Mini Family Reunion

On Wednesday, my house was invaded.  But it was a good invasion.
My sisters flew into town to hang out with Dad this week…so on Wednesday, they all trekked to our house. Mom, Dad, my two sisters, brother, sis-in-law…and my aunt and uncle met them at my house.
We celebrated Dad’s birthday with some cake…
Happy 77th Dad!
Visited, told stories, laughed….
Me and my SIL, Penny.  She is laughing her way through breast cancer (and beating it like a boss).  
Mom, Dad, and Me
Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry brought Dad a 9 foot cotton sack.  Daddy used to pick cotton, and he said as a kid he could carry a 12 foot sack!  They would pick cotton and fill up these HUGE sacks.  Crazy!

I haven’t seen my sisters since our wedding (almost 3 years ago) and it was about 1.5 years since I had seen Aunt Bobby.  It was FABULOUS to all be together again.
  My siblings are “half siblings” as we are all only related by my dad (he had 4 marriages…and a kid in each one!), but we share so many common threads and memories.  It is fun to get together.
Brother (Roy), me, Dad, Paula, Aunt Bobby, and Christie
They are all much closer in age, so they are a bit closer to one another….I’m the bratty kid sister that came along when they were teens and adults! ha! 
Dad with his kids- oldest to youngest.
But we love each other just the same. 
The whole family!
I am so blessed by my family!

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella, or Tent?

Yesterday I was supposed to help with a Zumbathon for a local cancer support house.  It was planned to be on their Tennis Courts.  And it rained.  And we danced anyway!
Luckily, it wasn’t pouring, but it was raining enough to make it cold and wet.  But we had fun anyway!
Inbetween songs, we hid under the tent to stay dry!
Sunny, Tatiana, and Candyce
Maureen, Me, Tina, and Kristen
 I am so blessed by these ladies.  I thought when I started doing Zumba that I would make friends with my students (which I have) but these ladies are a big blessing.  We have a local instructors group and they are ladies I now call my friends.  We support each other, defend each other, and just have fun together!
I am thankful for them!
All dancing together!
After the Zumbathon, they took me out for my first birthday celebration (my bday is Tuesday!).  They got me cupcakes, a few gifts, and made me feel special.  They even had the waiters sing to me!  We laughed so hard and I am so thankful for them!


I honestly think I got sick so I would take a little time to stop and rest. AsAnd let me tell you, two days of resting and napping were fabulous. As strange as it sounds, being sick was a blessing. I am feeling much better (just a little lingering cough). Yesterday when I ventured out to Walmart to get some medicine and necessities, I got a little blessing in my day.
I went through Zaxby’s to get some lunch (not exactly on my diet, but when you are sick, you eat what sounds good…and Zaxby’s sounded good). Well, I got up to the window to pay and get my food…and the lady told me their register was broken, so my food was on the house (aka FREE!). I was so excited! We aren’t broke or anything…but we are watching money now that we have land payments on top of rent and everything. And just saving that $10 was such a blessing to me!!
One other blessing is the progress on our house. I will have pictures soon (hopefully we can make it out there to see the progress). But there is a concrete floor now…and they are working on framing it this week. It is coming right along now! We don’t have a finish date or anything since Dad is just working as he can with the weather and his crew…but they are making awesome progress! So wonderful!
How have you been blessed lately? Gotta remember where all those little blessings come from…praise be to the Lord! 🙂


I got the job offer today!!!

They are going to work with me part time and in May I will be full time!

I feel so blessed. I cried when I got off the phone with everyone (Tyler, mom, etc.) because my biggest worry at the moment was finding a job that I would love after I graduate. Well, I will graduate WITH a job, and I am just so grateful. This opportunity just fell into my lap…and my the grace of God, it all worked out.

My life is going to be quite crazy….but I can do it. It will only be 6-7 months of really crazy…and it took me more crazy months than that to plan my wedding! ha!

It is just amazing how God works. He knew that was my biggest worry, and He put it to rest. Last night, as I was laying in bed, I had 10 million thoughts in my head about everything I will be doing once I take this job. I just prayed that Satan would get out of my head and God would give me peace…and I seriously had this feeling of “Stress is optional. This is a chance for you to become more responsible and stay on top of things….and depend on Me.” And so that is what I intend on doing.

I will start the job in 2 weeks…and I can’t wait!

PS. The job (in case you missed me talking about it earlier) is Digital Marketing Manager for a car dealership. They carry 3 brands, do used sales, and are expanding next year. Big plans!