Remington’s First Birthday

Remington’s First Birthday

We had a BLAST for Remi’s first birthday.

I wanted pictures of the day, but I also wanted to enjoy it, because let’s be honest, first birthdays are for mommas. So my sweet photographer friend Jade took pictures for us.

Remi took THE LONGEST nap that afternoon and I had to wake her up to get ready for the party!

She was so happy!


All of her favorite people were there! She loved visiting with everyone.1W0A5246

We started with gifts. She was very interested in the paper.1W0A52791W0A5291

We had a circus theme. So fun! We have a circus nursery and we had three carnival baby showers, so this was my turn to throw a circus party!

1W0A5239 - Copy1W0A5236 - Copy1W0A5230 - Copy1W0A5228 - Copy

I love this picture of her. Sums up her sweet silly personality!


We asked people to bring the bigger gifts put together so she could already play with. She LOVED this ride on giraffe.1W0A5367 - Copy

She got a piano, and sweet Ella was helping her play it.1W0A5397 - Copy

Momma and daddy got her this princess carriage. She loved riding it around the house!1W0A5437 - Copy

This was our whole gang. So thankful for these family and friends!1W0A5461 - Copy1W0A5474

Then it was cake time. SO much fun!1W0A55591W0A5629

We are so blessed with this happy, silly, easy-going adventurous girl in our lives. Happy birthday, baby girl!

My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

I’ll be really honest- I tried to make my own birthday plans this year. I’m big on birthdays, and it seems like plans get thrown together at the last minute and I didn’t want that. But then nothing came together.  Tried to get friends together for a fun day- but the time/date didn’t work.  Tried to plan a spa day, but my masseuse cancelled at the last minute. So I kind of had no plans, which was a bit disappointing.

Mom took me shopping Saturday and tried to brighten my day, but I was in a bit of a cranky mood.  Tyler and I were going out to eat that night, so I was looking forward to that. We left Remi at home with Gigi and headed out.

I asked for a progressive dinner, so we started at Rolandos. We had guacamole and margarita, but I felt like he was oddly rushing me.  We weren’t in a hurry…what was his deal?

Well, his deal was that our next stop was my surprise party! A room full of friends and family were waiting on us and they got me good! I cried happy tears.

Amber had come in from Memphis just for this (so sneaky! She told me she had a training in NWA when we had lunch earlier that day. I thought she was headed back to Memphis).

Remi was supposed to be home with Gigi…but she was there too!

We had a fun dinner and then delish cake!

We got to meet sweet Ella- our friend’s baby. But they moved to Tulsa right after she was born.

I call this the calm before the storm because on Monday, all hell broke lose. On my actual birthday, I woke up at 1 a.m. nauseous. I got sick later and was sick ALL day. Tyler was sick too, and it turns out we all got it from the party. I don’t think it was food poisoning (it took too long to come on) but 11/20 people from the party were sick (so far…I hope no one else falls victim). I missed out on my work party. My people were planning an AMAZING VIP party complete with a burrito bar and a delicious cake. But I was stuck in bed trying not to die.  They did send me pics of virtual Brittney enjoying herself! 18920331_10100116298015463_1850892596052673571_n.jpg

I just know that 30 can only go up from here!

30 Things about Me for my 30th Birthday

30 Things about Me for my 30th Birthday

I turn 30 today.

It feels a bit momentous, but I’m excited.

I feel like my 20s were a dress rehearsal and now the show is on. I’ll be honest, there were some hard times in the last few years….but I’m happy and in a great place now. I’m excited to see what this time in my life brings.

To celebrate (inspired by Sheila Gregoire), I’m sharing 30 things about me in honor of my 30th birthday.

