Nature Night

Nature Night

One evening after dinner, we were playing outside, which very quickly turned into nature night when we spotted a couple fun creatures!

Remi found a ladybug- and I was encouraging her to pick it up. She’s been a little leery of bugs lately, so I was very surprised that she went for the ladybug and let it crawl all over.

They are tickly little bugs! She liked it!


Then Tyler found this tiny little turtle under her trampoline.  It was shy, but we put it in the water table and it started swimming.


It was a tiny little guy, but we think he’s a snapper so we didn’t let Remi hold him.  We did, however, let him stay overnight in the water table (don’t worry, he had a place where he could get out of the water), and we released him the next morning.


Remi was so excited to see him the next morning. And daddy scooped him up and put him in the grass. Happy, long life to you, Mr. Turtle!


Every Moment a Memory

Every Moment a Memory

I’ll be honest, some days Remi is ALLL of 2.5. She can be full of tantrums and cranky. But we also have plenty of sweet memorable moments.  She can be as sweet and fun as she is rotten.

We LOVE playing and being silly with her. One thing I love to do is put her on my shoulders and dance around. I caught us in the mirror one evening. I’m thankful to be strong enough to do this!


I made a cake for my friend’s birthday and gave her the beater to lick. She licked that puppy CLEAN.


This sweet dress used to be almost a maxi dress on her! (It’s 12m sized, so that was a year ago!). But she wore it to school for Easter pics (more on those on another day) and was ADORABLE.  Daddy was standing next to her at her request (I promise, that’s a playing hand, not daddy ordering her to stand still or anything haha)


She suddenly LOVES our neighbor’s storm cellar and the vent fan on top. “SO pretty” when it spins! We had to take a picture with it at her request.

A fun memory- we watch a LOT of Daniel Tiger. He talks about his neighbors, so she’s very interested in our neighbors. She loves to go visit them when they are outside (it’s a very nice man who’s a National Park ranger and his father). They are always so sweet to her.


We have been playing on our swingset a LOT. She is loving “going high” and the wind in her hair.


We often snuggle while watching TV, but I was partial to this afternoon when she grabbed my hand. Sweet tiny hand.


I was letting daddy sleep in one Saturday, which is easier if we aren’t home. She can get loud, and she also likes us all to be together, so sometimes convincing her to let daddy sleep can be tough. So we went to get donuts. This shop is more bakery and isn’t really built for sitting and eating (other than two tiny tables) but she liked picking at her sprinkles, admiring the cookies (which we had to buy!) and seeing all the people.


It was raining, so I gave her a rain jacket and umbrella and she was ON CLOUD 9.


Country Girl Life

Country Girl Life

Our Spring weather has been unreal! Perfection!

We’ve totally taken advantage of it- playing outside all evening. We have restarted our favorite Spring/Summer tradition of walking to the pond and feeding the fish.

Country girl life suits her well!


Daddy threw out a few casts and caught her a bass! She was interested, but then got a little skiddish around it.


But we got her to stand still and get close to the fishy. She thought it was neat!


Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

We have fully embraced Tyler’s new hobby this weekend- fishing. We did a lot of it!

But it was a busy weekend. I’m surprised I’m not totally wiped out because I really didn’t get much napping or resting in!

Before I start the weekend recap, here was a highlight from last week- buying milk that’s good past my due date! I’m due October 2! What?!

Friday at work we had a fun baby shower for my coworker, Lyndsay. We celebrated her and her sweet baby girl and then I met up with mom to hit Sam’s and Kohl’s.

While we shopped, Tyler got the boat ready and we all met up and hit the water around 6 p.m. Tyler traded our golf cart for a fishing boat. It’s pretty nice! Two fish finders, the main motor and a foot-operated trolling motor, spaces for 7 to sit.

He’s into bass fishing now. I was fishing for catfish, but didn’t catch any! He wanted to bring these home to stock our pond, but his water tank wasn’t pumping in any water. He’ll have to check on that soon.

Saturday was his family reunion. He had to work, which originally I was pretty sad about. Going without him isn’t the same.

However, I saw the PD post this on FB and was so proud of him. Saturday there was a police-loving little girl who had a birthday party and Tyler and this other officer showed up. The PD posted the picture of them with the kids….and then this guy left a comment about Tyler. I’m so proud that he embraced his calling and does his job well.

Saturday after the reunion, I came home and hit my PJs and the yoga ball.  The poor dogs HATE the yoga ball since they can’t sit in my lap! ha!

Pippin was relieved when I finally hit the couch and he could crawl all over me.

Sunday morning, we spent some time out on the porch before church. It was the first feeling of fall and it was GLORIOUS.

After church, we waited for Ty to get off work then headed to Grandpa’s for Tyler’s birthday celebration. Our friends Lauren and JJ came and brought their little boy, Ryan. He loves Tyler. They were playing with grandpa’s weights here.

While we ate dinner, some rain blew in…but then it was cool and perfect outside. So we headed to the pond to fish!

A beautiful rainbow greeted us.

Tyler caught several little bass and 3 big ones! Brad, Kelsey and JJ did some fishing, but they didn’t catch much. Tyler attributes his catches to his “Purple Power” lure! He LOVES that thing! ha! Too bad he lost it at the end with a too-big-to-catch catfish. The fish got away with his lure!

We got home after 9 and hit the hay pretty quickly.

Now we just anxiously await the arrival of this baby any day now!

How was your weekend?