Weekend Before Christmas

Weekend Before Christmas

The weekend before Christmas was great. We were all off work and enjoying each other!

We started with our church’s candlelight service. There’s no child care, so we are all in service together, which is (stressful, but) nice.

Had to snag a pic before church. I love our little family.


And Remi with her grandmas. She is so loved!


This is last year’s Christmas dress. We were “behind” on wearing all of her Christmas pretties because she was sick for a week. but I just love this dress and wanted her to wear it.


She loves being on stage (guilty: she’s totally my child), and during the greeting, she went right up to say hi to everyone. So after the service, she went up to sing. It was precious.


And then we went to Hot Springs after church…and very appropriately, for family Christmas, she got a microphone.


We had a great lunch and gift time with our family! We love them so much!


Remi thinks Uncle Neil is so funny.


Tyler had to work Sunday night, so he didn’t come with us. And I was off work Monday, so we decided to stay the night in Hot Springs. This big girl pulled her suitcase herself!


We hit the hotel pool (with the family, who all came to swim with us!) and swam until almost bedtime. Mimi ran to Sonic and got us food and we crashed.


She and I ended up sharing a bed (we don’t do that often…usually if we travel, she gets her own or sleeps with a grandma) and it was sweet. She was GREAT and went right to sleep.  She woke up in the night once and it was just fun to be together right when she woke up.


Monday morning, we took Remi downtown to see my favorite Christmas spots- The Arlington! I grew up LOVING the gingerbread house. And she thought it was cool too!


We also ventured upstairs to see the pretty lobby from up top. And Remi liked the swirly staircase, too.


She took over Santa’s chair, since he wasn’t there!


We went across to Arlington Park and let Remi feel the actual hot springs and then we played hide and seek…and she LOVED hiding in this big rock! I grew up spending SO MUCH TIME downtown and at this park, so it was fun to run around it with her.


When we got home, she wanted to make her Christmas cookies with dad. It was sweet.  This was just a simple kit from Trader Joe’s, and they enjoyed making it.


We enjoyed spending so much time together over Christmas break!

Life Group Love

Life Group Love

Right before Christmas, I snuck away with my life group ladies for a fun night together. We all LOVE Rolando’s (a Latin food spot downtown) so we had dinner first….(with a waiter who took a GREAT group pic of us!)


And then we went to an iconic house in our area- the Hodo house. They decorate and people line up for miles to drive by. We actually took the church bus so we could all ride together! ha!

The Hodo house is in it’s last year because one of the owner’s passed away, so I’m glad I got to experience it before it’s gone.


2019 Christmas Parade

2019 Christmas Parade

While we were in Dallas, our hometown had their Christmas parade. We’ve talked about her riding in it from her county fair pageant win (though our hometown would let just about anyone in the parade!), and I didn’t want her to miss out just because I was gone.

I was so sad to miss it, but I was glad she had a blast.

Tyler borrowed a vintage convertible from some family friends, but it was misting and cold, so they kept the top up.


They got Remi looking SO cute in her crown and sash.


So many friends sent me pics and videos- which I was so thankful for.

Remi said she LOVED throwing candy and yelling “Merry Christmas!”

She was also thrilled when she saw people she knew. I heard ALL about her seeing momma’s friends and Lillian. She loves Lillian.


The parade ends at the square, where Santa lives, so she was on the lookout for the big man.


And she found him!  He picked her up and carried her around for a minute (which I totally heard ALL about- I think it was a highlight for her!)


This was the best pic I got of the three of them riding. I love it!


Merry Christmas (card) from Us!

Merry Christmas (card) from Us!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!