Fall Fashion and Decorating

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Fall is my favorite.  Like, I know lots of people say that, but I really mean it.  I get quite antsy at the end of August/beginning of September just waiting for Fall.  I’m sure you love the same things about Fall that I do: pumpkin everything, cooler weather (which here in Arkansas means temps in the 80s instead of 90s!), boots, football (although maybe not this year!), and fun events.
I love fall fashion.  Breaking out the boots, scarves, and pretty dresses makes me happy.
For boots, I usually have issues.  See, I have big calves.  I have to buy what they call “wide shaft” boots. I used to buy from Zappos (a company I LOVE!) but their boots were a little on the pricey side.  I found OneStopPlus.com, and they carry wide boots from several e-commerce sites all in one spot…so I buy from them quite often.  Some of my favorite pairs are:
The Kayleigh – I have this pair and LOVE them!  The color is awesome and goes with everything!

Comfortview Sue High – These are so cute! Love the scrunched up look.

Cross Strap Leather Riding Boots – Love the riding boot look! So trendy!
For scarves, I use this graphic as my scarf tying Bible.

I love to buy scarves everywhere, but Forever 21 and Kohl’s are some of my fave spots. I mean, look at this screen grab from F21….SO MUCH CUTE!  And all around $10!

Now, let’s talk pretty dresses.  I am a HUGE fan of dresses for fall, especially when paired with boots and leggings. Here are some of the ones I’m loving right now (if only I had tons of disposable income to buy them all! Donations welcome! ha!)  

Oh how I love the subtle pleats and the gorgeous green color of this dress.

This beautiful mustard color would be awesome with some brown boots and a striped cardigan. Check it out here.

And OMG!  The ruffly detail and beautiful teal color?  Give me a jewel toned cardigan and some grey tights, LOVE it!  See it here. (PS.  It’s on sale!!)

As far as Fall decorating goes, I put some pumpkins out.  I love to go to Hobby Lobby and shop for punkins.

My favorite décor is to change my seasonal plates and my dining table.  I collect Fiestaware, so for each holiday, I just pull out the pieces that match and do my table.  

What are some of your favorite fall styles? And a bonus question to get to know you: if you could watch only one genre of movies forever….would it be scary movies or cartoons?

A Spooktacular (and quiet) Night!

In honor of Halloween, I gave myself a crazy manicure!  They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers…so easy to use!  I’m in love!

I bought some candy for Halloween (one bag was almost gone before the big day…thanks honey!) not knowing if we would have trick or treaters.  Well, we had none.
I had our little light up pumpkin and porch light on, some ghost/pumpkins all lit up in the yard…pumpkin lights on our garage…and no trick or treaters came.  Sad day.
But we did have a nice little quiet night at home.
I made some Halloween food (mummy dogs via pinterest), guacamole, squash, and some chocolate caramel apple slices and me, Tyler and Nancy (my MIL) ate dinner and carved a pumpkin.
Tyler carved LEE in the side!  It looked so good!

We decided against using a stencil because we knew no one but us would see it (and why go to all the trouble of intricate carving when a silly face is just as fun?)….we just gave this little guy a silly face (including two different kinds of eyes!).
He was supposed to have fangs, but when I tried to remove the mouth, the fangs came along with it!  Ooops!

We enjoyed a low-key evening.  We topped it off by watching Wall Street from Netflix (I want to see the new one…so we watched the old one first).  However, my HUGE problem: no DVD player in the living room…so when we get to the bed to watch, I fall asleep!  I probably saw a total of 45 random minutes of the movie last night and couldn’t tell you much of what happened!  Oops again! 🙂
We are going to HAVE to move the DVD player from the guest bedroom to the living room so I can watch movies and not fall asleep.  I just have my body so trained to lay in bed and sleep….I just can’t stay awake once I lay down and get all cozy.
Happy November! 

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Just Another “I’m So Ready For Fall” Post

I will say it: I’m ready for fall. I never really wish time away. I enjoy every moment. But there are some things about fall that I’m just excited for!

Razorback Football! If you can’t tell by my blog name, I’m a Razorback fan. I actually really enjoy most college football games (especially SEC games). I don’t really get into NFL games…but man, I love me some college football. 9 sleeps and then it will be kickoff!

I am ready for boot weather! I totally LOVE wearing boots. Tall boots, sweater boots, short ankle booties, high heeled boots, flat boots…all boots. I am ready to throw on some skinnies or leggings and my boots!

I am ready for fall decor! I have some super cute fall stuff that I’m excited to decorate with!

Soups and stews! Ready to make a big pot of chili, potato soup, corn chowder… It has just been too hot to make too many soups and stews.

I am also ready for fall clothing. I have purchased a few new things to spruce up my fall wardrobe that I’m pumped about!

LOVE this chunky sweater (From Dress Barn. Yes I’m an old lady and shop there. They send me coupons, and I’m a sucker for coupons)

Also from Dress Barn. Will be presh with some skinnies or leggings and boots.

From a local boutique, Solemates. I am in love with this. I asked them to hold this for me and I’m going there after work tomorrow to snag this and another cute top.

And I’m excited to make some yummy things with pumpkin! I have a recipe for pumpkin muffins, pumpkin peanut butter cupcakes (I think I’ll make these at Thanksgiving), pumpkin ravioli, the list goes on.

So what are you excited about for fall?

Arkansas in the Fall

Arkansas is The Natural State. No really, its our state nickname…or whatever. It is on our license plates.
I remember one fall in college I drove from Arkansas to Alabama one weekend to visit a friend….and then to Texas and Oklahoma the next weekend….and the trees just weren’t as pretty in any other state.
I was blessed to drive through Arkansas this weekend and admire the beautiful trees. I didn’t take any pictures (because I was driving, duh!), but a friend of mine posted some pictures on Facebook that perfectly show our fall colors.
I bet your state doesn’t look this magnificent. I was driving and I would turn corners and gasp…it was so beautiful it took my breath away. God is a wonderful artist for sure.