Pumpkin Patch Fun

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We had THE BEST time at the Pumpkin Patch earlier this month. It was still a warm day, so we were all hot and sweaty by the end…but it was great.

I love our little local agri-tourism farm.


Starting with a few turns on the cow train. She loved this.


And, of course, lots of photo ops.


This area was new to us this year, it’s got lots of games and things to explore. The PVC pipe slide was a favorite. She called it the bumpy slide. I was just proud of her being so brave.


We also hit the giant pillow jumper. She loved that, too!


We bought drinks and a candy necklace in the gift shop, and then we took a hayride around to the rest of the run!

We were so excited for Caitlyn and Mimi to join us! It’s been fun having Caitlyn here for college.


She liked the petting zoo area more this year, and the goat conveyor belt thing was a hit! There was only one goat up there, but he was loving all the treats.


I wasn’t sure how she would do on the giant slide since the one at the fair was a bust. But she LOVED it. She went once with my mom and then TWICE by herself, including once on her tummy backwards!


And, of course, we had to snag our “How tall this fall?” pic!  ALMOST 3 feet tall!


Our final stop was through the pumpkin patch. They had them on the vine this year (2 years ago when we went, they were already cut. So it was fun to see them growing and have to really hunt our pumpkin. Remi helped everyone carry theirs until she found her perfect one!


Found it!


Daddy helped her break it off the vine.


Ta da!


And for comparison’s sake, here’s her third year in this shirt!  2019 at Wild Thing Farm, 2018 for school (we didn’t make the patch last year) and 2017 at Wild Things. It’s a 12-18 month shirt. ha!


Continuing on her brave streak, she worked up the nerve to ride these bumper cars. She had watched and backed out earlier, but she did it. And then she was able to ride again because no one was waiting. She LOVED them.


We finished the day with a train ride back to our cars. So much fun all together!


A Baby Shark Halloween!

A Baby Shark Halloween!

We had some Halloween ideas, but as it got closer to time to really gather supplies, we changed our minds and went with what Remi REALLY wanted: Baby Shark.

She’s obsessed with the song and video, so we were a shark family.

She LOVED putting on her shark jacket- I wish I had videoed it because she totally got that she was now baby shark and enjoyed it. (The teeth were pretty stiff felt and bothered her a little)

Of course, Daddy and Momma Shark joined in.

And we introduced Gigi and Mimi Shark!

Our town does a big Halloween- high school clubs set up on the walking trail and several churches do a trunk or treat. Well, it was POURING down rain, so everyone moved inside. I was so thankful that the kids still had a great time.

We were going to hit the high school, but the line was long outside and Remi isn’t great at waiting in line yet…so we just came to church.

It was fun to see a lot of our friends, including sweet Eden who helps in the nursery. Remi loved her unicorn outfit!

We waited in line getting candy a little bit, but then she just took off walking around. Thankfully, everyone was in a great mood (and we knew like half the gym), so people would sort of let her come and go in between lines and games and walking around.

She ate several pieces of the candy she got on the spot (What’s Halloween for if not to eat too much candy?!)

She loved this shark game! The people running this booth were dressed like pirates (I think? It was a blur!) and the kids had to “walk the plank” through shark infested waters to get their candy! So creative! Remi loved walking the plank. (We had joined back into line with our sweet friends Sophia and Lyndi! It was a great night)

We did manage to get a great picture of our whole shark family! Remi was too busy eating her sucker to smile.

I joked we were famous locally because the next morning in our big town Facebook group was this post asking for pictures of the shark family. ha! A friend tagged me and I was able to share our picture. I’m glad people enjoyed it.  We loved it and had a great time.


We weren’t out late- at like 6:45 Remi was acting like she’d had too much stimulation (too many people, sights, sounds, packed into a church gym) and we went home. But she keeps talking about when she was baby shark. We had a great Halloween!

Birthday-Adjacent Weekend

Birthday-Adjacent Weekend

The weekend surrounding Remi’s birthday was just so much fun.

Saturday morning, I gave Remi an early birthday present.  Her sweet friend Connor sent her a birthday present (I work with his momma…and it was his birthday weekend, too!) and she was SO EXCITED about her new outfit.  She tried to put the pants on right away!

We were just going to hang at home, but Tyler saw a post on Facebook about our town’s Fall Festival getting set up- so we got changed and headed to town.  The park was transformed with fun booths, food trucks, inflatables, hay rides and more fun.


Remi was finally big enough to climb the inflatable by herself! She loved it!  And her little friend Lyla was there, too and they enjoyed playing together.

We went on a hayride around the park and Remi loved it.  We laughed though- the hay was poking her, and she figured out to sit on her paper fan.  (And don’t worry, we got LOTS of feedback about her. *insert eye roll*  On the hayride, she said she had to potty, and we were telling her to hold it and we would find a bathroom when we finished.  A lady commented “Isn’t she a little young for that?” Ugh. #mindyourown)

We got some snacks and food- mini donuts, shaved ice and egg rolls.  Yum.  Remi was a big fan of the donuts.

After her birthday we went back to Mimi’s house to swim. It was warm enough and my mom has a heater for the pool.  I didn’t get in, but Remi enjoyed swimming with the family.  The view out there is gorgeous.

Sunday morning, I set up all her birthday gifts. It was like Christmas.  She went between all the presents and was loving it.  She started with her princess shoes and gloves, then played basketball and built with her magnatiles.  Well rounded.

Sunday morning, we had a bit of a birthday hangover and she was SHOWING her two-year-old-ed-ness.  But she looked precious.  And after her nap she was much better.

I got some snuggles which are always great.  And it was my last Sunday afternoon snuggles with my one year old (she turned two the next morning).

The weather was beautiful, so Sunday night, she got to play in her water table.  And she happily dumped water on her head.  Silly goose.

A super fun weekend for all!

Fall Fun

Fall Fun

It’s just the start of fall, but we’ve had SO MUCH fall fun already!

Remi had an apple party at school (the week of Johnny Appleseed Day) and she took this FUNNY picture.

None of the other kids bit the apples, but she did.  When my mom picked her up, she said, “Mimi, I bite apple!” so proud. Silly goose.


We went to the fall festival at Tyler’s school (he’s a school resource officer now) and had a BLAST. The high schoolers were so sweet to Remi, and it was set up as such a fun, free event.  Games, festival fun, bounce arounds….all free!

She finally LOVES the bouncey house.  She’s been unsure before, but was all in for this one.

She got some candy while playing games, got a tattoo on her hand and also got her first face painting.  She did so good sitting still!

Then we went to a tailgate and the homecoming game at Daddy’s school.  She LOVED watching the band- both at the festival and the tailgate.  Big live music fan, here.

She ate her hot dog, danced, played corn hole with the big kids, and was just so much fun. 

We had a bit of a problem finding a seat at the busy homecoming game (and not knowing the stadium).  We sat in the student section first, then accidentally went to some reserved seats.  Oops.  We settled in and watched kick-off, but then this girl was tired and asked to go home.  She can’t hang! (I can’t complain about my great sleeper!)

We’re having a great season already!