Weekend Recap: Date Night, Shrek, and Guns

I had a fabulous weekend.
Friday after work, I did my civic duty and voted.  After I voted, I stopped by the CUTEST little shop called the Secret Nook.  They had jewelry, clothes, gifts, home decor…and just tons of awesome stuff!  I bought some clothes, a Christmas gift, and some awesome fake flowers made from sheet music.  I’m too lazy to get off the couch and take a picture, but you’ll have to trust me that these flowers are awesome. 🙂
We had a date night Friday evening!  We ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.  And OH MY was it yummy!  We had a gift card and a coupon for a free appetizer, so we went a bit more extravagant on our meals than normal.  Tyler got this steak stuffed with crab and topped with a lobster tail.  And it was amazing. So was their bread. Can’t wait to go back!
After dinner, we did one of our favorite date night activities….Best Buy! We love walking around, playing with the gadgets, and making a wish list.  On my wish list is this awesome Hog hat!  My OU loving hubby wasn’t feeling it…
Late Friday, my mom got to our house.  Saturday, we got up, went for a walk at the park, got ready, and headed to Fayetteville.  We ate a great lunch at Damgoode Pies (pizza and salads), and then did some shopping.  We hit up RiffRaff, Savior Fare, and the Mustache.  Then we saw Shrek the musical!  It wasn’t our favorite ever, but it was good.  Aren’t we cute? 🙂
We had a beautiful drive home with the fall foliage!
We had a low-key evening Saturday.  I grilled burgers at home and mom helped me do some cleaning and organizing (thanks mom!).
Sunday, I did my first week serving in the nursery!  After a close call (I didn’t know I was on the schedule…but luckily a friend called to check and make sure I was coming), and another close call (I must have turned my alarm off without really waking up…and we overslept a whole hour!), mom joined me and we worked in the “crawler/toddler” room.  They were about 9-12 months and so sweet.  I even changed all 5 of their diapers!  I don’t have tons of baby experience…and I think that those 5 diapers were more diapers than I have ever changed before. ha!  I look forward to loving on some more sweet babies in the future!
After lunch, mom went home….and Tyler dragged took me to the Gun and Knife show in town.
There were lots of guns, knives, some pawn shop jewelry, lots of hunting gear, and more.
He bought an AR 15 gun.  It was expensive, but he got a good deal on it.  He has wanted one for a long time…so I was glad he found one he liked at a good price.  It’s a hoss of a gun.
It is so well made, that even though its a giant gun with big bullets…the recoil is minimal.  I shot it and loved it.
Sunday evening, we ate leftover burgers and Tyler helped me clean.  I’m so thankful for him!  He vacuumed the whole house so I could do some steam cleaning in the kitchen.  I did the counters, some detail work on the track of the sliding glass door, and then steamed the whole kitchen floor.  He was such a helper to vacuum for me!  
It was a great weekend! Good time with my momma, a fun date night with my man, some shopping, some cleaning, and some relaxing time.  Love that!
This week I’ll be busy trying to do some last-minute training for a 5k next Sunday.  I don’t expect to run the whole thing…but I’m going to try! I’m glad I have the house clean and laundry done so I can focus on everything else this week.
How was your weekend?  Have you ever shot a gun?  I hadn’t until I met my wonderful husband.

Week and Weekend Recap!

