Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving was peaceful and quiet. We spent the main day at home- playing, cooking and eating. It wasn’t the usual huge family celebrations, but it was fun.

This little turkey stole the show.

I ended up not having to cook a lot because I had made food for the weekend before for a Friendsgiving, but had to cancel it because I got strep throat. So I threw all the food in the freezer and we made it for Thanksgiving.

We did make a turkey. And the moms carved it up!

We started eating while she was still napping, but woke up when everybody went back for seconds and joined the meal. She was SO happy.

She played with all of her favorite people.  Grandpa….

Dada and momma….

And Grammy and Gigi.

The next day, Tyler’s family came over for a fun brunch. The weather was GORGEOUS so we moved tables and chairs outside and had a picnic.

Yummy breakfast food the day after Thanksgiving was a hit.

Uncle Dwight took Remi on a 4 wheeler ride. She LOVED it.

After the meal, she took a nap. And we went shooting at the pond. We blew up the Halloween pumpkins.

After nap, we went to Oklahoma to see more family.  Look at this sweet girl with Uncle Joe. Melt my heart.

And that night, we broke out the Christmas pajamas!

Hope you all had a great turkey day as well!

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations early with dinner at my dad’s nursing home.

It’s not ideal, and I wish we were all together and there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s, but I’m thankful they put on a nice family night and that dad was having a good day.

I had to get some Remi pics before we left. I love this little turkey outfit!

She was very interested in Grandpa’s cool chair. Dad loved her playing with him. He just smiled.

We had a good dinner. The food was actually really great and dad ate a whole piece of pie for me! He even kissed me on the cheek a couple times when we were leaving. Sweet memories.

Mom and I have talked and there is some sadness because the holidays aren’t what they used to be. We’re missing Gram and Grandpa and dad. We live in different places. It used to be that like 20 of us piled into our home, but this year it’s just like 5 of us. But that’s ok. Love is love and it’s great to share family, no matter who is there.

Family Filled Weekend (and First Steps!)

Family Filled Weekend (and First Steps!)

We had a GREAT weekend with almost all of our family!

It started with dinner last Friday night with Tyler’s side of the family. There’s a taco place that we love- and we all enjoyed dinner. Grandpa couldn’t believe Remi ate her whole cheese quesadilla (and some rice and beans)!

Brad is Tyler’s cousin’s husband. She was out of town, but we were so glad Brad came. Remi loves him. Hopefully she can help him catch baby fever! 🙂 ha!

The next morning we headed to Hot Springs to see my family. We had lunch and did some shopping with Sandy, Nene, Caitlyn and Luke. And then we stopped by Uncle Neil’s.

Remi LOVED his fancy chair.

In fact, as she played with the wheels and stuff, she suddenly stepped away and took her first steps! I really thought she was a while away from walking because she’s just so cautious, but turns out she was ready!

We got home late, but Remi was a champ with adjusting naps and sleep for the day. She’s so easygoing it’s so easy to travel with her.

We were so thankful to spend the weekend with family. I want her to grow up feeling as loved as she is!

Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

She had no choice but to be personable.  If you know me or her daddy, we talk to everyone. We make friends easily. It’s in her blood.

She had a very social week.

First, she was talking to the baby she found in the mirror. ha!

We went to the 1st annual Food Truck Festival on Saturday. The actual festival was a little disappointing because there were only like 6 trucks (and none of our local faves?) but Remi loved seeing everyone. She also LOVED drinking from Grammy’s water bottle.

After the festival, we met up at the mall to play so Daddy could come inside and see us for a minute. The bigger kids at the mall LOVED her. They gathered around to ask 100 question- what’s her name? How old is she? Can she walk? Has she been here before?

They were so sweet to her, especially this group of little boys. They wanted to show her the ropes.

Once she warmed up a little bit (and the big boys showed her how to crawl through the tunnels), she went to town. She climbed up the slides and LOVED it. And I really was impressed at how nice the bigger kids were, being mindful of her and letting her play and waiting for her to leave an area. They totally weren’t bullies at all.

She loves a good tunnel.

Sunday she looked ADORABLE and loved seeing all her friends at church.

Before school one morning, we had a HUGE plumbing issue and I used basically every towel we own.  While I was dealing with that, she was a little bit on her own.  I lost my breath when I looked up and saw her.  She looked SO big. Like a big kid. The shoes, the skinny jeans, her standing up.  Just had to capture it.

She got to leave school early on Thursday to meet up with me, Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry for lunch.  They came in to see Dad and Mom, and so we all had lunch together.  She LOVED them and was just smiling and charming them. Silly girl.

She also has been socializing with the pups this week. Pretty sure she’s now saying “puh puh” for puppies. She loves to get in their beds in the mudroom. They were like “You can get out now!”

Week 54. 🙂