Mega Christmas Post

Mega Christmas Post

Instead of splitting it all up, here’s the big, mega, Christmas extravaganza.

It started a few days before when Remi had pajama day at school. That morning, she got to open her first present – a Tickle Me Elmo from my aunt and uncle. She was pretty excited, and she got the hang of “tickling” him pretty quick.

The last day before Christmas break, she wore her sweet Santa outfit to school.

And we got to go see Grandpa at his Christmas party.  She loved crawling on him and patting his arm. It was so sweet.  He loved it!

Dad was in an amazing happy laughing mood- which was so good. We laughed until he almost cried.

A couple days before Christmas, we got her playroom started.  It’s not perfect- we have stuff piled on the guest bed in there. But she got her table and chairs and LOVED sitting there and playing.

Another highlight- Gransy and Popsy (one of my friend’s parents- we go to church with them and they are PRECIOUS) stopped by with a Christmas gift for Remi. I LOVE having all of these amazing people loving on our girl.

We baked Christmas cookies together. I got these matching aprons last Christmas, and it was still too big for her to walk around wearing, but she liked it.  And she loved the cookie process way more than I thought she would.

Christmas Eve, we headed to church in the morning.  It was cold and drizzly…and of course, Remi ran into the driveway and sat down on the wet concrete (face palm).

There was no childcare, so she sat in the service with me.  She did pretty great, thanks to 100 puffs.

After the service, we went to lunch and met up with Tyler on his lunch break, which is always great.

We had naps and then got ready for evening service – the candlelight service.  Looking adorable.

We always do candlelight service with Tyler’s family, so Remi had lots of people to go to.  My favorite was getting to take her on the stage during the kid’s time. She did great.

Tyler met us at church right after work.

We did Christmas Eve dinner with Ty’s family at Nancy’s. We did baked potato bar, and Remi WENT TO TOWN on the guacamole.

Christmas morning was fun.  Yummy breakfast and new toys!  She got a play kitchen and loved it.

Gigi got her a sled, so she was getting pulled all over the house.

She also got a slide from us! She LOVES it.

We had a low key day.  Playing, resting and eating.  Mom and Nancy were there.

And we were so glad Daddy took the day off work to be there all day.

And in the afternoon, Grandpa showed up to play. Lots of fun!

So that was alllllll of Christmas. Hope you all had a merry holiday as well!

Merry Christmas from Our Family

Merry Christmas from Our Family

I say this every year, but I mean it. I LOVE getting Christmas cards. I love seeing what our friends and their families have been up to. I wish we could send you all a card, but here is our 2017 Christmas card! Merry Christmas!

preview.jpgpreview (1).jpg

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

A few random Christmas memories.

Remi can’t get to our tree because I have it guarded in a baby playpen. But she had free reign with Grammy’s tree and was SO cute looking at the ornaments. These are ornaments I grew up with and remember putting on the trees as a kid, so it was fun to watch her play with them.

I also LOVED this sweet gingerbread girl! That smile kills me. She’s the best.

Meeting Santa

Meeting Santa

Good news! She’s on the Nice List! Her first Santa visit this year went well. She liked him and Mrs. Clause. In fact, they played some music and all danced (Santa had some robot moves, y’all)

But her second Santa meeting at school wasn’t as great. She recovered quickly (according to her teachers) but I’m sort of secretly glad to have a crying Santa pic. I think they are classic.

Have you seen Santa yet? Did you make the Nice List?