{Foodie Friday} Favorite Fall Recipes – Sweet Parmesean Cornbread

The last Blogtober Fest post is about favorite Fall recipes!

 I love food in the fall! Chili and cornbread, caramel apples, pumpkin ANYTHING!
Here are a couple of my favorite Fall Recipes! Sweet Parmesean Cornbread – it goes perfectly with EVERYTHING!
We have lots of soups, stews, and chilis in the fall.  We LOVE cornbread and this stuff is amazing (and simple!)
Sweet Parmesan Cornbread
-1 package Texas Sweet Honey Cornbread mix
-1 egg
-1/3 cup milk
-1/3 cup water (I do half milk/half water…we like that mix better than all mix that the package calls for)
-1.5 tablespoons of honey
-1/4 cup parmesan for mixing
-1/4 cup for sprinkling
If possible, try to use this brand of cornbread:

If you can’t find it, use a “sweet” cornbread mix.
Mix everything but the parmesan for sprinkling and add to your pan.  I’ve made square pans, round pans, muffins, mini muffins….and our favorite are actually mini muffins.  But be sure you grease your pan well! Before baking, sprinkle the cornbread with the parmesan and bake according to the package. YUM!
What soup would you eat with my cornbread?

Fall Traditions

Blogtober Fest today includes a post on Fall Traditions.

This one’s gonna be short, ladies and gents. Here are some fall traditions for us.
We pretty much always go to OBU’s Homecoming in the fall.  
Me with some of my sorority sisters at Homecoming a couple years ago.
We go watch football. (Our town is a HUGE football town. So we love to cheer on our Bulldogs!)
Us at a Bulldog football game!
And…we carve pumpkins.
Our prized pumpkin.  We LOVED it and hated when it turned to mush.
Tyler can’t stand the goop inside, so that is always my job.
Last year’s pumpkin.  Our last name is easy…lots of straight lines. 🙂
That’s just about it.  When we have kids, we will likely do more fun stuff, but right now for us…it’s easy goings.

What Fall Traditions should we add to our list?

Halloween Memories

Today’s Blogtober Fest post is all about Halloween memories!
I have tons of fun Halloween memories as a kid…but all those (embarassing) photos are at mom’s, so in order to keep you captivated with awesome photos, I will have to tell you about the last Halloween where I dressed up.
It was our first Halloween as a couple back in maybe 2008?  We were in college, and Tyler’s social club (fraternity) were going on an outing to Dallas over Halloween, including a Halloween dance. So we had to find costumes.
I am the costume queen.  After singing and dancing for my entire life (as well as a couple years in Branson), I have two closets at mom’s full of costumes. I have outfits for everything just about. A nurse outfit? Got it. Western? 50’s? Hula? Country? You name it, I can dress for it out of that costume closet.
So we started there. Tyler looked through my costumes trying to imagine what we could go together as.  Add a doctor’s outfit to my nurse? Nope, that wasn’t cutting it.  Go as hippies with my tye-dye pants as inspiration. Lame, he said. So we took a trip to the local costume shop.
It was a party store the rest of the year, but at Halloween, every inch of space were packaged costumes.  I told him to basically pick anything, and I would be the female pair to it.  Cop? Then I’ll be a robber. Want to be monkeys? I’ll get the gorilla suit. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion? How about we do celebrity? Go as Brad and Angelina (I even offered to go all Tomb Raider). Again…a no.
We probably spent a good hour browsing all the costumes.  I thought we were doomed to go to the dance in regular clothes as college kids because Mr. Picky couldn’t find a costume. Then he suddenly gasped, pointed and exclaimed “That’s it!”
“It” was a Luke Skywalker outfit.  Tan leggings, a tunic, and a belt. WHAT? (to this day, I think he chose it because of the lightsaber.)
Now, my husband is NOT a sci-fi guy.  He’s a country boy who owns a motorcycle shop. He has never even SEEN all the Star Wars movies. What did that leave me to dress as?
Princess Leia.  Enter the bun wig.
I held up my agreement that I would be anything. I bought the white robe and wig.  I tried my hardest to make it cute by shortening the robe and adding leggings and high heels.
Tyler bought a “lightsaber.”  (I honestly believe he just wanted to carry a fake light up weapon all evening.  Admittedly, the glow of the lightsaber was fun at the dance.)
And here was the finished product.Yes, I’m aware they are brother and sister…but I was just glad we had a costume that got Mr. Picky’s approval.
Now, that night was fun.  But let the record show that I have never gotten my Halloween revenge choice of outfits. We haven’t been to another Halloween function since then.  I want so desperately to be Lucy and Ricky from I Love Lucy.  I was Lucy at a celebrity function in college and totally pulled it off.  
Evidence.  I kill it as Lucy.
And I think Tyler could carry a bongo.  He does like the props.
What was your best Halloween costume?

Fall Fashion and Decorating

I’m linking up with the Arkansas Women Bloggers for Blogtober Fest this week!

Fall is my favorite.  Like, I know lots of people say that, but I really mean it.  I get quite antsy at the end of August/beginning of September just waiting for Fall.  I’m sure you love the same things about Fall that I do: pumpkin everything, cooler weather (which here in Arkansas means temps in the 80s instead of 90s!), boots, football (although maybe not this year!), and fun events.
I love fall fashion.  Breaking out the boots, scarves, and pretty dresses makes me happy.
For boots, I usually have issues.  See, I have big calves.  I have to buy what they call “wide shaft” boots. I used to buy from Zappos (a company I LOVE!) but their boots were a little on the pricey side.  I found OneStopPlus.com, and they carry wide boots from several e-commerce sites all in one spot…so I buy from them quite often.  Some of my favorite pairs are:
The Kayleigh – I have this pair and LOVE them!  The color is awesome and goes with everything!

Comfortview Sue High – These are so cute! Love the scrunched up look.

Cross Strap Leather Riding Boots – Love the riding boot look! So trendy!
For scarves, I use this graphic as my scarf tying Bible.

I love to buy scarves everywhere, but Forever 21 and Kohl’s are some of my fave spots. I mean, look at this screen grab from F21….SO MUCH CUTE!  And all around $10!

Now, let’s talk pretty dresses.  I am a HUGE fan of dresses for fall, especially when paired with boots and leggings. Here are some of the ones I’m loving right now (if only I had tons of disposable income to buy them all! Donations welcome! ha!)  

Oh how I love the subtle pleats and the gorgeous green color of this dress.

This beautiful mustard color would be awesome with some brown boots and a striped cardigan. Check it out here.

And OMG!  The ruffly detail and beautiful teal color?  Give me a jewel toned cardigan and some grey tights, LOVE it!  See it here. (PS.  It’s on sale!!)

As far as Fall decorating goes, I put some pumpkins out.  I love to go to Hobby Lobby and shop for punkins.

My favorite décor is to change my seasonal plates and my dining table.  I collect Fiestaware, so for each holiday, I just pull out the pieces that match and do my table.  

What are some of your favorite fall styles? And a bonus question to get to know you: if you could watch only one genre of movies forever….would it be scary movies or cartoons?