Carnival Conquest Review- Nassau Bahamas

Nassau almost got off to a bad start.  I forgot to adjust our time with local time…and we missed the excursion we had booked.  But a helpful taxi worker took us to the Ministry of Tourism…and she recommended another snorkeling operator to us.  We walked about 8-9 blocks to the Hilton…and on the beach was Blue Hole Watersports. We had to wait a bit for the next snorkeling tour, but we were able to enjoy the private beach!
Tyler got a nap on the SUPER comfy beach chairs.
I enjoyed the beautiful view!
Then when the time came, we got on a boat and headed out.  We were the only people on the tour- so we ended up taking a PRIVATE snorkeling tour through Nassau!
We stopped first at an abandoned island and got in the water.  SOOOO many fish!
The second spot we went to was called the “sea gardens” and it was full of beautiful fish and coral!
When we were finished snorkeling, we came back to the boat and ate, showered and changed.  Then we came back to town and did some shopping.  We hit up the straw market, some shops, and had a little fun.  We were back on board before the boat left and even took a little nap before dinner.  So much fun in Nassau.  We would like to go back someday!

That’s our vacation!  On Sunday, we docked and were off the boat and in our car by 8:40.  We drove 10 hours home and crashed!  But what fun it was!  A seriously fun, romantic, relaxing, recharging vacation. Perfection. 🙂

Carnival Conquest Review- Freeport Bahamas

Our second stop was in Freeport, Bahamas. Freeport is a bit of a poorer island (compared to Nassau), so the beauty of the island is in the beaches…not the big resorts). 
We had planned a snorkeling excursion to Paradise Cove to snorkel in Deadman’s Cove.  They picked us up at the port and drove us to the resort area. Our price included the transportation and snorkeling gear.  We also rented a couple beach chairs, but we ended up spending our entire time in the water…so we didn’t use those.
The resort area was BEAUTIFUL!

We got in the (semi-cold) water and start snorkeling.  It was low-tide, so there were some difficult areas to swim through…but once we got out past the low areas, we saw AMAZING things! (PS. This was the day I fell and sat on coral. Low tide and I aren’t friends.)
We saw a spotted eagle ray! 
And this is a squid.  It’s eyes are those bumps on the top….and it looked almost furry!  We saw it swim away quickly after we got a good look at it.
There were lots of fish!
And a HUGE stingray buried in the sand!
We snorkeled for a couple hours and then took the transportation back to the boat.
We got onboard, ate lunch, and they were showing Grease on the big screen!  
After lunch, we came to the room and showered and napped.  Snorkeling is hard work!  We were tired! ha!
We had a GREAT day snorkeling in Freeport!  So fun!

Carnival Conquest Review- Key West

Our first stop on the cruise was to Key West. We arrived and it was BEAUTIFUL weather. Sunny and mid 70s.  I even got a little sweaty walking around.  It was so nice.  We didn’t have an excursion booked- we just wanted to explore.  We were going to rent bikes, but we weren’t sure we wanted to tire ourselves out driving around….so we got trolley passes and hopped on.  The trolley took you around the entire island!
We got off at the Southernmost Point to look around!
This is the Southernmost Point of the US…only 90 miles to Cuba!
After leaving there, we decided it was time for some key lime pie.  Yes, at like 10 a.m. 🙂
We stopped at the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.  It was just a little pie shop…but it was GOOD!
I had a regular piece….
And Tyler had a piece on a stick covered in chocolate. He didn’t share, so I couldn’t vouch for his piece.
We did a little shopping around town, but we felt like Key West was more for staying…not a quick visit.  It was all tourist shops and restaurants.  We had bought all our souvenirs, so we were done there. We got back on the boat and had lunch (the YUMMY Guy’s Burgers).  Then we put on our swim suits and came back up top.  We walked around the boat and admired the view.
This was an island just off Key West.  So pretty!
Then we played some putt putt while the boat was stationary.  I couldn’t imagine playing with the boat rocking! (For the record, Tyler beat me twice.)
We stayed on the top deck sliding on the giant slide, dancing, and just enjoying the beautiful weather until the sun set.  Gorgeous.
We LOVED our laid-back day in Key West!  Tomorrow I’ll share with you our visit to Freeport, Bahamas!

Carnival Conquest Review- Fun On Board!

We took the Carnival Conquest from New Orleans to Key West and Freeport and Nassau Bahamas.  I went on this boat years ago, but they have really spruced it up.  It was a great boat with lots of fun!
We had three sea days (Day 1 and Day 5 & 6).  I didn’t take a ton of pics on board, but here are some of the highlights:
  • The food.  They have really stepped it up.  They put a Guy’s Burger Joint on the Lido deck that had THE BEST burgers.  And they also added a Blue Iguana Burrito Bar with awesome burritos and tacos.  The Lido Deck buffet was also spruced up with some great food.  I ate an average of two strawberry froyo cones each day. 🙂  
  • The comedy.  We LOVE live comedy and we really enjoyed the comedy club.  They have rebranded their comedy club with George Lopez.  We enjoyed the “Punchliner” club at night.  They had 4 nights of comedy onboard and we saw every show.  
  • They also offered a “Punchliner Comedy Brunch” on the sea days.  It was AWESOME.  The comedy was just a 5-10 show on the hour, but the comedy brunch had a GREAT menu.  We had filet and eggs, a breakfast quesadilla, churros, and my favorite was the “funny french toast” covered in Fruit Loops!
  • The shows.  The shows have really improved.  We saw all the shows onboard and loved each one!  They had a one-man rock show that was AWESOME.
  • The entertainment.  On board, the musicians were super talented.  They had a couple acoustic guitarists playing on the Lido Deck at night…DJS mixing tunes during the day…a great karaoke host…it was so good. They also had a giant LCD screen on the Lido Deck where they played movies and sporting events.  Really neat.
    During the days, we played putt-putt on top…
     We went down the water slide…

    We watched the sunset…

    We ate WAY to much amazing food…sushi, chocolate melting cakes, tons of shrimp, lobster, steak, and other awesome food…
    We danced at dinner with our new friends…
    We danced on the Lido Deck with lots of new friends…
    We had couples massages (and I had a facial) that were AMAZING.
    We played roulette in the casino…
    We went to a couple art auctions (makes me feel so ritzy!)…

    We enjoyed the Captain’s party…

    We got fancy for a couple formal nights…

    We laughed at the towel animals…

    And just had a great time.  I love the days at sea.  There is so much to do on board.  We also took some epic naps that I never would have done before (because of my FOMO- fear of missing out).
    The Captain’s Party for return cruisers was awesome too.  Let’s just say I had a couple more adult beverages than normal (I usually have one margarita or one glass of wine) and I was super fun that evening. 🙂  But it’s vacation…you have to have a little fun!
    Tomorrow I’ll start to show you the awesome ports we went to!