Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

We have fully embraced Tyler’s new hobby this weekend- fishing. We did a lot of it!

But it was a busy weekend. I’m surprised I’m not totally wiped out because I really didn’t get much napping or resting in!

Before I start the weekend recap, here was a highlight from last week- buying milk that’s good past my due date! I’m due October 2! What?!

Friday at work we had a fun baby shower for my coworker, Lyndsay. We celebrated her and her sweet baby girl and then I met up with mom to hit Sam’s and Kohl’s.

While we shopped, Tyler got the boat ready and we all met up and hit the water around 6 p.m. Tyler traded our golf cart for a fishing boat. It’s pretty nice! Two fish finders, the main motor and a foot-operated trolling motor, spaces for 7 to sit.

He’s into bass fishing now. I was fishing for catfish, but didn’t catch any! He wanted to bring these home to stock our pond, but his water tank wasn’t pumping in any water. He’ll have to check on that soon.

Saturday was his family reunion. He had to work, which originally I was pretty sad about. Going without him isn’t the same.

However, I saw the PD post this on FB and was so proud of him. Saturday there was a police-loving little girl who had a birthday party and Tyler and this other officer showed up. The PD posted the picture of them with the kids….and then this guy left a comment about Tyler. I’m so proud that he embraced his calling and does his job well.

Saturday after the reunion, I came home and hit my PJs and the yoga ball.  The poor dogs HATE the yoga ball since they can’t sit in my lap! ha!

Pippin was relieved when I finally hit the couch and he could crawl all over me.

Sunday morning, we spent some time out on the porch before church. It was the first feeling of fall and it was GLORIOUS.

After church, we waited for Ty to get off work then headed to Grandpa’s for Tyler’s birthday celebration. Our friends Lauren and JJ came and brought their little boy, Ryan. He loves Tyler. They were playing with grandpa’s weights here.

While we ate dinner, some rain blew in…but then it was cool and perfect outside. So we headed to the pond to fish!

A beautiful rainbow greeted us.

Tyler caught several little bass and 3 big ones! Brad, Kelsey and JJ did some fishing, but they didn’t catch much. Tyler attributes his catches to his “Purple Power” lure! He LOVES that thing! ha! Too bad he lost it at the end with a too-big-to-catch catfish. The fish got away with his lure!

We got home after 9 and hit the hay pretty quickly.

Now we just anxiously await the arrival of this baby any day now!

How was your weekend?

Tyler’s Birthday Celebration

Tyler’s Birthday Celebration

On Monday, Tyler turned 31! He joked that he wanted the baby to come on his birthday, but that wasn’t happening…so we celebrated him instead. 🙂

He had to work, but I got up early when he did and made him birthday cinnamon rolls to start his day off sweet. 🙂

When he got off work, our moms came over for a birthday dinner.  I made him chicken spaghetti, and then his favorite chocolate peanut butter cake. It’s so rich and delish!

It was supposed to be 3 layers, but one layer stuck to the pan….so we got a two layer cake! 

After dinner, we went down to the pond for some fishing.

He got some new bass lures, and has been doing well with them.  He got a fish right off the bat!

I even got in on the action and caught a catfish. THANK GOODNESS for Nancy being there.  I wouldn’t have touched that slippery thing! ha!

Then the funniest thing happened.  Mom got a BIG bite.  The bobber disappeared and then she couldn’t reel it in! Tyler came over to help and even he couldn’t get it…

Then we realized it was just stuck on something in the pond (probably an old tire or something).  And while it started out as a fish, that fish got away and we were now fishing for debris! ha!

I hope Tyler had a great birthday. He deserves it! He’s always taking care of us and working so hard…I hoped to brighten his day and make him feel special.

Birthday Weekend Recap

Birthday Weekend Recap

We had a jam-packed weekend with birthday fun! Well, it wasn’t all entirely birthday-related, but it was all fun!

We started Friday evening at the rodeo. Our rodeo here is a BIG deal. People come from all over the country to participate. It’s so fun. Mom had never been to a legit rodeo, so she came along for her first one! We were there with Tyler’s mom, uncle, and some of their friends as well.

Saturday  was fun. I slept in (thankfully until after 9!) and then got ready to meet Amy and Rachel. We went downtown to Savoy tea and had a little tea party!  We couldn’t decide on which tea to get, so we each got 2 different ones, and we all sampled each others tea. And lunch was SO good.

After lunch, I met mom for some shopping. After shopping, we had about an hour before we needed to get ready, so we spent it lounging at the lake. The water was a little cold, but it was sunny and beautiful out.

After the lake, we got ready and headed to Fuji for birthday dinner with Tyler’s family. I told Tyler all I wanted was to get together with family.

ME and my momma (in her new outfit!)

Mom got me a YUMMY Italian creme cake for my birthday! And the servers sang me a song and made me do a dance. SO fun!

Thankful for Tyler’s family and how they’ve just embraced me and mom over the years. Glad we can all just be family together.

Sunday was all about church, then mom and Nancy and I went to my fave Mexican food. Then we got our nails done!

That afternoon, I got to take advantage of my new birthday present from Tyler- a gas grill! He had it all put together and set up for me on Friday evening. And we had some friends over Sunday night to cook and hang out.

Our new, bigger deck is completed (except it needs to be stained…we are waiting for all the rain to stop!)

Pip loves the new deck! He just goes out and lays down.

We were partying until after 10 pm (which is WAY past our bedtimes since Tyler gets up so early for work)…and had a great weekend.

How was your weekend?

Friday Five: Dogs, Food and Babies

Friday Five: Dogs, Food and Babies

This week has flown by. Thank goodness.  I’m ready for the weekend! It’s my birthday weekend! Woop!

This week was a short one.  I didn’t feel great on Tuesday, but thankfully bounced back pretty quickly.

Here are 5 highlights for the week.

  1. Last night I made an AMAZING blueberry waffle for dinner. Well technically dessert since I had a tiny bowl of roast first. But I was still hungry and this hit the spot.
  2. 2. We are ready to buy paint for the nursery! We had initially picked the shade in the square on the left side, but I decided to try that color 50% darker. And I love it. It’s just a hair more saturated and yellow looking. Once we get that roomed cleaned out (hopefully this week!) we are gonna paint it! That dark grey crib is going to look GREAT against these pale yellow walls.
  3. Wednesday evening was outside with my boys. We went on a walk where Mikey was feeling pretty great (it’s rare that he walks willingly these days)….And then we hung out on the front porch until the sun went down.
  4. I’ve been slowly ordering nursery things. With the circus theme, it’s been tough to find stuff that isn’t just cartoon looking. I wanted a cute pillow for the glider, but didn’t love what I found. Until I saw this circus striped pillow at HomeGoods! And it is a PERFECT match to the valances I bought.
  5. I officially know that Mikey knows something is up with momma. He’s been entirely too snuggly lately. He usually wants loving, but won’t get near Pippin at cuddle time. Well, he’s been super snuggly lately. I don’t hate it.
    How was your week?