Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

My sweet friend Amber is getting married soon, so we headed to Hot Springs to celebrate her.

We gathered at one of the bridesmaid’s family’s condo on a Friday night and hung out.

Then I enjoyed a mimosa watching the sun come up over the lake.


We made breakfast and then made Amber wear an obnoxious veil to the nail salon.


Everyone got pedicures (well, not me. I had just gotten one, so I got my nails done) and I was SO HAPPY at the nail salon. It’s the same place I used to go in high school and college, and they remembered me and were SO nice to me. Filled my love tank.


We went back and had lunch at the condo then we walked around downtown for some shopping.

We did a wine tasting at the winery and that was fun!


We came back and got all fancy for dinner.

I loved the big champagne balloon. And anytime I can wear sequins, I’m going to.


We took some self-timer pics on the patio.


OBU friends/Tri Chi sisters.


Hanson friends. 🙂


We went out to eat and enjoyed ourselves, then we came back and did some fun games.

Sunday morning, we all decided to be bummy and went for a casual breakfast. But not before a silly picture on the porch.


Can’t wait to celebrate Amber and Damion in a few weeks!

Weekend/Ice Storm Recap

So…I spent the weekend with Alden and her wedding party.  We were celebrating Alden’s “last fling before the ring” at her Papaw’s lake house in Greer’s Ferry.  We had a WONDERFUL time.  Lots of games, fun, movies, spa time, laughter…but at the end of the day….”What happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party” so I can’t say much more. 😉
I got home Sunday just in time before we got TONS of sleet/ice/snow.  I had taken Monday off work anyway, so I didn’t have to worry about going in to work.  We did some sprucing up at home.
I put copper decals from Walls Need Love up in my guest bathroom.  (Funny story: Tyler thought I was doing the WHOLE bathroom, not just a wall in the potty stall.  He didn’t fight me because I said the decals were removable.  Talk about too much of a good thing! ha!)
I also bought an easy stripe kit from them.  So far, the little stripe fell off…but I think the wall may have still been damp from wiping it off. I’m gonna put another stripe up and see.
I worked from home this morning and came to town to work at work this afternoon and teach Zumba.  Our little town hadn’t done anything to treat the roads…so until I got to town, the roads were totally ice covered.
I hope you had a good weekend!

“Celebrating My Singleness”

Last night, all these lovely ladies came out to celebrate my singleness. My bachelorette party was so much fun. We ate at PF Changs for dinner first. Our poor sweet male waiter thought we were so funny. We laughed and squealed and were so loud all night. You should have seen everyone as they came in. I haven’t seen most of these girls in a while so it was (very high pitched shriek) OMG Hi sweetie! I’ve missed you! So glad to see you! (followed by hugs and more squeals). So fun.

After dinner, we all read our fortune cookies, and for some bachelorette fun, added the phrase “in bed” to the end. The best one of the night: endurance and persistence will be rewarded (in bed). Much laughter ensued after we read each one.
Then we went down to the River Market and went to Willy Ds. Its my favorite bar/club/dance spot and we had a good time. I had on my sash/crown/shot glass necklace combo and a guy bought our first round of drinks as a “wedding gift” haha. Of course, only us OBU grads imbibed, as those still students are not allowed. They were good girls.
We danced and had so much fun.
We were planning on staying till closing time at 2, but at about quarter to 1, the lights came on the the music stopped. They made everyone leave. This was our sad faces that we had to leave early. But the night was so fun! I love these girls and am so thankful they love me enough to come out and celebrate with me!