Christmas Day(s)!

Christmas Day(s)!

Christmas Eve was our Christmas Day…but we packed the fun in!  For most of it, Remi felt pretty good (she woke up from her nap with some fever, but she didn’t seem phased).

On Christmas morning, she slept in. Which turned out to be SO FUN because the moms were already there when she woke up.

We told her Santa had come and brought her presents and she gasped! It was precious.

She got up and sweetly explored her presents- a vacuum, some new magnet blocks, a baby doll and this coaster. She was also very interested that he ate the cookies and drank the milk.

We spent the morning playing and opening presents. What was HILARIOUS was she didn’t want to open any more presents after she saw her Santa gifts. She just wanted to play with those. So the grandmas and me and Tyler opened most of our things and she would do one here and there.

We had a blast opening all her new things and playing with them.


That afternoon (forgive me that I was enjoying myself and didn’t take any pictures), Tyler’s family came over for lunch and gifts. We played Dirty Santa and just enjoyed each other’s company. Then we all got ready for Christmas Eve service at Uncle Dwight’s church.

Our little family was just happy to be together. Tyler may have had to work on Christmas Day, but we were making memories in the time we had.


Remi loved being at church. There was music and candles and cows (Dwight goes to a cowboy church, so there was plenty to look at around the building).


Outside were some big rocks, and she had to jump and play on our way out.


This rock became a horse and she was riding it. Everyone leaving got a big kick out of that!

We did manage to take a family photo right before they turned out the lights outside! ha!

Our actual Christmas morning was slow since Tyler was gone working.

Remi woke up at like 5:45 and I wasn’t having that! ha!  I told her it was time to go back to sleep, and she requested momma’s big bed….so I took her back to our room and she and I snuggled and slept another hour or so!

Then we cuddled and watched Super Why before getting up to eat breakfast and play.

We played with ALL of her new toys- PlayDoh, her train, her baby dolls, her puzzles, her new kitchen stuff…..VERY busy morning.


To get out of the house, we had planned on going to have Chinese buffet for lunch, but it was PACKED and we didn’t want to wait.


So we ended up at Casey’s for pizza. Nothing like a gas station Christmas! ha!  Mom and Remi shared an icee and I got a coke float while we waited for our pizza.


Then we ate our pizza right there in the gas station while Remi played with the stuffed snowman in their window. Unconventional, but we were all happy. ha!


When Tyler got home, we went to my mom’s and made steaks for Christmas dinner (we were at mom’s because we had a slight plumbing issue at our house and couldn’t shower…so we showered at mom’s after dinner). It was a great holiday weekend, despite the crazy of Remi being sick, plumbing issues and Tyler working.



Our Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve

Tyler had to work on Christmas, so our Christmas Eve was on the 23rd. We made the most of our adjusted schedule.

Since it was Sunday, it started with church. There was no childcare or life groups, so Remi got to come to big church. They always involve the kids on days when there is no childcare, and this Sunday was special.

They had the kids build a nativity scene. Some had animals, some had shepherds, and there was Mary and Joseph and Jesus.  Remi was given baby Jesus to bring forward. She was SO sweet holding the baby during the service.


I screwed up and sent her forward when they called for the animals. Oops.  But thankfully, our pastor rolled with it. She looked SO BIG sitting down and listening to the story.


All the kids put up their animals, and she hung back. I think she knew it wasn’t right because he was telling them to put their animals down.  But it worked out great because she placed Baby Jesus and Brother Ronnie talked about it.  Then she did the cutest little jump down the stairs.

After church, we ate lunch and napped, then it was time to make cookies! She REALLY loved putting the icing and sprinkles on.


Once they were all made, she picked out two cookies for Santa (the two she made, of course!)


We went to the park to look at Christmas lights (and of course, do some sliding and swinging!) and then we went to dinner.  Unfortunately, Remi got fever during dinner (which thankfully, was a short lived fever virus), but Mimi snuggled her while we ate dinner and then we rushed her home.

Since she wasn’t feeling well when we got home, she was asleep when we put out the cookies for Santa. But she knew he was coming! She woke up in the night not feeling great and told me, “Santa busy. Santa bring presents.”

And she was right! He came to see her. More on that next time…

More Fun Leading Up to Christmas

More Fun Leading Up to Christmas

I know, Christmas is technically over. But I still have plenty of Christmas memories to recap!

One fun thing I wasn’t even there for (I was at a Christmas party and my mom had Remi) but I want to save the memory.  Mom took Remi to the Christmas parade, and they ran into one of my coworkers and her daughter. They hung out at the parade together and Remi thought Vivi was SO cool. She loves big kids. And when they started throwing candy, Remi realized she didn’t have pockets but Vivi did- and she was putting her candy in her pockets! ha!


Not technically a Christmas memory, but we had her friend Lyla’s birthday at the Monkey House and I was AMAZED at how brave Remi was!  As long as she was big enough to climb it, she went for it! She loved this big slide!


And she was SO GOOD during the presents. She just stood and watched. So big!


And of course, there were pink cupcakes.


Daddy got her swingset put together, so for a few days, she got to jump and slide and swing in the garage! She is LOVING having her own trampoline.  She asks to jump several times a day.


Auntie Paula sent her some fun Dr. Seuss books and this awesome Cat in the Hat hat. She LOVES it.


One evening, we decided to go to town to see the Christmas lights, and we also stopped by our Santa house to see the big man! Remi LOVES Santa, and she actually asked to go see him that night. I told her we were going to see Christmas lights, and she said “I see Santa?” Well, our town has a sweet Santa (run by some friends of ours) on the square in a little house- and there was no wait on this night, so of course, we let her see Santa!


After Santa, we saw the Christmas lights and the live nativity (which I thought we had missed, but they were making up days they had missed for the rain, so we got to see the donkeys and camels).

This season is so sweet with our girl- everything is magical in her eyes!

Merry Christmas From Us (Our Christmas Card)

Merry Christmas From Us (Our Christmas Card)

I say this every year, but it’s true: I LOVE Christmas cards. And I wish we could send one to every person we know and love (even you, dear reader!) but it’s just not possible.

So, please take this holiday wish and have yourself a merry little Christmas. 🙂

(also, technology problems….I couldn’t get the image to save, so I had to screenshot it. ha!)