This past week was a combo of lazy/crazy after returning from New York.  We were tired from going going going on our trip, but we had lots to do in the short week.
I started Ripped in 30 last week.  I’m only doing it a couple times a week…but so far I like it!
We got some glorious rain…and when I was coming home, the rainbow looked like it ended right at our house! My own personal pot of gold!
This weekend came quickly since we had a short week .  I had planned a lazy Friday night home alone (since Tyler was planning on racing his RC car…)  so I went to the gym Friday after work.  I did my swimming and sauna thing, but instead of getting ready for date night, I showered and put on sweats and my Newsies shirt from NYC!
“Seize the Day!”
But then it started raining…so Tyler didn’t get to race.  So he wanted to go eat.  And Red Lobster was what he wanted. (WHAT?  I’m in sweats with no makeup and wet hair!)  Oh well…off we went.  And we stuffed ourselves with all you can eat shrimp followed by fro yo.  We were full y’all!
When we came back after dinner, Mikey was so excited!
Saturday, Tyler went on a Men’s Ministry outing doing archery and shooting…so I worked at the shop with his mom for him.  After he got back, I ran some errands…and then we headed to Fayetteville!
We walked around the mall for a bit.  Tyler VOLUNTARILY went into a shoe store! He wanted to try some Vibram 5 Fingers…and I got a cute pair of tan heels with a bow! 
We ate at HuHot, then we saw STOMP at the Walton Arts Center!  It was SOOO good!  Like, please, see it when it comes to your area!  So fun and so entertaining!  The cast was incredibly talented!
Sundays are getting busy for us.  I subbed and taught 11th grade girls Sunday school, then church, lunch…then the gym.  I am teaching 6 weeks of Zumba Toning on Sundays…so we did the gym, Walmart, and came home.
Since it recently rained, we decided to burn our burn hole.  It was full of trash, boxes, and limbs. It almost got a little out of hand, but my fireman made sure it was all ok.
We are just chilling and watching The Great Food Truck Race.  The episode tonight was filmed in Fayetteville! So we are loving watching it and seeing all our favorite places in the background!
How was your weekend? Have you ever seen STOMP?

Date Ideas for Fort Smith

Update: I updated this post in September 2019 after living here for 8 years. I think I have a few more ideas now. 🙂
We like to go on “date nights”  Here are some ideas for future date ideas in Fort Smith that I have.  Have you done any of these (in Fort Smith or in your own area)?  Let me know!  If you don’t live in the Fort, you could translate these into your area.


– Attend the Fort Smith Symphony.  This would be a fancy, black tie date.  But I think it would be neat to go to the Christmas show or something else like that.
-Check out the Fort Smith Little Theater. I’ve been a part of a production here, but I’ve seen WAY more than I’ve been in, and the productions are always SO great.
– UAFS Sporting Events.  It is fun to yell and get spirited.  I think a sporting event, like a basketball game, would be a fun date night.
-Bowling.  We LOVE Bowling World.  It is really nice.  We don’t really love to go during the Saturday night black light bowling because its busy and loud.  But this is fun for a quiet afternoon.  We usually play one game “normal” and then do crazy things, like bowl a game with our other hand, or bowl with our eyes closed.  So fun.
-Antiquing.  There are tons of antique shops around the area.  This is a free date (unless you buy something!).  But we like to go in and browse and make up stories about the items.  We also try to find items that we know about, but we think the other person won’t know about.  Tyler always does the “Guess what this is” game with me on old tools.  I know nothing about them!
-Shows at the Performing Arts Centers.  The Van Buren PAC and Alma PAC often put on shows.  Some are local theater, some are shows that come in from out of town.  Either way, a night at the theater is fun!
-Horseshoes.  We often go play horseshoes at the Hackett park (we live near there).  But I’m sure there are other local parks in the Fort Smith area that have horseshoes (Ben Geren for sure does).  It is a free date and its competitive, which Tyler likes.
-Try a new restaurant.  There are so many little local spots around town that we like to try new ones every once in a while.  It is out of our comfort zone to walk into an unknown place, but its fun!  We also love to do a “progressive dinner” where we eat a different course at each place. One spot for apps and drinks, one spot for entrees, and then dessert somewhere new. Some unique ones to try: Green Papaya, R & R Curry, Uncork’d, Rolandos, Brick Town, StoneHouse, Delicias Michoacanas or Vargas Fruteria for dessert.
-Check out a park!  Carol Ann Cross is great for fishing (you do need a fishing license! get one at Walmart), The Park at West End has the carousel and ferris wheel, and the River Front park has a great waterfront trail to walk.
-See the murals! Fort Smith is home to The Unexpected, which paints murals each year. They have a map online or all the art. Go for an art walk and see the murals.
-Go to the drive in movie in Poteau! It’s just a 30 minute (or so) drive from the Fort.
-Go for a little road trip!  We like to be random.  We have taken off before and known the direction we were going, but not really what we were doing.  Take off towards Arkansas Wine Country and stop at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  Drive into Oklahoma and get gas station BBQ.  Those random stops are pretty fun!
-Places to check if they have live music (check Facebook- most of them post events there): Majestic, Uncork’d, Harry’s Downtown, TempleLive, La Huerta downtown, Bricktown Brewery, Taliano’s Bar, AJ’s Oyster House, R Landry’s.  Core Public House and the Marriot downtown also have regular trivia nights.
-Hit up the casinos! Whether it’s Choctaw in Pocola or Cherokee in Roland- they are close. They have music events and restaurants. And also gambling. 🙂
-Check ThingstoDoinFortSmith’s calendar for stuff happening.
-Brunch and the Farmer’s Market!  This is the perfect Saturday morning date! Brunch at Jeff’s Club House, River City Bistro or Uncork’d and then shop the Farmer’s Market downtown.
-Visit a museum. The RAM (Regional Art Museum) is free and often does unique nights with classes and speakers. There are several out at Chaffee, and the Fort Smith Museum of History has lots of neat local information (and a soda fountain!)
-One of the most fun dates we did was drive to Bentonville and go to Crystal Bridges Museum.  Admission is free, and there is so much to see you could spend all day!  Go on a nice day because there are tons of trails and stuff around the building.  And you can see world-famous artwork FOR FREE!
-Work through the Atlas Obscura list of local weirdness. We’ve been to several of these and they don’t disappoint.
-Tour the wineries in Altus.  Wine tours and tastings are free (for the most part…I think Chateau Aux Arc charged like $5 or something).  Fun to taste the local wines and then take a bottle home for a celebration!
Any other date night ideas for us?  We are looking for some fun things to do together!

