Weekend Recap: Where Did This Weekend Go?

Weekend Recap: Where Did This Weekend Go?

So this weekend didn’t go as planned.  It felt like a non-weekend…except for Sunday.  Here’s how it went down.

We were planning on going Friday evening to a friend’s house to trick or treat with my life group folks.  We were going to be Lucy and Ricky (from I Love Lucy – a costume I’ve wanted to do FOREVER).  So we got dressed and were headed out.



This is the only picture I got dressed up.  As we left, mom asked us to go check on Gram.  Mom and Dad were out of town for the night….and Gram wasn’t answering the phone.  Well, when we showed up- we could tell something wasn’t right.  She had slept ALL day, had an accident in bed, and was not right.  She could hardly walk (was SUPER weak) and was doing cooky things.  She tried putting underwear on her head, tried answering the alarm clock….was using words wrong.  So we convinced her to let us take her to the ER.

Well, being Halloween night…it was a bit busy.  We got there around 6 or so….and we got her into a room maybe around 9:30ish.  They did a CT scan, x-rays, blood tests….and poor Gram…they couldn’t get an IV in her.  So late in the evening they decided to admit her for more testing (thinking she had a stroke), but had to get an IV first.  SIX different people tried to get an IV, but her veins kept blowing.  She ended up getting a central line.  We got her settled and got home after 3 a.m. And yes, I took the wig off, but we were both “in costume” the whole time at the ER. ha!

We slept some…but I woke up at like 7 a.m.  I did some cleaning, took mom’s car back to her house (we had taken their car to the hospital), got donuts, and went back to bed around 11.  We got up around 1:30 and got some breakfast. Then we visited Gram again.  We left her and came home to take Mikey for a walk- since he had been home alone for so long on Friday night.

Sunday, we heard from the doctor that he thought Gram had a seizure…so they started her on seizure meds.  She got to go home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was also my first day as a greeter at church! I really enjoyed it!


After church, we got some lunch and went to Tyler’s grandpa’s farm.  We love it there.  Me and Tyler’s cousin Kelsey usually take naps together in the living room (which we did!) and then everyone hangs out outside.  This is the view: chairs, cars open with lots of guns and toys in the back…and the old buildings.  One of grandpa’s barns burnt down last month…which was sad to stand there and see (you can see it the pumpkin carving photo below).


We never got around to carving our pumpkin Friday night because of Gram being in the hospital…so we decided to blow it up!



They put some tannerite inside and set it far away in the field.


When you shoot the tannerite, it blows up.  See the pumpkin chunks flying?! Ha!


After the gorgeous sunset, we started a little fire for smores.



It’s so nice to just sit around with family.

fire girls

One funny thing was I kept going inside checking on my phone charging.  And during one trip, the horses had come up to the house.  I took some time to pet sweet Sugar…and when I went in, Sugar waited at the steps outside for me- like a dog! ha!  Loved it!


So all in all, we had a GREAT Sunday and a little bit of a crazy weekend.  I’m thankful Gram will be ok…and I’m glad we got some rest despite the craziness.


How was your weekend?








Weekend Recap: Relaxing

Weekend Recap: Relaxing


I’m beyond thankful for the relaxing weekend we had.  I feel refreshed today at the start of the week.  My October is looking pretty full, so it was nice to recharge for the weekend.


But recharging didn’t mean sitting around all weekend. Nope! There were adventures to be had!


Friday evening, I got a GREAT pedicure (I decided to splurge for the “deluxe” and it came with hot stone massage and paraffin dip!) and then had a girls’ night with my life group.  We watched Mom’s Night Out. If you haven’t seen it yet – you MUST rent it.  It was hilarious.

Saturday, I decided to hit up the Farmer’s Market downtown.  The air was crisp and it was so nice.  While the beautiful summer veggies are winding down, they were full of pumpkins! I was tempted by that light orange cinderella pumpkin in the bottom right, but I decided to just get one for carving at the local produce store.


On my way out of the farmer’s market, I spotted a group of historical folks.  I just love living in Fort Smith.  The area is rich with history and those looking to preserve it…including these folks.


After running a few more errands (Twin City Produce and car wash), I hit up my friend Brandy’s Zumba class.  It was my first Zumba class since surgery and I’m glad to say it went well.  Aside from feeling out of shape for not working out for 2 weeks, nothing hurt.

I spent Saturday evening resting because Tyler was hunting.


Sunday we had a fun day. We went to church and then to town for lunch.  It’s rare for us to make a trip into town on a Sunday, but we decided to go to lunch and a movie.  Red Lobster was our lunch choice because of their endless shrimp promotion.  We felt like we took advantage of it (dad and I each got one “refill” and Tyler got 3!) but OH MY GOSH, a table next to us said a few guys were on their 9th plate of shrimp! Holy cow!

After lunch we saw the Maze Runner.  I liked it.  They made a lot of changes from the book, but the movie was still good.

