Weekend Recap: Tyler’s Day Off

Weekend Recap: Tyler’s Day Off

We got a HUGE blessing this weekend- Tyler was offered Saturday off.  He had a ton of overtime from court time…and they were fully staffed for Saturday – so he traded his overtime for Saturday off.  It was GREAT.

Because he was getting Saturday off, we also got to enjoy a long Friday evening together (instead of having to go to bed early Friday).

So we headed to NWA Friday after work for dinner and some fun.

I wanted to take him somewhere new, but he REALLLY wanted sushi, so we hit up Kobe.  (And he looks super slim in this photo.  And he has lost weight…but this is just a super flattering pic. hahaha!)

After dinner, we went down to the Walton Arts Center for the Voice Jam acapella competition.  It was sort of like Pitch Perfect live and was so fun to watch.

The group that won was from Memphis and was AWESOME. There was also a group from Taiwan that did a showcase after intermission that was fantastic.

Saturday we slept in, got breakfast at Tyler’s request at Waffle House, and then headed down to Waldron to the gun range.

I love it down there.  It’s beautiful.  Off-roading at it’s finest.

The range is great.  Covered benches, places to hang targets.  Really nice.  I got to shoot some too and did pretty well.

Sunday I sang at church while Tyler worked, hit up Walmart, came home and walked the boys (it was pretty warm!), and did some cleaning. 

Sunday night we had “Date Night” at church with a catered meal and entertainment with a Christian comedian.  Dad was CRACKING up at the comedian.  I think he forgets why he is laughing and just cried laughing.  So funny.  


So that was our weekend.


How was yours?  Anything fun go down?  I’d love to hear about it!

Weekend Recap: Part 1 Mythbusters Live

Weekend Recap: Part 1 Mythbusters Live



We had such a spectacular weekend, I’m breaking it up into two parts to recap it.

(and you won’t want to miss the video at the end of this post. Promise.)

Friday, I took a half day off at work to go on an adventure with Tyler.  He has been working in the evenings for a few weeks now, and I wanted some time together.  So we headed to Fayetteville for some fun.

We stopped and had lunch at my favorite little gourmet market, and then his favorite: Cabela’s. He has a Cabela’s card, and had some points to spend…so he bought a deer stand.


He also let me stop by Sephora for a few minutes. All was not lost to the land of guns and dead animals. 🙂 ha!

Then we made our way to the Walton Arts Center for Mythbusters Live.  We love watching the show, and I knew it would be fun to see them in person.



They did some fun stuff with us…like take a “Where’s Jamie” picture…and then they tweeted where Jamie was. 🙂



They had Adam hanging by phone books…




Did some throwing knives…


But the funniest part by far was me coming on stage for the high speed camera portion.  They asked the audience to “make fart noises with your mouth” and I guess mine was stellar because they pulled me out from the 4th row to come up and do it on stage.

Witness the awesomeness…

Yup.  Pretty funny/unflattering/hilarious at the same time.  Loved it.


After the show, we got some sushi, stopped by Kohl’s, and headed home.  A fun date night in NWA!

This Week: Wedding, Date Night, 4th of July

This week was a doozy!  So many fun things going on! 
Monday evening, we drove to Tulsa for Tyler’s cousin’s wedding.  It was at a beautiful horse ranch.  We LOVE the bride’s grandpa- Uncle Bruce.  Such a sweet man!  
The wedding took place right at sunset, so we snuck outside during the reception to enjoy it!
Beautiful bride and groom!  Congrats Jessie and Candace!
Then Wednesday evening, we had a little date night!  I’m out for the weekend, so we wanted to spend some time together.  We went to the gym for some laps in the pool and Aqua Zumba, and then we had dinner at Patron.  Tyler ordered the habanero lime margarita to split…and it was SO good. 
Then we saw the Lone Ranger.  Y’all….go see it.  It’s action packed, funny, and wonderful.  Not really for kids (its PG 13 for a reason- lots of western-style violence) but it was GREAT.  Like on par with Pirates of the Caribbean great.
For July 4th yesterday, we were up early for the Freedom Fest 5k.  Our town has a great 4th of July festival that starts with a 5k.  I was trying to win most-patriotic (and in small-town drama…I didn’t…and there was almost a riot! ha!)
I LOVE the hometown 5ks.  You run with people you know, you run down mainstreet and familiar faces are there cheering and holding signs…and then you finish at the town square.  Tyler got a picture of me coming toward the finish line.  So fun!
We came home after the race and grilled lunch, took a nap, and hung out at home.  That evening, we went back to the the square for music and fireworks.
I just LOVE patriotism.  The band was playing “God Bless the USA” and people all across the square were standing from their lawn chairs and singing along.  Babies were waving flags, and men were saluting.  It was beautiful.
The fireworks show was great too.
I’m so thankful to have Greenwood feel like home.  Being in the race yesterday and running with/by people I love, and sitting on the square surrounded by friends and their babies/families…I just felt so blessed.  I wasn’t sure anywhere would ever feel like “home” the way my hometown did.  But honestly, this place just feels right.  I’m so glad I gave it time and worked hard at making it feel like home.  I love it.!
I hope you had a great 4th of July!  Happy weekend!

Weekend Recap: Pedicure, Dates, and Sushi!

This was one of the best weekends in a while.  Lots of fun, not a lot “to do”…
It started out with me selling an extra TV we had Friday after work (YAY!) and then celebrating my 20 pound weight loss with a pedicure. I splurged for the deluxe pedicure…and it changed my life.  He did a mask, scrub, hot towels, and a hot stone massage on top of the regular pedicure.  It lasted 45 minutes before he started to polish.  Amazing.
After my pedicure, I met Tyler for dinner.  We had Mexican (diet splurge….but its my favorite place!) and then we went to Academy.  We really enjoy walking around there on date nights.  There is stuff we both like.  Tyler looked at and bought a new knife…
And I picked out some cold weather running gear.  Tyler said he wanted to help me keep going with the running, so he bought me a pair of running tights and two long sleeve running shirts.
Saturday morning started with a bang.  Mikey was outside.  We have 20 acres (and no fence) but he usually just walks around our yard.  Well, so does this neighborhood dog. Mikey saw him in our pasture and chased him back to his house.  This is a BIG dog, y’all.  But my little Mikey ran him off.
As close I could get to the dog from our property.
The bad part was Mikey ran through the “tall grass” of the pasture, not the nice grass of the yard….and he was COVERED in burrs.  I had to pick them out of his fur, which hurt my sweet fingers so bad!

I mean, look at these things!
I didn’t do much on Saturday.  I met Brandy for a workout, then we walked around the antique show (but I didn’t buy anything).  Then I went grocery shopping and picked up lunch at Panera.  I came home, ate and put away groceries and napped.  I love a good nap.  I got up and cleaned, watched tv, and did nothing important.  Tyler was gone to Tulsa at the gun show, and didn’t get home until 7.  We just hung out at home Saturday evening.
Sunday was supposed to be my 5K. It was scattered rain.  It would POUR, then sprinkle for a while, then stop.  I couldn’t imagine starting running only for it to POUR during the run.  So I skipped out.  

At least I got my t-shirt! 🙂

Then Sunday evening we went to Fayetteville with some of our favorite people, Tammie and Anthony.  Anthony wanted to try sushi, so we showed him the ropes.  He LOVED it.  We got our favorite rolls to share with them like the fried sushi, tuna roll, an eel roll, and some traditional rolls like spicy tuna and California roll.

After we got home, we looked at our family pictures (coming tomorrow!) and ordered Christmas cards before heading off to bed.
A great weekend!  How was your weekend?