Baby’s First Easter

Baby’s First Easter

We had an eventful Easter!

On Saturday, we had a wedding shower to attend, so it was one last opportunity to wear the cute bunny outfit.  She was so sweet with her rosy cheeks that I had a little photo shoot. 🙂

I mean, I can’t even with the cuteness.

Saturday evening, we dyed eggs with the cousins.  Remi didn’t do any dyeing, but she sure did watch! We gave her a hardboiled egg to play with, and of course, it went right for the mouth.


Easter morning, she got her Easter basket. She was all “What is this?”

She’s getting too big! She got this book like 50% out of the basket then I helped. She was so excited about it!

She got two books and two little rompers.

Pretty exciting stuff! img_3023-1

She spent the morning at my mom’s since I had to sing in the choir and Tyler worked. Then they brought her to the second service.  I didn’t get to see her in her cute Easter dress until after! So sweet! img_3028

We spent most of the afternoon getting her to nap and then her sleeping for a couple hours – so she missed the egg hunt.  But I know next year she’ll be all up in there!

Weekend Recap: Shooting and Easter

Weekend Recap: Shooting and Easter

This weekend was a full one! Friday evening we just came home and had an at-home date night since the week was long. Tyler pulled a muscle in his back and wanted to rest. So I brought home pizza and we watched a movie (Burnt- it was really good!).

Saturday was full. I took a concealed carry class with our women’s ministry. It was PERFECT.  The instructors were husband and wife, and the class was just us ladies, so it was laid back and not stressful.

We did the classroom portion and then did the shooting portion.

We also had to get fingerprinted (my first time!).

I was the only one that brought my own gun- but I’m glad I did. I was more familiar with shooting it. I sot my Bersa 380 and shot 10 shots and made 10 shots on the paper! Woop!

Mom did even better than I did! She shot the instructor’s .22

She had an even better grouping than I did!

We were in the class until around 5, and then had an hour drive back. Afterwards, I met up with Tyler and one of his police friends (and his wife and daughter) for dinner.


Sunday was Easter. It was a full day- two services (greeting and singing in choir) then brunch with mom and Nancy. And of course, a nap. 🙂

If you’re in the NWA or River Valley area and interested in concealed carry classes, I HIGHLY recommend Jamie and Darral.  You can check them out at NADM Firearms Training on Facebook.  They were GREAT teachers. Even though most of the women had never shot a gun, they made us feel comfortable and successful.


How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Easter Fun

Weekend Recap: Easter Fun

We had a great weekend.  I saw “we” but mostly, it was me and the dogs. 🙂  Poor Tyler is working weekends, so while he is around in the evenings, he is pretty pooped.  So I’m on my own during the days.

I got up Saturday morning with Tyler’s EARLY alarm. Wah wah wah.  (also Sunday and Monday…let’s pray I start sleeping through it again soon!).

I made the most of the morning and went to the farmer’s market and produce stand.  I was able to get 3 of the things on my list from Friday: I got some rosemary (to plant, hooray!), some bok choy to try, some flowers, and also some parsley and cookies.

I came home and headed to Easter choir practice.  I have done so much singing the last few days, it’s a wonder I have a voice left! ha!

The weather was beautiful Saturday, so when I got home from choir, I took the dogs on a walk.  Thankfully, the big mean dogs down the road were gated up, so we were able to take my favorite route.

Aren’t my farmers market tulips pretty?  $5 bouquet, y’all.

And this pretty rosemary will get planted this week.

Saturday night, we chilled at home and watched a movie….and Sunday was Easter.

Tyler was working, so I greeted at both services and sang in the choir.  I came home, had lunch with my parents and Gram, took a quick nap, and then we had a disaster as we were prepping for Easter dinner (which I’ll blog about tomorrow).

The weekend was lovely, restorative, and a great time reflecting on family, love, grace, and the gift of salvation from Jesus.

Weekend Recap: Friends and Easter

Weekend Recap: Friends and Easter

We had a great weekend!  Lots of fun and family time.
Friday after work, I stayed in town and did some leisurely shopping.  In fact, it was mostly looking because I went into Target, Kirklands, and Bed Bath and Beyond, and didn’t buy a THING!  I did get some fun stuff at Brick City Emporium though! ha!
After some shopping, we had dinner for my friend Candyce’s birthday!  Here’s the pretty birthday girl!

And all of us at dinner.  Fun friends I’ve met through Zumba…

Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in a bit, do some housework, and then go to rehearsal for Easter.  I was Mary Magdalene in our church drama….so I looked like a jedi! ha!

After rehearsal, I picked up Caitlyn and she and I did some shopping.  Then we came home and cooked everything for Easter lunch.  After our cooking, the family came over and we spent some time outside.

Gavin and Dwayne even caught a catfish in our pond!

We went over to Mom’s for dinner and to dye eggs!

We went a little overboard with the colors! ha!

After dinner, Tyler played soccer with the kids (and a dog!).

Easter was GREAT with two wonderful services, a great lunch (that I hosted at our house!), an egg hunt, and some family photos (which I’ll share later in the week).
We had all this wonderful family all together.
I hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Monday. 🙂