Impromptu Date Night

I love Fridays. I get off work at 4, instead of 5 because I have to be at work on Fridays for the 8 a.m. meeting. So I LOVE Fridays because my day feels so short.

So at 4 when I get off work, I decided to trek across town (actually to the next town up) to try out a local boutique. I got some super cute stuff (a new dress, a shirt, and a hat….pictures to come!). On my way back, I decided to stop at one more store. A-Z is an overstock/factory mistakes store nearby…and they opened a new one up downtown. I LOVE A-Z because you get stuff for cheap that is perfectly fine, maybe just painted the wrong color or something. This new store was mostly a bust (it was junkier than the other A-Z store I love). And when I went to leave the store at 5:15, my car wouldn’t start. Turns out there was an issue with the steering column blocking the ignition, but my wheel was locked and I couldn’t turn it. The guys from the dealership I work at were on their way to get me, but thankfully, a nice man was able to turn my wheel just a 1/4 inch and I was able to start my car. But this fiasco put me leaving downtown at like 5:45.

Well, Tyler’s shop closes at 6, so I just decided to go there instead of going home. And we decided to go on a little date. Normally, for our dates, I enjoy getting dolled up and being girly. But since we were straight from work, I was in my work polo and all sweaty from sitting in my car trying to start it.

But that didn’t matter. What did matter- the food!

We went to Rolando’s- a latin restaurant downtown. I had been once before, but Ty had never been. He was a little leery (he always is of new places, he is afraid the food won’t be good)…but Rolando’s sure did deliver! It was SOOOOO good!

We started off with their homemade guacamole (which rivaled mine!)

And I had some AMAZING shrimp quesadillas. My favorite part? They make these pickled red onions that are soooo yummy on the quesadilla.

Tyler got a sample plate with some shrimp, chicken (covered in the most yummy sauce), a taquito and a quesadilla wedge. Everything on his plate was delish.

To be certain, we will be back again! It is a little pricier than say a Chili’s or Cheddars, but the food is amazing and totally worth it! And the company wasn’t bad either! 😉

Then we just came home and snuggled on the couch watching stuff we had on DVR- an episode of Shark Tank and the movie The Terminal. I fell asleep halfway through The Terminal, so I will have to finish it later. I would say our impromptu date was a success.