Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

There’s a place in town called the Christmas Winter Wonderland. We had never been and, to be honest, it was sort of a toss up whether it would be lame or cool.

Remi LOVED it. It was just wall to wall (in multiple rooms) of Christmas decorations. So much stuff everywhere. But it was magical for her. They had Santa, Anna, Elsa. Olaf, Rudolph, Frosty, Belle and a prince, and Mrs. Clause. And a train. And cookies. So yeah, she was in it.

When we were going in, she saw her friend Lyla from school! The girls were shy to take a picture, but with some help from the dads, we got them together. ha!


We’ve been watching the old Frosty and Rudolph movies, so she was pretty excited to see them! They were all over the place, interacting with the kids, so she got plenty of face time with them.


They had a little train that took you through the Christmas tree forest. A train is always fun!


She’s learning about baby Jesus and was happy to see him (me too!)


This was the view from upstairs. Just Christmas, everywhere!

There were these fun dancing penguins and she thought they were so neat!


And then she did PLENTY of dancing herself. Dancing queen!


We circled back to Santa’s room to play some games. Silly girl!


There was a little snowball game that she thought was fun. Just tossing (or in her case, placing them) in the buckets. She also got to make an ornament, which was fun, too.

Reindeer Games: Ladies Bible Study Party

Reindeer Games: Ladies Bible Study Party

I absolutely adore my Wednesday night Bible study group. The lady in the picture below (Rebecca) started it a couple years ago- and it was started as a working moms group. While there are some ladies in there who don’t work, we came together with one goal: to be REAL.

I’ve loved learning, praying, crying and sharing with these ladies. And it was SO FUN to party with them.

I mean, look at that food spread. We know how to do snacks!

We played so many fun games! Tara and Rebecca created the most fun night! We did a scavenger hunt for decorations around Tara’s house (which was SO FUN because she has some great vintage decorations), Bible trivia, a fun cell phone game and then a left-right passing gift game.

I’m so thankful for these ladies and their hearts.

Family Christmas #1

Family Christmas #1

We had our first family gathering weeks before Christmas. It just made sense, though. Cousin Luke had his Christmas band concert, and we wanted to go see that….so while we were in Hot Springs, we got together with the family.

I decided Remi and I would wear our matching RicRac and Ruffles outfits!

We headed to Hot Springs and got a yummy lunch at Newk’s when we arrived. Then we went to Luke’s band concert. He plays trombone in the 6th grade band, and they did great playing some traditional holiday hits.

After the performance, we all went to Uncle Neil’s for food and fun. We played a fun dirty santa sort of game that the kids liked. (We did the Dirty Dice Gift Grab here).  Then we opened gifts.  Remi got a doctor kit and proceeded to give everyone shots!  She also got some dinosaurs and roared at everyone.

She also got lots of tickles and giggles. She loved sitting with Uncle Neil in his chair.


Family photo isn’t perfect, but we love each other. 🙂

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Our parks department hosted a super fun pancakes with Santa breakfast, and we signed Remi up. I’m SO GLAD we did. She had the BEST time!

It was cold and drizzly, and I think that kept some people at home. It was only half-filled (and you had to RSVP, so people just didn’t show). But because of that, she got PLENTY of time with the man in red!

She loved Santa again. Ran right to him to hug him and sit with him.


They had the cutest set up. You got your pancakes and bacon and they had everything on the table to either make a snowman or reindeer with your pancakes. She chose Frosty. 🙂


Let’s be honest. My crazy kid tried the candy and marshmallows and “I no yike it” and mostly ate the fruit and bacon.

After she ate, we got to go to the front and make reindeer food! She thought that was fun. And the parks department made it all SO CUTE.


She did LOTS of dancing to the Christmas music.  At different points in the morning, lots of other kids came and went, and at one point, there were 4 toddlers having a DANCE PARTY. Precious.


She was a little too young for the craft, but it was so thoughtful! They took slices of a tree and they had it set up with the nails in it. You could create a Christmas tree with string, pip cleaners and pom poms.


We couldn’t believe such a fun, festive morning was all free! A huge thanks to the parks department for such a magical morning!