Her Actual Second Birthday

Her Actual Second Birthday

Remington turned two on a Monday, so we had work/school…but we still had some fun!

She had a special birthday shirt to wear! “It took me 2 years to be this awesome” and she gave me some personality before school showing me her shirt. (Also, side note: I typically don’t send her to school wearing bows…it’s just that I don’t want her teachers to have to keep up with them. But this rainbow bow looked too cute and festive!)

She shared frosted cookies with her friends at school and then after school we took her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun!

Chuck E was dancing and handing out tickets when we got there and she loved hugging him!

We played some games, but she’s most excited about the rides.

We had pizza and salads and played until it was time to go.  I can’t believe our sweet girl is TWO!  I’ll post her two year update soon to give a snapshot of what she’s like now.


But she had a FANTASTIC birthday “season.”  She totally understands the happy birthday concept and enjoyed herself.

Sesame Street Second Birthday

Sesame Street Second Birthday

I always love recapping the details of a party because I find other’s posts online SO HELPFUL when looking for ideas.  I mean, this party is far from “Pinterest worthy” but it was fun and (I think) looked cute!

I had initially bought these banners to hang, but we were not allowed to attach anything to the walls or ceilings, so I mounted them on cardboard and we propped them up against the walls.

We served food- in this picture: hot dogs (Mr. Hooper’s Hot Dogs), goldfish (Dorothy’s goldfish), and pasta salad (Mr. Noodle’s pasta salad).  You can also kind of see the ducky straw cups I got from Oriental Trading.  They were a hit with the kids and adults alike.

We have favors that were finger paint pouches and sunglasses.  The tag said: This party was brought to you by the letter R and the number 2! Hope you had fun! Thank you for coming!

I made Rubber Ducky Punch- blue raspberry Hawaiian punch and Sprite topped with marshmallows for the bubbles!

I took a plastic pumpkin from Michael’s and sprayed it with primer and blue spray paint…glued on styrofoam balls and black paper circles and we had a Cookie Monster!  The kids loved grabbing cookies out of his mouth.

I made Monster fruit, veggie and cheese trays.  They were a little prettier before the drive to town…

I made Bert out of pineapple, blackberries and a clementine.  His eyes are yogurt and blueberries

Big Bird was cheese cubes, carrots and ranch with olives for eyes.

And Elmo was strawberries, a clementine and blueberries with yogurt and blueberry eyes.  (his blueberries got a little crazy on the drive!)

This was our fun display!  I got the personalized sign from Zulily months ago.   The paper cut outs on sticks were from Etsy.

I had this banner made from Vistaprint and it was perfect for our cupcakes.  We just did rainbow cupcakes with Sesame Street picks I found on Amazon.

These paper lanterns were meant to be hung, but we couldn’t hang anything in our room.  So I cut off the strings and glued them to a piece of plastic for the base.

And the felt balls were from Jane.com months ago. Again, I wanted to hang them, but couldn’t, so they made cute table decorations.

This was our entire set up.  The red bucket is full of water bottles on ice.

The gifts went on the same table as the favors and I moved a chair over there for Remi to open gifts.


It was so fun and perfect for our sweet two year old!

Remi’s Second Birthday Party

Remi’s Second Birthday Party

So yesterday you saw the setup, so today let’s look back at the party!

We rented a room at the park (I was worried about rain and didn’t want to use a pavilion outside) and set up a fun party. Remi girl LOVED it all.

We invited some of her sweet little friends- and it turned out all girls showed up. A fun little girl gang.

Remi and Amelia were first, and they were drinking their ducky punch and coloring.

When everyone got there, we had snacks, punch and cupcakes.  We didn’t do a big cake- Remi hasn’t loved the candle part of birthday cakes…so we just sang to her when she ate her cupcake.

I played some kids songs, and Remi entertained us with her dancing.  This was (of course) Baby Shark.

We helped her open her gifts, and so did several of her friends.  (Side note: I was SO PROUD of how she was sharing her presents right away.  She didn’t fuss at them helping open presents. She was only territorial over her bike.)

As soon as something was opened, she wanted Dada to “cut it up” and open it.  So we started throwing things back in the floor and had an impromptu play session with the new baby dolls and play doh! The girls were SO FUN.

While she opened presents, Carl (my Nene’s friend) made balloon animals.  He has done some clowning, so he’s a pro!  The littles and even some adults enjoyed the balloons!

At one point, Remi climbed up on this stack of tables, and the other girls quickly followed.  They jumped and danced and had the best time up here stomping around.

After presents, we headed outside to ride the train! This park has a free train, and the kids (and the adults) LOVED it!  Remi DID NOT want to sit by me, she wanted back by her little friends. (Shoutout to Avery and Lyla’s moms for sitting behind them and making sure they stayed put!).

After our train ride, the girls all played at the park!  Swinging, sliding and jumping. LOTS of fun.

After a bit, all the little friends went their respective ways, and the family stayed to help us clean up.  We got pics with Remi and her family!

We love Kelsey and Brad!

Remi is a big PawPaw fan! (He’s her great grandpa)  She wanted him to sit at her table during the party.

And our Gordon clan came to party! We were so glad they came up from Hot Springs. She loves her “Gabby” (Gavvy, Gavin), Mr. D, Auntie, “Wuke” (Luke), and KK (Caitlyn).

And Nene (Remi’s great grandma) was there too! Remi loved giving hugs to everyone!


It was so fun to watch Remi interact with her friends and enjoy the fun.

Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

I’m now officially in my 30s, instead of “being 30.”  Hello 31.

It was a great ride into a new year!  It started the weekend before with a WONDERFUL brunch at Jeff’s Club House.  I was initially wanting to meet a bunch of girl friends, but that weekend was somehow busy for most people (vacations, ball tournaments, etc). But that’s ok- I got to spend it with some amazing people- my mom, Remi, Tyler and my bestie Brandy.

Candid shot that mom will likely kill me for, but it was so funny to watch Remi eat this yogurt parfait like a big kid.

Brandy was so sweet to join us! I’m so thankful for her friendship!

And momma drove me so I could indulge in some mimosas at brunch. (Side note: locals- don’t miss the Saturday brunch at Jeff’s! SO GOOD)

It was precious how happy Remi was to see Dada during the day!

My actual birthday was on a Tuesday- so I had to work. But my sweet coworkers decorated my cubicle, gave me a sweet gift and took me for snowcones (my fave!) (Side note: after years of being loyal to coconut with cream, I have a new favorite.  Butterbeer: butterscotch and cream soda with cream. YUM)

I went to 9Round after work for my birthday burpees and a workout, then to mom’s for a cookout with the family. Tyler got me this GIANT pool float, which was perfect.

We ate ribs and pie (my request instead of cake), and had a great time. Tyler’s cousins and grandpa even came over- which was so sweet to watch Remi play with everybody in the pool. She loved it!

It was a great start to 31!