  1. My parents are 30 years apart in age. It made for interesting parenting. Dad grew up chopping cotton for 25 cents, mom grew up riding the bus around Chicago. But I appreciate having the different views. And they totally showed me that age is just a number. (This was them years ago. Sadly, dad is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s)
  2. My favorite movies (tied) are the Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  3. I taught public speaking in graduate school (I was a Communication student) and have zero fear of speaking in public.
  4. I performed in Branson for several years. If you don’t know Branson, it’s a town in Missouri with a bunch of shows and theme parks (an Ozarks vacation destination). It was super fun, but it also gave me a “I crave applause” complex that I had to work hard to undo.63830_639938826123_1657137010_n.jpg
  5. My favorite food is chips and queso. I can make a meal of it (especially if it’s queso with chorizo!) and I have no self-control with it. “How do you stop eating chips and queso? Do they run out or do you die or what?”
  6. I love being active, but that’s new-ish.  Growing up, I danced (which was active) but I HATED being sweaty or playing sports. In grad school, I had a great friend who encouraged me to workout for stress relief. We would attend classes together, tried running together, and she showed me that I have a love for a good sweat session and feeling sore. I actually owe a lot to her for that, so thanks Laveda! (she’s in the middle at my first Zumbathon!)
  7. I’ve always had dogs for pets. We have had many dogs over the years (and some other animals thrown in there too – cats, a horse, small animals that didn’t have long lives like guinea pigs and birds). Other than my first year in grad school, I’ve always had a dog in the home.
  8. I love going to concerts. My favorites are Hanson (if you’ve been around here for a hot minute you know that) so I like smaller intimate venues best. But I do love an arena show too.
  9. I was in a “social club” in college.  Our school didn’t have national sororities, but we had our own clubs. I was a Tri Chi (yes…XXX…we wore TC because nowadays XXX has a bad connotation ha!). Some of my best friends and best memories came from being a part of that group.10400898_511380787463_5192_n.jpg
  10. I took the ACT 7 times to get the score I wanted.  I wanted a score high enough to give me a full scholarship and I did it on the 7th try.
  11. I took like 12 years of clogging. It’s a fun style of dance, but that’s probably why I’m not graceful. It’s not a graceful dance- it’s more clunky.
  12. I have only been out of the country to places in the Carribean (Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica).
  13. I would love to go to Europe and Israel someday.
  14. I don’t like raw tomatoes. I can eat them on tacos or burgers…but not in salads or by themselves.
  15. I’ve had my gallbladder and wisdom teeth removed.
  16. I very much dislike going to the dentist. However, I have “soft teeth” (so I’ve been told) so I need fillings often…so I have to go.  I usually ask for laughing gas if I have to have a filling- which makes me feel like a kid asking for it.
  17. Cruises are my favorite type of vacation. Everything is included so you don’t have to think about plans. There are plenty of activities. You can choose to relax or be active. The food is GREAT. I can’t wait to go on another cruise (probably Alaska for our 10 year anniversary).
  18. I am NOT a daredevil. I don’t really even like tubing on the lake. I prefer relaxing activities to things that seem dangerous. I will ride the jet ski, but only if I’m driving.
  19. My only overnight hospital stay was when I gave birth (and I was there for 4 freaking nights- 2 in labor and 2 after).
  20. New York City is my favorite place to visit, even though I’ve been 8 times. There is so much to explore and do…and I LOVE Broadway musicals. There are some great shows out this season, and I’m a little sad I won’t see them in NYC. I can’t wait to take Remi someday!
  21. I prefer salty snacks to sweet snacks. Give me chips or cheese or crackers and dip over cookies.
  22. My favorite Girl Scout cookie is a Samoa.
  23. I could watch the Food Network all day long. It doesn’t make me hungry (usually) but I love watching other people cook and learning techniques and recipes.
  24. I worked two summers at a kid’s camp. My most valuable lesson was how to get ready in like 20 minutes, since I preferred sleep over a long shower. 1928983_504270985563_2668_n.jpg
  25. I think my love language are naps…but not a quick nap. At least an hour. 2.5 is ideal.
  26. We got married on the 13th, and a lot of people said it was bad luck.
  27. We had glow sticks at our wedding. I wanted a party. Does this picture look like a rave or a wedding reception? It’s our wedding!28901_533379896073_2309473_n.jpg
  28.  I would move to Northwest Arkansas or Tulsa in a heartbeat. I love where I live…but I also love a bigger city. My husband, on the other hand, loves having land and living in the country.
  29. Instagram is my favorite app.
  30. I got to go on a free-sailing hot air balloon ride back in 2011. It was random (I worked for a car dealership who was sponsoring one of Tyler’s cousins endeavors. She was supposed to take a Make A Wish kid up, but he was too sick. So last minute, she asked if I wanted to go since I was a business connection and family.) It was one of the neatest things I’ve ever done. And I was scared to death the entire time. ha!293427_578888147173_1541057470_n.jpg

So there ya go. 30 things about me to celebrate turning 30! Tell me something fun about you!

I’ll be back later this week with my 30 Before 30 recap!

Birthday Weekend Recap

Birthday Weekend Recap

We had a jam-packed weekend with birthday fun! Well, it wasn’t all entirely birthday-related, but it was all fun!

We started Friday evening at the rodeo. Our rodeo here is a BIG deal. People come from all over the country to participate. It’s so fun. Mom had never been to a legit rodeo, so she came along for her first one! We were there with Tyler’s mom, uncle, and some of their friends as well.

Saturday  was fun. I slept in (thankfully until after 9!) and then got ready to meet Amy and Rachel. We went downtown to Savoy tea and had a little tea party!  We couldn’t decide on which tea to get, so we each got 2 different ones, and we all sampled each others tea. And lunch was SO good.

After lunch, I met mom for some shopping. After shopping, we had about an hour before we needed to get ready, so we spent it lounging at the lake. The water was a little cold, but it was sunny and beautiful out.

After the lake, we got ready and headed to Fuji for birthday dinner with Tyler’s family. I told Tyler all I wanted was to get together with family.

ME and my momma (in her new outfit!)

Mom got me a YUMMY Italian creme cake for my birthday! And the servers sang me a song and made me do a dance. SO fun!

Thankful for Tyler’s family and how they’ve just embraced me and mom over the years. Glad we can all just be family together.

Sunday was all about church, then mom and Nancy and I went to my fave Mexican food. Then we got our nails done!

That afternoon, I got to take advantage of my new birthday present from Tyler- a gas grill! He had it all put together and set up for me on Friday evening. And we had some friends over Sunday night to cook and hang out.

Our new, bigger deck is completed (except it needs to be stained…we are waiting for all the rain to stop!)

Pip loves the new deck! He just goes out and lays down.

We were partying until after 10 pm (which is WAY past our bedtimes since Tyler gets up so early for work)…and had a great weekend.

How was your weekend?