Our Travel Wall

Our Travel Wall

On our honeymoon, I brought my big DSLR everywhere we went in Hawaii.  I didn’t really know how to use it beyond just automatic mode. But I managed to get a GREAT picture of the black sand beach which we blew up poster print size and hung in our bedroom.

On a cruise years ago, we saw a spray paint artist.  If you’re never seen it, it probably sounds lame. But it wasn’t lame.  It was awesome.  He used spray paint and unique techniques to create artwork.

We ended up buying a piece that was black and white of the moon and the water (and two dolphins, which we decided were our spirit animals, ha!). And we hung it up in our bedroom.

So on this last trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, we ended up buying another spray paint art piece (this was was just too cool…and we stayed and watched the artist for a LONG time on Fremont Street) and I took a great photo at the Grand Canyon (now that I know how to work my DSLR- thanks photography class!).  We didn’t really have the wall space to spread them all out in our bedroom. We could have put them all over the house, but we sort of like for our bedroom to remind us of all of our great times together.

So I rearranged the wall that held the Hawaii picture. It used to have the big print centered on the wall, flanked by two candle sconces.

Well, sconces are gone. And I decided to make it a travel wall- one we can keep adding to.  It’s not “Pinterest perfect.”  I’m sure the frames could match more and the layout be better.  But I love it.

There’s a graphic print (that I found recently at Hobby Lobby) in the middle that says “Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.”  It perfectly captures our adventures.  We love to travel and do and see. But we also love our ordinary life at home. We aren’t trying to escape life or create a fantasy when we travel, we are simply exploring and celebrating. And I’m so glad to see these memories every day.

Updated Gallery Wall

Updated Gallery Wall



We have a gallery wall in our dining room.  It was almost a marital fight situation when we first hung it up.  I bought all of these matching frames at Michael’s (Studio Decor in barnwood)…and I originally wanted it to be a rectangle, with all of the exterior sides of the frames lining up perfectly.  It was tough, but we did it.


But then, we did a new family photo, and Tyler had a police portrait made.  And I wanted to add those.  But they wouldn’t fit into my perfect rectangle.  So I said screw perfection and mixed it up.  I’m happy with it!


I love all the special pictures we have on it.  And I sort of love it more now that it’s not this perfect rectangle.  It has more character.


What do you think? Do you have a gallery wall?

Thursdays Five?

Thursdays Five?

Since it’s a long weekend (PTL!), I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow.  But there were some fun things going on this week…so I wanted to share five fun things anyway.  I’m a rule breaker.  Friday’s Five on Thursday.

1. Monday was this week’s good hair day.  I used quite a bit of hair powder this morning to really give me volume.

2. Monday night, we hit up a local restaurant for a karaoke contest.  My awesome friend Haley came with.  We both sang (and my homegirl kicked butt!  She was robbed that she didn’t move on in the contest).  But, I made it to the semifinals in August.  I’m prepping a killer Whitney Houston song. 🙂

3. We saw a tarantula on our walk last night.  I almost stepped on it.  Creepy, but neat to watch him walking about.

4. I got new bathroom art from Hobby Lobby (can I be ok with shopping there even though I think all women should have full access to health care? yes. I can.  They have pretty things.  I don’t boycott people in my life who think differently than me.)  It’s gold and pretty and has one of my favorite hymns.  I like it.

5. We are running/walking a 5K in the morning (yes, we are the crazies who are getting up at 6 a.m. on a holiday to workout…and we paid money to inflict such torture on ourselves.).  We are dressing crazy.  Prepare yourselves for the recap post.

I’m so glad today’s my Friday!  We are ordering pizza at work today…so that’s always fun. 🙂

Have a great, safe, happy 4th of July weekend, friends!  FREEDOM!

The Loveseat

A while back, I posted that we were shopping for furniture. Specifically, a leather console love seat.  It was a compromise.  I like the micro suede/fabric look….but Tyler wanted leather.  He also wanted a console love seat.  You know what? I pretty much hated them until we found this one.  It didn’t look huge and like theater seating.
So we bought it. (iPhone photos ahead.  I’m too lazy to dig out my camera).

Now my only issue is that we have three different fabrics/pieces of furniture in our living room.  A brown fabric recliner, a tan micro suede couch, and now the brown leather love seat.  I’d rather NOT shell out another $1,200 on the couch…but I’m debating having a matching set. I know LOTS of people have mix and match furniture in their living rooms.  I’m not sure I’m one of those people.   (You can see a corner of the recliner in this picture)
And this is the side.  I may need some new pillows/blankets to tie it all together.  Maybe that would help.  Right now they are black/white and jewel tones.  

Input?  The love seat is here to stay…..but do I love it with everything else?