30 Week Highlights

30 Week Highlights

This week seemed to blur by. Between work, getting everything done (making sure she’s eating solids, going on walks, housework), the weeks zoom by.  We get to slow down and savor the weekends, though, which is nice.

Remi is loving church nursery with her little friends. I love thinking that these girls will grow up together!

We met Tyler’s cousins for dinner Monday night and they got some snuggles and playtime. Remi loves her cousins!

She had a viral infection and was home for a few days thanks to some fever. (PS. Nothing is worse than the text from daycare- “Remi has 102 fever.” Wah wah).  But she was still all smiles most of the time! 

Her little two teeth have broken through! 

That silly virus would make her happy and playing and then pitiful the next.  Poor bear.  Thankful she’s feeling better now. 

On Friday to celebrate going back to school, she wore her police support outfit. Daddy is our hero!

I can’t believe she’s 30 weeks old!

Week 15 Highlights

Week 15 Highlights

Another fun week watching our girl grow and learn!

I wish I could put into words what a happy, wonderful baby she is! After our rough start with reflux, I was worried about her temperament. I mean, I would have loved a fussy baby. However, she’s just a joy to be around. She smiles back at you all the time, is starting to laugh, and is pretty easy going.

We put her police onesie on her. Chief, for sure!

I got her this sit-me-up seat on a resale page and she’s LOVING it. She would tolerate the bouncer or swing for short periods of time, but she loves this seat! She looks so big here!

Friday, we celebrated Nancy’s birthday at a pizza place. Remi slept in her Ergo while we all ate and then she got passed around during game time. She LOVED the lights and sounds of the games. Joyce was showing her this game, and she was intently watching it.

I thought she looked like a little thug baby before church Wednesday. That romper, those high top booties and that dew-rag style bow. I died.

Now that she has great head control, we decided to let her sit up in the stroller. BEST DECISION EVER. She loves looking around now. 

I just love our little family.

Last Sunday was her first week in the church nursery. It was great to be able to do church without worrying about her fussing. She’s in GREAT hands there. Our nursery has amazing volunteers. They were just mad at me that she prefers playing on the ground rather than being held! ha! I love the verse painted on the baby room wall. God DOES have plans for our girl!

Well, that was week 15. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by!

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication

Our church does baby dedications differently from most.  Most churches I know do dedications twice a year- Mother’s Day and Christmastime. However, ours does each baby separately.

We do a small prayer ceremony in church, and then a family ceremony after.

(Full honesty, I don’t love the way I look in these pics.  I feel like my face looks round and I feel big. Heck, I am at my heaviest non-pregnant adult weight right now…where I was years ago when I started to lose weight…but I want to be in the pictures. I want to have these memories. I’m happy and I want to be there. So non-flattering pics be damned, I’m in them and I’m posting them. We can’t all look like super models all the time).

Our sweet friend Beth took these pics from the balcony of Remi’s church dedication.

She had a big ol flower on her little head. I loved it!

My sweet friend Brandy came to watch. It’s a blessing to have friends who love your baby.

After church, the whole family came for lunch. Hardly any pics except for this one- Brad holding her for the first time finally! He didn’t have much of a choice, his FIL basically handed him the baby! Yay for cousin Brad!

We went back to church where our pastor did a lovely ceremony for us. He presented us with a Bible for her, a letter to give her when she accepts Christ, served Tyler and I the Lord’s Supper, and then we literally placed her on the alter and the family gathered to pray over her life. Very special.

And then we took pictures.

I love my husband for coordinating his shirt with us.

Our wonderful pastor. He married us, has counseled us through difficult times, and now helped us dedicate our daughter to the Lord.

The whole family. What a blessing to have them all there.

All the dedication means is that she is a gift from God, and we promised to lead her to know Him as she grows up. We were thanking God for her life and promising to raise her in His truth.

Such a special day!

Christmastime is here!

Christmastime is here!

Well, technically Christmastime has come and gone. But we sure did have a good one!

Remi’s first Christmas was great.  The only thing that could have made it better was if Tyler didn’t have to work…but we managed to spend lots of time with him.

The funniest gift was the horse hat that Gigi bought her.

Complete with a mane.

I mean, how funny is this horse-baby?

Remi spent the gift time in the floor in the middle of us admiring the pretty paper.

We made our big Christmas breakfast for dinner since Tyler worked that morning. Monkey bread, hashbrown casserole, egg casserole, sausage balls and waffles. YUM to the max!

After church and lunch, we all snuggled down for a long winter’s nap. Snuggly couch naps are my fave.

We met Tyler in town at one of three places open to eat for lunch. It was a blessing to meet up with him for Christmas lunch, even though it was pretty different from normal. 

Remi did SO good at church. No fussing at all.  And she looked adorable in her Christmas dress!

The night before, we went to Christmas Eve candlelight service. So great to have the whole family there.

Remi wore my old Christmas dress.  Yes, that’s a 29 year old baby dress that my mom held onto!

Our sweet family! Such a blessed Christmas.