Getting Crafty With It

Getting Crafty With It

If my title today didn’t make you go “na na na na na nana, na na nana na na” we can’t be friends. 🙂

I had been searching for a fun thing to do with my cousins when they visit for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I jumped on the opportunity to try out the IDO3D kit. I tested it out this weekend with some friends and their daughters to see how it worked before my cousins arrived.

Even though I was given this to review, all opinions are my own, of course. 🙂

I got the kit in the mail from Amazon, and the girls were excited to dive in.  I tested it out with Kennedy and Emily, age 10, and Bethany, age 8.

Kennedy dove in to the directions, which were easy because they were just pictures.


The kit came with 5 different pens filled with the plastic glue/paint stuff, a flashlight (which required 3 AAA batteries), a booklet of ideas, two molds, and a sheet of plastic to work on.

We knew we needed more work space, so we spread out some wax paper, which worked great.

Emily and Kennedy started on a project from the book, a flower pot.

This kit instructs you on how to create one-dimensional pieces, then you cure them with a light.  And then you assemble the pieces together into 3D projects.

There were things like a dragon, a skate ramp, sunglasses, jewelry, and more.

They squeezed the liquid onto the template. It was sort of the consistency of fabric paint.  You could control the thickness of the line with the tip of the pen. It was super easy to use.


Little sister Bethany wanted a cat, so we freehanded one for her.

Once you draw your design, you have to cure it with the UV light.  My friend Tonya (Bethany and Emily’s mom) had a stronger UV light from a nail kit that worked well, too.  The waiting and taking turns on the light was going to be an issue if we didn’t have a second one. The instructions said to hold the light close and on each area for around a minute.  We found for thicker areas it was helpful to cure the top, flip it over, and cure the bottom.


Kennedy had fun free-handing things like their names.


Emily made the flower and the stem, and then attached them. This was pretty cool!IMG_0815

Then, using the template, she created the parts for the flower pot and made the whole thing! Little sister quickly claimed this for her dresser. They were so excited to be making things themselves!


Bethany used the molds to make a ball!  It took a while to dry, but it was super neat when it was finished. She declared it The Planet of Bethany.


All in all, this was a fun craft. And they happily stayed engaged with it for an afternoon.  It was recommended for ages 8 and up, which I agree with.  Bethany, age 8, almost lost interest at the end because it was a time-consuming activity. She also got impatient waiting for the curing process. But she loved the creativity and being able to do it herself.

But the 10 year olds LOVED it. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends they had used the 3D art pen.

It was a bit messy, so you should protect your surfaces and have wet paper towels on hand.

I would also recommend one kit per every one or two kids, just so there isn’t a ton of waiting and sharing for the light- or use your own UV light.

The girls at first were confused with the concept- they thought they could just draw in the air in 3D, instead of creating the pieces flat and then putting them together. But once they got the hang of it, they really enjoyed it.

Overall, the kit does what it’s supposed to do- and it’s a great project for a snow day or rainy day- it takes a bit of time to create the pieces, so it would occupy your kiddos for a while.

You can get your own IDO3D Pen and Ink here!

Weekend Recap: Wedding Prep with Alden

Weekend Recap: Wedding Prep with Alden

I spent the weekend in Northeast Arkansas with my best friend Alden.
She is planning her wedding in March, and I went to spend time with her and help her wedding plan.
I got there late Friday night (boo being 5.5 hours away!) and we did some Internet research.  Wedding music, finding some stuff she needed (colored cardstock, linens, etc.)…and we finally went to bed around midnight.
(Side note!  I LOVE that her bridesmaid/maid of honor gift from me is in her room.  I made this Wicked frame for her!)
Saturday was FULL of wedding running.  We had a great time looking at tons of stuff – her wedding rentals, wedding jewelry, flower girl dresses, and then we hit up Hobby Lobby to craft shop.
We went to some friend’s house for game night Saturday and had a GREAT time playing Hedbandz and eating together.  It’s so fun that Alden’s sister Reed is there too…I just love their whole family.
This is Reed playing Hedbandz. 🙂
When we came back home Saturday evening, we got to crafting.  I showed Alden how to make a memory candle. I made some similar ones for my wedding, and she wanted them for hers.  I think they turned out great!
Sunday, she wasn’t feeling 100%, so we stayed home from church and rested.  We eventually got up, went for lunch, and went to see her new house (which her fiance Mike is already living in) and I LOVE it.
I WISH we lived closer, but I sure do cherish the time we have together.  This girl and I have been through a lot and have a lot of memories together.  I am so thankful for her.
I can’t wait to celebrate her wedding next month for her Bachelorette weekend and in March for her wedding!

How was your weekend?


2013 ARWB Ornament Swap!

Last year,  the Arkansas Women Bloggers did a fun homemade ornament swap (check out my post here).  I loved it, so when they announced they were doing another ornament swap, I joined in!  I sent my homemade ornament to What Amber Loves.  You can check out what I made her here.
I got this lovely homemade ornament from Sarah at Our Daily Craft! My Christmas tree is a mishmash of all types of ornaments…but we didn’t have a yarn one!  I’m not sure what this style of crafting is (knitting, crochet?)  but it’s so cute!  I just love the sweet red rick-rack she put on for garland, too!  It fits right in on my sweet tree.

You can check out all the homemade ornaments here on ARWB (I’ll add the link when it posts!).  We have some talented ladies in this state, that’s for sure!  
Merry Christmas, y’all!  

Friday Five: Phone Dump

Friday Five: Phone Dump

Five fun things from this week:
1) Monday we had a belated birthday celebration with Tyler’s family.  Dinner at Chili’s, a CUTE cookie cake, and putt putt.  Fun stuff.
2) We attempted watching Casablanca (on my 30 Before 30 list).  However, our copy was bad…we had to restart it and the sound quality was bad (I’m talking volume on max and we could hardly hear).  So we gave it up about halfway through.  Just wasn’t worth it.
3) Brandy and I tried a new-to-us place for lunch Thursday.  R & R Curry Express is a Indian food place in a gas station here in town.  I had a local deal coupon for half price…so we went.  It was pretty good. I’m not sure I’m a huge Indian food fan, but it was neat to try.
4) I made a ribbon/fabric banner for a coworker’s baby shower.  I think it turned out super cute!
5) Taylor and Kristin sent me the CUTEST Cain’s Ballroom shirt for my birthday!  Cain’s is where we all saw Hanson together in Tulsa.  I LOVE this shirt.  So special from these friends!
Those are this week’s highlights.  Hope you have an awesome weekend!