When we got home, Tyler was pooped (too many shrimp?) and laid down for a nap…which became just going to bed at 6.  That’s right.  He never got up from his nap.


So Mikey and I had the evening to clean, cook and watch a movie.  He enjoyed sitting in my lap watching Gypsy, another musical I rented from the library.




I also did some photo editing.  I enjoyed playing with my new lens this weekend and fixed up the photos (to compensate for my lack of photography skills).  Fashion, cooking, and fun coming soon to this place.




I also did some coloring. My sweet friends Taylor and Kristin sent me a care package before surgery.  I love to color, and it wasn’t super comfortable right after surgery…but I’ve almost filled the book in the week since coloring felt okay.  Check out this masterpiece! ha!




So that was my weekend.  It was great.


How was your weekend? What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Weekend Recap: Branson!

We got to Branson around 1:30 AM Friday night…so we checked into our condo and crashed.  (Well, I crashed.  Our moms and Tyler are night owls and stayed up laughing and being silly.  Not me…I need my beauty sleep!)
We got up around 8 on Saturday and got ready.  We made a stop at a store that we used to love…but the stock was super low (and it seemed like they were going out of business) so that was a bust.
We stopped by our favorite Branson breakfast spot- Billy Gail’s.  Pancakes that are HUGE!  Mom and Tyler had pancakes (and I had an egg white omelet…#healthyeating).
After breakfast, we got to Silver Dollar City right when it opened at noon.  It was a little chilly, so we were all layered up.  We started with a little shopping and then saw Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Oh my!  SDC has totally stepped up their game with the shows. This was Broadway quality and totally great!
We rode several rides (including the new Outlaw Run….a wooden coaster that goes upside down several times! woah!)…did some more shopping and then got lunch.  I was TOTALLY excited for my chicken succotash!  It’s my favorite thing in the City!
Fall was in full bloom there…so pretty in the Ozarks!
We did some more fun stuff- lots of shopping and tasting and demonstrations (our favorites were watching the potter making coffee cups in the pottery shop…or the glass blower making bowls)…and we made our way back to the square for the Christmas tree lighting.  I was a happy girl because I had some hot wassail.  I wait ALL year for this yummy drink!
The tree lighting is set to music and just beautiful!  Christmas is upon us!
After the lighting, we made ANOTHER trip to the candy store because they wanted more candy! ha!  Then we found a spot and watched the parade.  It was short, but fun.
We left the park after the parade and picked up dinner on the way home.  After we ate, we hit up the pool and hot tub in the condo.  It was a relaxing way to end the day!
Sunday, we had breakfast at the Belgian Waffle and Pancake House.  Then we dropped Tyler and Nancy off at the Payne Stewart golf course.  They played 18 holes while mom and I shopped.  It was great.
We had dinner at Fudrucker’s and then headed home.

It was a WONDERFULLY fun weekend.  I just love Branson.

Five on Friday: November?

Five on Friday: November?

Linking up with The Good Life for Five on Friday. (the counting in German…the foreign language I have forgotten since I took in high school/college ).  I can’t believe it’s already November!
Eins. I dressed up for Halloween Zumba last night.  Aloha!
Yes.  That’s a flower bra.  Thank goodness  I had a sports bra on too…those flower covered seashells were NOT supportive.
Zwei. Wednesday, my coworker Autumnn and I went to a luncheon/fundraiser called The Power of the Purse.  It was a lunch with a purse auction.  I snagged this orange Michael Kors beauty.  It also came with a wine package- 4 bottles of vino, 4 BEAUTIFUL Waterford crystal wine glasses, and some accessories like a Corksicle and wine charms.  So fun!
Photo from The City Wire
Drei.  Tyler woke up with my at 4:30 am on Thursday to hunt in our yard.  He has been putting out corn and it’s been getting eaten…and we’ve seen deer tracks.  He finally got his hunter’s license, so he grabbed his bow, donned his camo, and sat in the blind. But no deer came.  Come on Bambi, momma wants some deer chili!
Vier. Wednesday before church I REALLLLLY wanted to run.  Like really reallly reallllly wanted to.  I figured I would just ride into town with Tyler to the church, and while supper started, I would run around town…which was a great plan, until I realized two things: 1) it was raining, and 2) Main Street is uphill the whole way.  Now, once I started running, I didn’t mind the uphill (because I realized I could run downhill the whole second half of my run)…but it was raining.  I didn’t really mind that either because it wasn’t cold or windy…but it was weird.  I could tell people driving by thought I was nuts.  I wanted to run a little farther, but the rain was starting to pick up, so I turned around about .3 miles earlier than I wanted.  Oh well.  I felt hardcore for running in the rain.
ooh it’s raining!
Funf. We carved our pumkin last night!  Spooky, huh?
I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I’m ready for some fun this weekend.  I love my job and my coworkers…but nothing compares to a little weekend crazy fun!
Hope you have a great day!