More than I can ask or imagine

More than I can ask or imagine

Last night was the first night of our Spring Wednesday Bible studies. It was also my first night leading a class.


You read that right. I’m leading a class this semester.  We are going to do the study “Fight Back with Joy” and while I feel totally inadequate to teach, I felt like I needed this study and other women probably did too.

So I went on faith.  Faith that God would give me the ability to lead this class.  Faith that God would bring in the people who needed this study.

I prayed.  And while I worried that no one would show (we have several studies going on at the same time…so people go where they want.  Sometimes classes are big, sometimes they’re small), God gave me assurance.  So I prayed and felt at peace that I’d have 5 or so people in class.  But I was buying craft supplies for an activity during our first class and bought what felt like WAY too much.  We were making party hats, and I grabbed a pack of 20 hats instead of the smaller 8 pack.

And boy did God do more than I could ask or imagine!  We had 18 women in class last night!

And a few more might be coming next week! We had to grab chairs from another room to hold everyone.

I say that not to brag.  This isn’t about me. It’s about the study. I think we women need to learn how to use joy as a weapon against the tough stuff in life. And I can’t wait to grow together with these ladies.

Aren’t we cute in our party hats?!



Life This Week

Life This Week

Here are this week’s highlights:


I think I’ve been voluntold to teach a Bible study next semester at church. ha! I was texting my pastor’s wife (who is in charge of the women’s ministry) about a book I’m loving…and I asked her if anyone was teaching the study next semester.  She responded with “You are!”  ha!  So I ordered the book to look over and borrowed the DVDs to check out.  The study is “Fight Back with Joy” (and you better believe if I teach it that I will blog about it!). I love the scripture memory verses in the back of the book including the first one from Psalm 16. 

On Monday night, we had a Christmas date. We went to dinner after work and ran a couple errands…and then we went to one of my favorite things: Creekmore Park.  This park in town gets decked out in Christmas lights. It’s free to walk around the trail and see the lights.  It was a great night for this- not too cold.  Because of that, it was BUSY.  There is also a train that costs just 25 cents to ride- and it takes you around the park.  The Rotary Club was giving out free hot cider- which was a nice treat, too!


Pippin is CRAZY.  He is 100% my dog.  This pup wants to be with me, sitting on me, being near me ALL THE TIME.  He will even sit on my shoulders like a parrot. I love it.

I love our Christmas Tree. That is all.

And in Pippin fashion, he joined me VERY CLOSELY as I did my Bible study the other morning. In case you can’t tell, he is laying his head on my tummy in between my book and my Bible. ha!


How has YOUR week been?  Any fun Christmas things going on?

Starting Seamless

Starting Seamless

Last night was our first night back to Wednesday night Bible study at church.  Our church’s Wednesday nights are focused on smaller group studies.  There is a larger senior adult study, and a men’s study that meets at tables (where each table is a sort of small group) and then the women break up into different book studies.

I chose to do the Seamless study by Angie Smith.  I’ve loved Angie for a long time through her blog…and I was excited to do the study.  I wasn’t sure who else would be in the class as most of my close friends at church were headed different places.


But I knew this is where I needed to be.  It’s a Bible study all about making the stories of the Bible tie together seamlessly.  It will make connections between the Old and New Testaments and weave a thread through the entire thing.  I am excited about learning.

And after last night, I’m excited about this group of women.  It’s a group where I mostly don’t know people…and a few I know in passing.  We have new moms, moms with teens, moms with grown kids (I’m the only one without children in there! ha!), a widow, those caring for sick parents and grandparents….a very diverse group. And I can already tell that God brought us all together to learn from each other and to learn together. It’s gonna be a good semester.


How I Plan to Stay Accountable to Bible Study in 2015

How I Plan to Stay Accountable to Bible Study in 2015


I’ve never been much of a journaler. But I like the accountability of writing something down each day as a part of my Bible study.  I like referencing a verse, leaving a note or a prayer.  But there was always something intimidating about a huge blank journal page.


So I bought a planner.  And I’m filling in each day with Bible study notes instead of plans.  And I’m loving it.  It’s just enough room to leave a Bible verse reference and a few thoughts.

As far as the actual plan, at the moment, I’m using the She Reads Truth app. I like it, but I might want to do more of a topical study on prayer later.  I’m open to suggestions if you know of any great prayer studies.  It’s an area of my spiritual life where I could use some growth.


So there you have it.  My planner is going to be my Bible study journal this year.