Cutest Pumpkin at the Patch

Cutest Pumpkin at the Patch

One day when the weather was nice, we headed to Wild Things Farm for a visit the pumpkin patch!

We did a little hayride, and Remi LOVED the chugga chugga tractor.

Then we stopped to visit the animals.

The goats were her fave.  She pet a few smaller ones and waved at the bigger ones. SO MUCH WAVING.IMG_3566

They had a big tube swing and a tire swing, and she liked those.


But her favorite was the big slide with Daddy!IMG_3591IMG_3590

She was 28.5 inches this fall. 🙂


When it came time to pick a pumpkin, she totally did.


But we think she’s the cutest pumpkin at the patch!

Week 4 Highlights

Week 4 Highlights

What?! At the end of this week, you’ll be 4 weeks old?! That’s crazy. Completely crazy.

But we are having fun (most of the time!)

Here’s some highlights from week 4.

Your belly button is all healed up- and completely adorable if I do say so myself.


You’re totally into anything that makes noise. On your playmat, the blue racoon rattles, and it’s your jam when you lay there to play. If I rattle it, you turn your little head to see it. LOVE. I hope you’re musical like me!


You’re having a bunch of poopsplosions. I think it’s time to move up to the next diaper size, but we are trying to use up the rest of these newborn diapers. I was cleaning a pooptastrophe that happened while you were swinging. I turned on the aquarium lights in your crib and you LOVED looking at it. LOTS of excited arms and cooing at the fishes. img_0692

I rocked you one morning while you slept late. Your cheeks are filling out and you looked so freaking cute.


Your Halloween outfit made an appearance on Saturday (a few days before Halloween). We went to Poteau to shop and have lunch with your Grammy, Gigi and cousins. They all thought you looked ADORABLE. You did great while we shopped, but fussed some at lunch. Good thing you’re cute.


We’ve been using the soft Sophie the Giraffe to entertain you during diaper changes and such. I let you hold it during some Rock and Play time- and it was so cute how you just held onto it! I hope you like little lovies.img_0636

On Halloween, you had a onesie that said “My First Halloween,” but I was fond of your pumpkin butt.img_0652

One day last week, you had been napping all day, and it was SO nice outside (thanks crazy fall weather!) so we went to Sonic, took a drink to your “Auntie” Rachel at church, and then we walked the trail. You konked out during our walk, so I got to spend 30 minutes enjoying the beautiful day…and then you stayed asleep so we went to Walmart. A GREAT afternoon for mom.


And just for good measure, another “Pippin loves tummy time” pic. I can’t wait for y’all to be besties.


Weekend Recap: Baby Waiting

Weekend Recap: Baby Waiting

We spent the weekend doing fun stuff waiting on Remington to make her appearance.

It started Friday after work when Tyler wanted to take the fishing boat down to Sugar Loaf lake (just about 20 minutes from our house). Since this is a public lake, we had to get fishing licenses. Which, let’s be honest, is hilarious that I now have a fishing license.

The moms went with us too. It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon on the lake. We fished until dark. They caught a couple- I really think the moon phase and the cool air aren’t great for fishing. But it was fun.

Saturday, I spent the morning at home with the pups. They were in playful form- both playing side by side in their beds while I ate breakfast.

After some at home time, mom and I ran some errands. We picked up mums we had ordered from 4H, then we went to the fall festival. There were a ton of vendors and fun things going on at the park. I bought this ADORABLE owl! LOVE her!

We also went to a friend’s garage sale to pick up a piece of furniture I was buying. On my way back to mom’s that evening, I spotted 4 deer enjoying their dinners. They didn’t mind me at all!

Saturday evening, mom and I went to a LulaRoe party at a friend’s church. We both got some LulaRoe loot! Then we grabbed some dinner and went to Walmart to do some shoe shopping.  Believe me when I tell you Walmart has CUTE booties this season!

Sunday, we had church and then I did some cleaning at home (#nesting). That evening, we went to Painting with a Twist for a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen. Tyler’s cousin Kelsey is doing the 60 mile 3-day walk and was raising money. It was so fun!  

However, Sunday evening we got a stress- dad had a bad day at the nursing home and they were trying to send him back to senior care (which he was just in like a week ago!).  Thankfully, we averted that crisis…but we have some issues to cover with the nursing home today. I’m thankful that (at least for now) we won’t have to shuffle back and forth between two hospitals for dad and me and that Remington didn’t come last night while mom and I were mentally exhausted.

Now we just wait for her!

Weekend Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Weekend Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was mostly low key.  I needed to recoup from all the travel lately.  Friday we had an early movie date night to see the Intern (which we LOVED), and then we did dinner and hanging out at home. We were going to go to a Halloween party Friday night, but was cancelled because the host had some family stuff going on- and I appreciated the time to chill.

Saturday, Tyler worked and then worked overtime, so I had the whole day at home to rest, clean, cook, and hang with the dogs.  GLORIOUS.

The weekend fun happened on Sunday when my life group came over for lunch and then we headed to the pumpkin patch.

It was  a GREAT time.  Every time our home is full of friends I am so thankful and happy.  There were a couple people who came to lunch and couldn’t go to the pumpkin patch- so the house was full of babies, toddlers, teenage kiddos, and friends.  Happy heart.

We trekked over to Wild Things Farm for the pumpkin patch.  The weather was PERFECT.  Cloud cover and a slight breeze, but no rain and no heat.  Awesome.

We did some fun stuff:

Corn maze (which was basically Tyler walking us through it with his keen sense of direction- we were never lost):

A hayride (which was great because Tyler got off work a couple hours early and got to come!) 

Photo ops with the kiddos: 

The big mountain slide (I went down it and had so much fun…but the photos are NOT so flattering ha!)

Putting the kids in jail for being “cornvicts” ha! My favorite is baby Averie on the left! ha! 

Picking pumpkins with this princess:

Watching the kids on the pillow jumper (I’m far too klutzy for that!) 

Petting animals (including a BUNNY! and this goat) in the petting zoo. I was pretty pumped.

And then we all came back to our house to paint the pumpkins.  Averie stayed in her car seat so her momma could paint…and Pippin was a great nanny.  He loved laying there by her, and when she would coo, he would lick her little toes to calm her down.  It was PRECIOUS.

So that was my weekend fun.  Friends, pumpkins, and petting goats.  It doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