I had to take the Fonz home with me.
We walked and shopped around Eureka, then we went to the Garden Bistro for a yummy lunch.  Then we walked back to the main street and watched a bit of the St. Patty’s parade!  The funniest was the “free form marching band” playing Kazoos, seen here! 
After the parade (or rather during….there were like 5 minutes of nothing, so we thought the parade was over.  We walked to our car and headed out of downtown.  People were yelling at us that we broke into the parade.  Ooops.)  We went to Turpentine Creek for the afternoon.  Turpentine Creek is a wildlife refuge where they rescue exotic animals that are mistreated or not wanted anymore.  They had lots of animals that were inbred to be sold and had medical issues, or animals whose owners couldn’t handle them anymore.  They have over 100 animals including lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, ligers, and more!  It was so neat!  We were there in the active time in the afternoon and we stayed for the 5 pm feeding to hear them roar and growl for their food!
You get to stand pretty close to the cages and observe their behavior.  Really neat.  And we got a lil sunburn because it was all outside in the warm sun!
We went back to the room to change and freshen up, then we ate BBQ at Bubba’s!
Tyler LOVES ribs and he ate a whole rack!  I had a wonderful smoked pork chop that tasted like a ham steak.  I was a fan. 
We got tickets from Living Social for 2 for the price of 1 tickets to the Intrigue Theater show…so we checked it out Saturday night.  It was entertaining.  Honestly, the first half of the show was WAY better than the second half, but it was fun.  They did magic in the first half and then did “medium” stuff and tried to “talk to the dead” in the second half, but it seemed kinda fake and cheesy.  But still entertaining.
After another good sleep in the cottage, we had another delicious three course breakfast!  Fruit with a sweet fruit sauce, cinnamon pancakes and pepper bacon and chocolate amaretto cake.  We were full and happy.
We drove to Bentonville and stopped at Crystal Bridges Museum.  It is a free museum (thanks to a donation from Walmart admission is free!) full of American art ranging from colonial art to modern art and some really interesting pieces.  We really loved walking around.
This was a “Last Supper” done in spools of thread upside down.  There is a little glass sphere that you look through that flips the artwork.  So cool.
The Museum itself is artwork with its cool design.  It is in the middle of the woods on a beautiful track of land with a gorgeous pond.  I want to go on another day and walk the art trails!  There are lots of trails with sculptures outdoors with God’s artwork!
I really loved seeing this Andy Warhol painting of Dolly Parton.  Love me some Dolly.
On the way home, we stopped to look at a 68 Mustang.  Tyler has been wanting a vintage Mustang and we had already looked at this one before.  It was just about 30 minutes out of our way.  Well, he fell in love with it and we ended up buying it!  Yup…this is our new car!  


We ate dinner at HuHot in Fayetteville and then drove home.  I hung up my artwork I bought last weekend at the antique show and put up my new Easter plates!
Now we are just chilling and resting and preparing for a fun week!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Our little adventure was wonderful!

Two Years Ago I was a Bride…

Two years ago was the most fun, best day of my life.  I have posted details about that day here and here
Wedding day, just after our first look!  (hello 35 pound heavier Brittney!  You were a happy, beautiful bride….but ya could have laid off the fast food! ha!)
Our wedding was everything I ever wanted, but much, much more than that…being married to Tyler is more than everything I ever wanted.
I have to admit, we have had two pretty great years.  They were no problem free.  We married my second semester of grad school.  He was patient as I spent nights and weekends in the library writing papers, working on my thesis, and reading.  He put up with lots of bring home dinners when I got out of class at 8 p.m. a couple nights a week.  He worked in Fort Smith while we lived in Fayetteville…and the stress of an hour commute both ways really wore him down.  I had to learn (quickly) how to encourage and lift up my husband as he was pretty defeated from driving, working all day, and then driving home.  
Exited the church in a sea of friends, family and bubbles!
But these two years have been overwhelmingly great.  We were blessed to get into a cheap but bigger apartment June after we got married.  It was only $15 a month more than our tiny one bedroom, but had a better location and more room.  We were blessed to buy our 20 acres before our first anniversary and start building our dream home.  We were blessed that Tyler’s business is strong (the economy has affected business, but it is still successful and making money).  We were blessed that before I even graduated from grad school I had a great job.  We were blessed for our house to be completed just as our lease in Fayetteville was up…so we didn’t have to store our stuff or live out of my MIL’s house. 
We were blessed to get our Mikey, the most fun dog we could ever want!  We are blessed for this new job of mine and the opportunity it brings.
Walking down the aisle as husband and wife after the ceremony.  Walking to our future together!
We have learned so much about each other, about living together, about serving one another.  We are most blessed to have one another.

Tyler, thank you for asking me to be your bride.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally (even when I make messes, carelessly step on your feet, or burn dinner).  Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me, and always listening to me.  I can’t wait to see what the next years hold for us!  I am so thankful and blessed to be your wife!  Happy 2nd anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

!We had a really great anniversary weekend last weekend. Funny enough, we spent Saturday doing separate things. Tyler went on a motorcycle ride with the men’s ministry at church and I went shopping, lunch, and movies with friends. So we waited until Sunday, our actual anniversary to celebrate.

On Saturday evening, we did open the gifts from our parents. (I can’t find my camera card reader…so you are getting mostly stock photos. Sorry)

My mom gave us a beautiful, personalized family bible. It has really neat places to record our family history, including family and events. We love it.

Tyler’s mom gave us a GREAT ceramic dutch oven pot. I can’t wait to make something with this bad boy!

On Sunday, we slept in, I made him waffles for breakfast and we spent a lazy morning watching MythBusters (romantic, I know.)

I gave Tyler his gift…a membership to the hot sauce of the month club! He was so excited and we tried the first sauce- Gringo Bandito. Very hot, vinegary and flavorful.

Then he told me that one of my gifts was on its way, and the other we had to go get.

So we got ready and left. We ended up at the nice outdoor mall in Rogers and he told me he was taking me shopping for my gift! 🙂 (This boy sure does know the way to my heart!)

I got a beautiful purple tunic from Francesca’s (one of my favorite stores) Mine is more purpley than the picture shows…, some jewelry from Forever 21, and a new Vera Bradley hard wallet that I’m in love with.
Then we went to PF Changs for dinner. PF Changs was were we first hung out and the sparks started flying. It was fun to revisit it on our anniversary and reminisce over our entire relationship, from that first night at PF Changs in college, to now. We ate way too much food (They have this great PF Changs for 2 option with soup, appetizer, 2 entrees and 2 little dessert shooters. Not so great for the diet, but it was a celebratory occasion, and well worth it. So good.)

This was us outside after dinner. We clean up pretty good.

We had a great time together, even though we didn’t do anything extravagant. It was fun to spend time hand in hand walking around the mall, it was fun trying on clothes and modeling and enjoying a wonderful meal together.

Then we came home and watched our wedding video. It was so fun to remember that great day and I cried when I watched our ceremony. It brought back all those happy feelings and the expectation of what was to come. I am so happy that our first year of marriage did not disappoint. We are living those big dreams we had on our wedding day. We love each other, we have jobs that make us happy, we bought our dream land and are building our home together, and we can’t wait to see what will come in the next year!