Hot Springs Overnight Trip

Hot Springs Overnight Trip

We took a little overnight getaway to Hot Springs. It’s fun to go visit our family and hit our favorite places that we miss.

We left after work Friday, so we got in for a late dinner. We hit our fave spot on the water, Fisherman’s Wharf. Great as always! Remi loved all the fish on the walls, and she made her fish face all during dinner. She also loved feeding crackers to the ducks outside.


We crashed for bedtime and the next morning, mom went to get us cinnamon rolls from Will’s.  I sent her with a list of 5 (one per person) and she came back with 8. ha! So much for the diet!  We did end up bringing half of them home. They are SO good.


Remi went straight for the middle. Smart girl.


Hotel checkout wasn’t until noon, so we went for a morning swim. Remi was PUMPED. After the swim, we got ready and she took a little nap before we left for the day.


We hit the races (more on that later this week), and then we had dinner at Taco Pronto. It’s a quick service Mexican spot that we just love. It was a family fave growing up.

Then we met our entire family for ice cream at Scoops. Remi was initially so happy when Nene and Carl came, then she yelled “Mimi- your cousins are here!” When Cait and Gavin and Luke showed up. And Auntie and D got big hugs upon their arrival. It was waves of fun as they all got there.


We got home (like 11:30 p.m.) and then the time changed that night, so we were dragging Sunday morning. After church and long naps (thank you!), Remi played at home. She came out like this and said “I’m not Remi, I’m a PRINCESS!  Magic, magic magic” and she would yell spells at us with her wand.


Then at bedtime, she wanted a mommy horse ride, and Pippin jumped up too.  This life is always crazy.


I’m so grateful for family time together!

Incredible Family Time


We had a lot of fun family time this weekend!

We started with spending time with cousin Caitlyn on Friday. She’s here for college, and while we’ve seen her a lot when she’s been with my mom, we haven’t just made plans with her. So we changed that. We met her at the park and played until dinner.  Love these two girls! Caitlyn was born when I was 13, so I have such nostalgia sometimes when we are with her and Remi- thinking about her at that age.


The park has a big pond and some ducks that love to be fed (along with some geese that bully the ducks…Remi was VERY into yelling at the bullies). Mom brought saltines and we fed them a bunch of crackers. Remi was brave, letting them take it out of her hand.


That evening, we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and our little dancer got in on the action!  She went with our server and line danced in front of everyone. She’s so brave!

Saturday morning, she did her makeup. Ha!  She washes it off almost immediately after, but she has fun playing in it.


Then we did her Curious George puzzle. She’s so into this right now- doing all the edges, finding the corners, and figuring it out all by herself.


Then we drove to Poteau to see cousin Hattie!  Her momma owns a little shop, so we stopped by to play for a while. Hattie’s getting so big- crawling around and playing more. Remi LOVED playing with her.


And she read her a book, too!  Such a sweet friendship forming.


We went to our favorite taco spot for lunch, where Remi showed us her fish face with every drink of water. Silly goose.


Then, she was ECSTATIC (a word she’s learning thanks to a new book), about her sand box. It was warm (and I think most of our freezing days are behind us), so we decided to set it up. I bought it used on Facebook Marketplace, and daddy got the sand put inside of it. She LOVES to dig in the sand. She was SO pumped that it was set up to play in!


I’m so thankful for weekends like this where we spend lots of time together. We may have done a lot, but there were no “plans” really. It’s a nice change of pace. I’m usually a planner and a do-er, so it’s nice to have some downtime, too.

Daniel Tiger Live!

Daniel Tiger Live!

We took Remi to meet one of her heroes- Daniel Tiger! He was in Fayetteville and we HAD to go. We all adore Daniel- he has great lessons on his shows, and Remi is a big fan.

In true family fashion, we ALL went- Mimi, Gigi, Mom, Dad and Remi. And she ATE IT UP.

We had dinner before at Jason’s Deli. We all love their salad bar, and Remi is a big fan of the free ice cream.

Then we parked and headed to the theater. Nancy caught this adorable pic of us! Love our family!


We got right in line to get her a Daniel stuffy. She hugged him and she’s slept with him since.

Then while we went potty, Nancy waited in line for the photo op to take a pic with Trolley!


We couldn’t take any pics during the show, but it was wonderful. Like a mix of Daniel Tiger’s greatest hits, some new stuff, lots of dancing, and all the fun of an episode (make believe, story line, all the great characters).

We all enjoyed watching Remi just be so excited about it all.


After the show, we had bought tickets for a meet and greet VIP, and it was WORTH IT because she LOVED meeting Daniel and Katerina.

Daniel got a BIG hug.


And so did Katerina!


Then stuffy Daniel met real Daniel. And Katerina noticed Remi’s red shoes matched Daniel’s shoes – which was HUGE because Remi noticed that herself during the show and she got VERY excited about it.


We all got to come in and see them. Remi told Katerina that she took dance too (Katerina is a ballerina!).


I’m so thankful that our family shares all of these fun memories together!


Celebrating Gigi and other fun

Celebrating Gigi and other fun

We had a fun week celebrating Gigi’s birthday! We had a big family dinner together after gymnastics (for our memories…Remi kept asking us to come watch her do gymnastics with school… we switched her back to going after work so we can watch!). Then we also had a dinner for her on her actual birthday. Tyler was working, but we had a fun girls’ dinner!

We made Gigi “Silver Dollar City” skillets, brownie bites, and ice cream with her favorite- Nerds!


Remi LOVED making her those Olaf brownie bites! And she enjoyed eating one fresh out of the white chocolate.


We also had a quiet weekend full of LOTS of playing. I love who she is- blue lipstick, Paw Patrol pajamas, and trains. She’s unique and perfect.


She’s been very into new fun things. At the example of the “neighbors” on Daniel Tiger (the segments with real kids), we’ve played “Sink or Float” and then we made a blanket fort!  She and Daddy played Candyland in the fort….and then she slept in it all night long!